Starcodes horoscopes for June 25 – July 1, 2010

Starcodes horoscopes for June 25 – July 1, 2010

by Heather Roan Robbins

We’re in for a moody, eventful, week. Karma cranks up in speed and volume and everything, even a simple act of bumping into some at the store or planting a tomato plant let alone the dramatic headlines , can feel fraught with symbolism. Look for solid evidence about how our world is changing, and stay involved to help direct the process.

This atmospheric intensity can leave us feeling excited but potentially grim about the future even on relaxed sunny afternoon, but let’s not think this cloud is an accurate representation of things to come. If we feel sad, we’re probably tapping into the real collective global sadness and concern rather than the details of our personal life.

The stars want us to look squarely at our challenges and make decisions from there. And if we do so, this week can bring a turning point. Pots that are already simmering can boil over or longstanding challenge comes to a head, as ask us to step up to the plate. Take the high road and take on our full size.

The era-defining culturally-transformative aspects that started in November of 2008 and continue through 2013 are triggered this Saturday morning as a Full Moon Eclipse in Capricorn conjuncts Pluto and sets of a grand square involving 7 planets. The Moon-Pluto conjunction at 4 degrees of Capricorn opposes Sun and Mercury conjunct in Cancer; they all square Jupiter and Uranus conjunct in Aries and square Saturn at the last degrees of Virgo.

The weekend starts off with unsettling news and a change in mind or circumstances, but we can roll with the punches and make the best of it. This is an incredibly ingenious time, but it may be hard to hold our concentration. The week deluges us with info, but we can forget as fast as we take it in, so it helps to keep a notepad handy. Paper and pencil may work better than any high tech variety for the moment, technology will tend to have poltergeist.

Luckily the Sun and Mercury in Cancer can reel us back a bit, encourage us to play safe even if the rest of the transits call us into trouble. Traditionally this first month of summer when the sun is in Cancer is time to picnic, touch bases with the family and check back in with community. We are renewed where they feed us and karma-slog where we have work to do. It is always a self-protective time, protective of whoever we consider our own, generally relaxed and cozy, but easily infuriated if our family, home, or ecosystem feels endangered.

And the only planets not involved in that grand square Venus, Mars, and Neptune. Our spiritual life as well as our romantic relationships and social buzz are not going to take the brunt of this aspect, though they may feel the fallout. We can meditate upon it, and talk about it all over brunch or in a Pride parade.

Most of us will just feel moody or might find ourselves feisty or broody, looking at some future decisions with excited wariness, though we’ll feel better if we have a short term task to accomplish while we think. But like last week, weather and wild folk will act out. Keep a weather eye out over the weekend as the crosswinds of this grand cross swirl and call out extremes. May the changes be extremely beautiful.

Every Full Moon highlights an apparent paradox and challenges us to include all parts to find some resolution. This Saturday’s full Moon-Eclipse in Capricorn highlights any tension we have between our work and our personal life, between our ambitious machinations and our kind confidence, or any tension between nurturing business and nurturing beings. And it highlights the variations of those forces in the world at large. We need to tend to our beloveds, dive into life, but keep our business cards handy and be ready to pitch in if needed.

We may feel tested this week to choose between apparent opposites; the news may say we have to choose between jobs and our ecosystem, or between safety and humanity.  Our make may say either we are right or they are. This is all an illusion. If we feel pulled like this, we need to out of the crossroads and choose wholeness.

Karma speeds up this weekend, do something nice, and watch it multiply. Be a jerk, and the jerk-hood will come back fast. If events get strange, we have to look at the story line of our life to see how is fits, or the story line of history to understand the bigger versions. We can feel the cultural metamorphosis happening, need to keep the pressure up to have it change in a good direction, but patience with the process.  This is big.

As the weekend begins, words and behavior can be out of synch, as our subconscious gets is rear-wheel traction going and begins to run the show.  Because we may feel compelled, but we don’t quite know why, watch behavior for clues as to a person’s inner motivation, but assume that maybe they don’t even know themselves. We will easily resent other people’s expectations and can feel them loaded on our shoulders when all they asked whether we wanted to go to the store.

Chill. Under these challenges we all want to feel our partners and family are working with us, not fighting us or loading on more work just when we need them. So postpone handing over a chore list and work together. We can make it to the long July 4th weekend ahead.

Friday, June 25: The day won’t go as planned as Mercury squares Uranus.  Conversations are choppy and calls are dropped, communications is uninterrupted and unsettling; news may change our views. Be ready for a change but watch the wild wacky thinking and the longing for extremes. Confirm all facts.  If relationships are strained by expectations or over scheduling, dial it back, hold hands and say less as Venus challenges Saturn.

Saturday, June 26: Work it. The day starts out tough, we may be full of doubts or feel unequal to the task at hand, and maybe we romp with our control issues. But once we gear up, this day can be a miracle of accomplishment. Watch the news. Humans get more done than machines, as they will have issues. Keep information flowing; keep others informed of new plans and it will all flow together. Don’t buck others’ controlling behavior, that leaves them in charge of the agenda, just listen to the inner muse and keep them informed. If we want to take it to the limit tonight, let’s step to the edge, not over.

Sunday. June 27: The Full-Moon hangover can leave us stretch thin this morning, we need to rest in body mind and soul. Later, if unexpected work arises, drop personal agendas and shift to universal schedule.  Move towards growth; don’t stomp away from a problem. Check in with lonely or depressed people. Troubled thinking, brooding over ours or others inadequacies as the Sun opposes Pluto, can breed discontent with relationship as Venus challenge Uranus. Don’t post-mortem an argument, it only stirs the mud; instead share on deeper, less interpersonal issues. Art helps create the change we want to see: paint, sing, and dance.

Monday, June 28: Monday is comparatively restful after an intense weekend. Let people take a step back, don’t push for emotional response right now; think camaraderie not intimacy. Our feelings have been too close to the surface, too intertwined in our decisions, and we need to look at the bigger pattern. Fresh options arrive later in the day, humor returns tonight. Good meetings later on.

Tuesday, June 29: Personal issues that have been upstaged by recent events now need to be dealt with as the Aquarius Moon opposes Venus in Leo. Unusually sociable day, shyness can actually made strangers more interesting. Check in with teams and contacts, work the web. Important decisions are made for the group which may affect us as individuals.

Wednesday, June 30: A squishy, emotionally vulnerable day as the Venus challenges Pluto while the Moon enters sensitive Pisces. Don’t trample feelings, do expect touchiness; ask directly instead of get defensive even if it’s hard to do. Don’t feed into jealousy or resentment, instead deal with the real pain underneath. We are sufficient to the task at hand but may need to make adjustments. We need little kindnesses as well as great ones, and will be appreciative.

Thursday, July 1: The mood is sensitive but decisive, our heart and mind need to talk together until they agree. Feel it all and act anyway. Take a step forward rather than linger at the crossroads. Soggy or squishy conditions or spilled items can slow us down. Our sensitivity and creativity flow later, but we are easily irritated. Check for misunderstandings before reacting as the Moon opposes sparky Mars tonight.

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