Starcodes horoscopes for June 30 – July 6, 2017

Starcodes horoscopes for June 30 – July 6, 2017

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by Heather Roan Robbins

There will be fireworks this weekend, and hopefully some of these pyrotechnics will glorify the sky. though we may see sparks here on the ground as well as Mars opposes Pluto over the weekend. While this can give us lovely July 4 shows and fierce family games in the backyard, we can also expect profound debate.
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We can see Moon and Jupiter dance together in sociable, egalitarian Libra in the evening sky on Friday and Saturday. Libra encourages us to be fair and friendly, but also shines a strategic spotlight on what is unfair and unjust, and as they square both Mars and Pluto, they intensify the debate about what is the right use of power and force, what is freedom, and what right do we have to boss other people or countries around. All assumption can be questioned under this revolutionary Mars-Pluto opposition.
On a personal level, we can feel driven, as if we should be doing something, but what that is may be ineffable or unformed. Mars opposed Pluto can act like a combustion engine, driving us with an inner friction. It can help us accomplish, as Mars always feels better in action. It can also bring an accident-prone quality, but that’s just as likely to strike when our hammock flips over mid-nap as while we’re handling heavy machinery. As matter of fact, it’s often safer to get busy than to try and sit still, so we might as well get on with it all.
The trick will be to pay attention. Don’t take explosives or explosive situations lightly, keep in mind clear goals and use this driving energy to get someplace productive. Proceed with eyes wide open and let life be a meditation of attention, and move forward with heart.
The more dangerous aspects are cleared by Monday, but a Scorpio Moon brings both fresh magic and fresh irritation. We may need some time alone, away from other people’s expectations and moving at our own rhythm and pace as that Scorpio Moon forms a creative and imaginative grand trine with the Sun in Cancer and Neptune in Pisces.
On July 4, Venus enters Gemini while Mercury squares Uranus and wants to continue that ongoing debate. Many people will agree that we need to change, but will debate which direction. But the evening grows more spacious, humorous, and with hopefully only the best of explosions as the Moon enters nature loving, freedom seeking Sagittarius. We won’t want to come inside.
A new chapter begins on Wednesday as Mercury enters expansive Leo, and though it can be harder to empathize, we can get a better perspective and see the bigger picture. By the end of the week look for hints of the work of the next chapter.
Friday, June 30: The good mood of the friendly Libra Moon can leave us impatient to handle last-minute logistics, but those detail really need our attention before the holiday weekend commences. Deal with all seriousness in the morning, and release people from obligations this afternoon as their attention wander anyway. Generosity is lovely, but don’t overspend and overdue as the Moon conjuncts Jupiter overnight. After dinner notice a sense of release, a need for freedom as the holiday weekend begins.
Moon enters Libra 1:01 AM, Moon squares the Sun 6:51 PM.
Saturday, July 1: Engage an early morning enthusiasm as the Moon-Jupiter conjunction echoes. Midday a series of tricky aspects can expose our deeper challenges as the Moon squares Mars and Mercury throughout the afternoon. Work with those differing opinions; it’s a good day to contest a decision, so choose responses carefully. Pay attention and be present to surroundings to the shifts and moods, and use this dynamic energy to cover a lot of ground. Hold hands and play it safe.
Chiron turns retrograde 1:09 AM, Moon conjuncts Jupiter 3:31 AM, Moon squares Mars 11:03 AM, Moon squares Pluto 12:05 PM, Moon squares Mercury 8:15 PM.
Sunday, July 2: A friendly Libra Moon helps soften the combustion engine energy of Mars opposed Pluto this morning. But this nigh explosive energy intensifies as the Moon enters Scorpio around lunch. Like the combustions which drive a car, when contained and directed this energy can drive us forward, so it will help us to have clear goals and a place to go. Consider avoiding explosives subjects or dealing with impossible people; play it safe, sound, and well directed. Give irritable people plenty of room, but confront all real wrongdoing directly. Time alone furthers, just choose carefully where the imagination digs in.
 6:02 AM, Moon opposes Uranus 7:16 AM, Moon enters Scorpio 10:59 AM.
Monday, July 3: A more magical day dawns as the Scorpio Moon forms a grand trine with the Sun and Neptune, all in intuitive, imaginative water signs. It furthers to drift and dream, to share rest and renew, refill in the hammock. Watch for those that are easily ungrounded though, and check in on those that can get lost in their interior worlds. Being near water furthers. Connect by being “Two solitudes touching” to quote the poet Rilke.
Moon trines the Sun 10:45 AM, Moon trines Neptune 3:15 PM.
Tuesday, July 4: The conversation engages as Venus enters sociable Gemini. Restlessness helps us get out and to the parade, it is easier to talk tangentially to strangers or to process with our most intimates, but we may not want to open up to casual friends. Talk, but don’t poke, respect privacy signs. Watch around an unexpected and abrupt conversation at dinner time as Mercury squares Uranus, our minds change our plans change, and maybe our circumstances change. Playfulness furthers tonight; engage a chance to meet new people about the time of fireworks, as the Moon enters Sagittarius.
Moon trine Mars 1:57 AM, Venus enters Gemini 6:11 PM, Mercury squares Uranus 6:51 PM, Moon trine Mercury 7:34 PM, Moon enters Sagittarius 11:07 PM, Moon opposes Venus 11:37 PM.
Wednesday, July 5Engage a playful adaptability, and stay aware. It’s easy to assume we know how another feels or what they’ll do, but we don’t. Under a Sagittarius Moon and as Mercury enters Leo, a new extraversion infuses us, a fresh awareness of the world beyond our doors, though it brings with a tendency to be self-involved, to know our own position well, but we’ll need to stretch ourselves to empathize with those of another. We may be able to read our want to go, and what our gut says. Explore possibilities but check again in a few days before committing time or money to a new project, and imagination outstretches realism.
Mercury trine Chiron 3:32 AM, Mercury enters Leo 6:19 PM, Sun trine Neptune 6:45 PM, Sun squares Jupiter 8:43 PM, Moon squares Neptune 3:46 AM, Moon conjuncts Saturn 9:33 PM.
Thursday, July 6: A slow morning may be perfect for communing with the natural world but not particularly efficient otherwise as the Moon squares Neptune, Awkward truths leak out midday, get the whole story before reacting. Fresh seriousness helps us buckle down and decide this afternoon as the Moon conjunct Saturn.
Moon square Neptune 3:46 AM, Moon conjunct Saturn 9:33 PM.

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