Starcodes horoscopes for June 26 – July 2, 2009

Starcodes horoscopes for June 26 – July 2, 2009

by Heather Roan Robbins

This is a week of both change and resistance to change. The stars can loan us competence when we get going, but also a strong inclination to sit still, eat peach pie and grow roots. This root-building doesn’t just apply to our flowerbox, it speak of a need right now to repair at our depths.

Last week both the summer Solstice and New Moon in Cancer opposed fateful Pluto and spoke of endings and beginnings of an era. These aspects gave us a chance to feel as so many social icons passed on and Iran found a martyr to catalyze the heart of the people. Pluto also brought up questions on the use and abuse of power as we felt unrest bubble around the globe. And a few sprouts of new life emerge as a page of history turns.

But there’s no coincidence that June and July mark the peak of picnic season here in the northern hemisphere. Both the summer and winter solstices herald a time we naturally return to family and feast, work through some family karma and fill up our soul. The Sun is now in moody, domestic Cancer which loves home, mom and apple pie; however we define our home, whether house or planet, and however we define mom whether our mother or our relationship to the feminine divine.

Venus and Mars in earthy and sensual Taurus bring a steady energy to the emotional Cancer Sun. They remind us how important it is to fill up when we can, ripen like fruit on a tree. Rest to the bone and stretch our muscles in the sunlight to remembering the sacredness of our body, and the sacredness of all the world of matter when we honor it as a vehicle for spirit. It is time to reconnect our body with our soul to repair and prepare for another year. Taurus encourages momentum; when we’re at rest we’ll tend to say at rest, when we’re moving, whether we paint our porch or tend our garden, build a revolution or swim off that rhubarb pie, we’ll have endurance and can feel the joy of physicality.

As Venus and Mars in Taurus turn up our earthy awareness they also strengthen our stubbornness and our hungers. While they can help us be content to just rest, once our senses are awakened, this line-up brings out our inner sybarite. We can revel in simple pleasures like the taste and texture of watermelon in the sunlight. We may not even feel hungry until we eat one piece, but then it’s hard to stop. If we see a beautiful friend, we may want more than a hug. If we get a taste of freedom, we want more. If we like a new relationship, we may hunger for commitment; if committed, we may enjoy one another more, or hunger for more than is on our plate. Or get jealous because we’re afraid our mate wants more. We need balance this Taurus hunger with a bigger wisdom.

This Taurus steadiness can help in this otherwise changeable weekend. We can feel the nervous energy and run into short delays or find technical troubles around transportation or computer equipment as the planet Uranus retrogrades and Mercury takes a few challenging aspects; it will be up to us to relax and figure out how to make the best use of our time.

On a less personal and more global political note, political changes that recently felt imminent can hit a rocky road. The resistance and rebellion stirring underneath global politics now whisper of changes that will feel like an earthquake in history, but may be temporarily delayed while Uranus retrogrades and so asks us to take a deep breath, think, and clean up the progress we’ve made so far.

Mid-week is time to tend relationships with our family, friends and creative muse. We can feel a more curious, experimental mood; feel pulled between a longing for familiar comforts and a real readiness for something new. If we’re stuck at work, we may notice that what we need is a more creative solution not a harder-working one as Mercury trines Neptune and Jupiter and squares Uranus, while Venus squares Neptune and Jupiter. We can feel the friction wherever our nerves are threadbare or our thinking quirky. Unexpected changes in plans, usually fortuitous, can arise. We just need to use this curiosity and earthiness wisely and stay on our path.

Friday, June 26 can start with interesting dreams or signals from the past as Mercury speaks to Neptune early in the morning. Midmorning, crankiness and self-focus can be tricky as Mercury squares Saturn under a Leo Moon. Watch out for some overblown critique, but do use this edge to get paperwork or legal dealings out of the way. Confusing or under-motivated midday, the details don’t want to cooperate, but we can get more accomplished that we think. Around dinnertime it’s easy to try and be helpful but sound critical as the Moon enters diligent Virgo, trine Pluto. A light touch works best. Our digestion may reflect our week for better or worse. Late evening opens up with a reminder about what really matters; let’s go deep together.

Saturday, June 27 our chores and responsibilities whisper to us even if the beach calls elsewhere, either get the work out of the way and then relax into summer, or make health and relaxation the chore as the Moon conjuncts serious Saturn. Let’s not pretend we know what another should be doing with their time, but just deal with our own tasks instead. Criticism only slows things down; nerves tighten and a good mood improves efficiency. Underneath this nerviness is an enduring river for us to tap. Some unfinished business or flaw it the plan can be exposed and needs to be dealt with ASAP. Jokes get easier to tell as the mood lightens after dinner.

Sunday, June 28 brings a thoughtful, potentially serene, morning, which can shift around unexpected news or challenge midday as the Virgo Moon oppose Uranus. It’s be easier to adapt than to hold to the original plan, just makes sure priorities are clear. A spontaneous moment may be just the medicine needed, but we can get distracted thinking two steps ahead and trip; it helps to re-center and be here now. As the Moon enters friendly Libra tonight, let the details go and look into on another’s eyes or at the infinite in the starry sky. Reprioritize relationships and talk over recent odd feelings as the Moon squares Pluto and wafts melancholic.

Monday, June 29 deal with a series of minor obstacles. If the road gets bumpy, looks around and sees who’s traveling alongside and work together. Look for help from unusual places or in unexpected ways. Unsettled feelings in the morning; midday brings unusual helpfulness, and the need for it. Mild confusion as some tension unwinds this afternoon; emotions can catch up with us tonight and require expression and rest.

Tuesday, June 30, look for a green light; what has been stuck may now move forward, whether we like it or not. Progress may happen faster than planned, so have the bags packed and follow up any opportunity as the Moon forms an auspicious grand trine with Mercury and Neptune. We won’t hide our feelings but will express freely, our heart can pour into our words. Intuition is good if a little optimistic; this may seem naive but has an important healing element.

Wednesday, July 1 an eventful, emotional day when anything can happen. Solitude or independent work can be restful; we need to pull in our antennae and listen to ourselves, but can check in with one another in the process. The energy is rough, potentially turbulent this morning, resistance and rebellion speak of deeper issues that need to be addressed eventually, but just need to be managed now. Watch over obsession or dramatization under this intense Scorpio Moon. Unrealistic expectations need patience and grounding. Make no relationship assumptions while Venus squares Neptune and Mercury squares Uranus, we’re not thinking clearly. If our minds change suddenly, check to see if it’s reaction, or pro-action. We intuit correctly the shape of the feelings, but may be totally off on the story. Watch for water damage.

Thursday, July 2 can instigate an approach-avoidance complex; we may want to hold onto something familiar but also want to shift gears and experiment as Venus sextiles unsettled Uranus. This is not a paradox, we need both, and we need mutual acceptance to make the most of it. Let unexpected information open the heart. Judgment can be off later; when in doubt, move with grace and thoughtfulness. We need wandering time for our subconscious to rumble. If evening gets cranky as the Moon opposes Mars, don’t stomp, walk away; resume the talks tomorrow when the mood opens with the sunrise.

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