Starcodes Horoscopes for June 19 – 25, 2009

Starcodes Horoscopes for June 19 – 25, 2009

by Heather Roan Robbins

This weekend brings the longest days to the northern hemisphere. Let’s let the Sun illuminate our soul as well as our world and fill our heart with light as summer begins and take this moment to celebrate whatever bounty our life has to offer.

This attitude of gratitude can be a challenge if we’ve lost more than we’ve gained this year; we’re in a several-year astrological cycle of deconstructing old forms to prepare for new growth, but sometimes that new growth is hard to see. But during the summer Solstice it helps to remember joys the economic swings cannot take away, like the taste of strawberries and scent of melon, the feel of sunlight on sore shoulders or the gentle spark in a friend’s eye. Let us bring our attention to what we can honestly be grateful for, and with this renewed strength, reach out into our summers and cultivate what we want to grow.

Venus and Mars, now conjunct in fertile, earthy Taurus, nurture us with these simple sensual pleasures. The garden offers us a fresh metaphor for this process. Yes, we need to weed, and yes, not all our crops have grown the way we’d like this year, but what is growing, whether we intended it to or not, has real potential if we can just work with what we have.

It is time to cultivate and nurture the roots of all we want to grow. The planets of emotions, matter and fertility, Venus and Mars, conjunct in Taurus, trine stable and hard-working Saturn and fertilize and stabilize our efforts. To fertilize our life, let us feed our beloveds, contribute time and resources to the causes we believe and tend our garden. Take good care of our body. Repair what we can rather than throw it away, as Saturn likes us to conserve our resources. This solid energy can help us make real and steady progress anywhere we put the effort.

But in return we have to keep an eye on the weeds of the excess of this Taurus energy, we have to watch its jealous possessiveness, its acquisitiveness and its tendency hold still. Like good guard dog, when it’s well-behaved, this territorial energy can protect what we have, but it gets destructive when it takes over and chews on the very things it want to protect. Taurus also lends us an endurance, which can grow lazy and indulgent when we’re just hanging out, and but also stubborn determination once we get in gear. To help us use this Taurus energy wisely, we need to let our higher self stay in the driver’s seat.

We need to be careful what agreements we make this week; they will take root because this energy is so fecund. Arguments or bad habits we start now can become stubborn thorns. But what a great week to renew vows or start a business, send out a resume or say what we really mean.

The weekend is juicy and flirtatious, creative, we can just sit still and enjoy the moment or we can tap into the slow but powerfully manifesting energy as the Sun enters Cancer and summer begins this Sunday just as Venus and Mars perfect their conjunction under a talkative Gemini Moon.

Early next week a New Moon in emotional Cancer can heighten our attached and self-protective qualities. We need time at home or in other familiar territories, and something may pull at our heart strings; it is temporarily easier to see what we have lost that what we still have as the Sun opposes Pluto, and this can make us sad or cranky, but we just need to listen to the tune and let the music flow.

Friday, June 19 our hearts warm up and our stubbornness digs in it heels as the Taurus Moon conjuncts Venus and Mars. Don’t even try to talk some into doing something they do not want to do. Keep the accent on the positive and nurture seedling; water plants and cuddle one another. Our senses bring us alive and hungers of all kinds call us; we do need to let the soul renew and body strengthen, but it’s up to us to assess the wisdom of feeding or tempering the hunger pangs. Like a ripening crop, we can be busy growing when we look like we’re holding still, as long as we have enough to nurture us in the process.

Saturday, June 20 let that Sun into the heart and shine. After a fuzzy-thinking and slow-moving morning we can make progress on any slow and steady effort. It’s a good day to share what bounty we have, this crop will come back to us in spades. It’s a great night to gather and celebrate as the Moon enters verbal Gemini. Some people will want to keep the conversation light, but notice the deeper feeling running silently under the chatter.

Sunday, June 21 happy Summer Solstice; the Sun enters Cancer in the wee hours of the morning. Listen to dreams as our inner guidance may send funny but salient messages that help set us on the right path for the season as the Gemini Moon conjuncts Mercury just before sunrise. Midday has a strong emotional torque and potential craving as Venus and Mars conjunct exactly, and these cross winds can disorganize our plans. Life doesn’t proceed quite like we expected and some will get edgy with the last minute changes. Don’t test loyalty. Roll with it, and prioritize cooperation, not accomplishment. A competitive edge wafts through the news, but we don’t have to live it out as the Sun challenges, or semi-squares Mars.

Monday, June 22 emotions may roll like north Atlantic waves– deep, slow and powerful –as Venus and Mars conjunct and trine Saturn. We know what we love and what we want. For those ready this is a day to make a commitment: get married, get a dog, and buy a house. We may need to control ourselves, to find a mature response rather than give in to a surface feeling. For example may be drawn to a light flirtation but know that will endanger a deeper love; we may want to buy something fun, but know we either don’t have the money, or need to save for something less exciting but more important. It is a practically creative day, time to put form into function. It feels good to spend time with trusted family tonight, but that can include all the family of humankind. Our oceans run quieter and deeper later as the Moon enters Cancer; we can feel that wave rolling, feel the pressure of unconscious process on our actions and our dreams.

Tuesday, June 23 the longest days have the seeds of winter; from now on the nights grow longer. The beauty of a flower is enhanced by the transience of its moment, it reminds us that it is not wrong for beauty to pass on and change form; the wheel of life in more beautiful than any individual flower. And yet, it is necessary to feel, and release, the melancholia that may float through to appreciate this moment all the more. Some headline or experience reminds us of this transience of existence as both Sun and Moon oppose intense Pluto. If some respond by getting defensive or controlling, they need compassion, not retaliation. Dinnertime understanding flows; late night crankiness needs rest more than action.

Wednesday, June 24 let people take care of their own business this quiet if moody morning; it is a centering meditation, not self involvement. All our crops, whether in our garden or of the soul, need tending under this waxing Cancer Moon. Our eccentricity can be self-protective; it keeps others from impinging on some core place in our soul. Midday, the energy shifts to an expressive, stubborn vibe as the Moon enters Leo; kids perform for praise and insecurity comes up quickly if we feel unappreciated. Be abundant with appreciation.

Thursday, June 25 our will is healthily strong and open-minded, but not terribly flexible, as the Leo Moon squares Venus and Mars in Taurus. We may not mean to argue but can bounce off one another like bumper cars. Which won’t be too bad if we don’t take it too seriously. Debate and pillow fights are ok, but a hug is better. Coordination is tricky; the heart is there, but too many lead and not enough cooperate unless we throw our ideas on the table, respect each personal contribution, and share credit. Let’s notice and be gentle with a need to be right, but not let it run the show.

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