Starcodes horoscopes for June 18 – 24, 2010

Starcodes horoscopes for June 18 – 24, 2010

by Heather Roan Robbins

Summer officially begins as the Sun enters Cancer on June 21, the shortest night of the year up here in the northern hemisphere. And as it does, it rings off major aspects though all the outer planets, striking a chord in the astro-sphere. We may get a change of scene, but not a lack of work

Some long standing conundrum intensifies this week and comes to a head next week; we look at death and other endings in the middle of the blossoming life of summer as the Sun forms a grand square with Uranus, Saturn and Pluto. An old pattern of authority or security that we formerly took for granted is now challenged either by wild circumstances, by our insistent questioning, or both. We can certainly see this pattern resounding in the Gulf Oil Crisis which will shake up the present systems to their core, but look for a local version as well in the family dynamics, at work or in the community. This pattern can also happen on a material level and require us to rebuild a structure, or help us notice pain in our own structure, our bones, back or teeth. We’d like to kick back for the summer, but this square asks us how we can use what power we have to make the situation better. It isn’t a rhetorical question.

We could take the weaker side of Neptune and try to escape or play the martyr. But this would just leave us dis-empowered, pouty and dancing harder to distract ourselves. And fatalism is just a cheap cop-out.

Or we can take the stronger side of Saturn and Neptune.  First identify the problem and then take responsibility. Be generous with honest empathy and apologies. Then use our intuition, spirituality and imagination to dream our options, and act deliberately.

If we accept responsibility, we grow up and strengthen. That frees up the energy and catalyses change. Although this can feel paradoxical, we need to deal with the restrictions and responsibility first, and that creates the conditions to open up and free ourselves, and in the process, transform the situation and deepen our relations as Pluto resonates next week.

Because we are struggling with issues of responsibility, it could be a tough week for leaders of all types, whether parents, gang leaders, a decisive spouse or president. Responsibility comes home to roost. But instead of getting mad at them, let’s bring that on home and take on more leadership ourselves.

The weekend is eventful with a real smorgasbord of events and feelings.  As the weekend begins we nerves are high-strung and work is hard to leave behind. If we’re vacationing in the sun, the tendency will be to either worry while we swim, wish we were younger and could get in more trouble, or to party hard. Look for the chance to transform through the tough spots as the weekend progresses, the Moon enters Libra and Sun trines Neptune.

Sunday is the sociable, collective; celebrate the Summer Solstice now though summer officially begins 5:28 A.M. M.D.T on Monday. The mood then turns inwards and grows complicated early in the week just as family dynamics demand attention. We need to let go of our agenda, take the karmic twists seriously and just do the work.

There is a helpful and romantic spark available if we encourage it as Venus trines Uranus while Mars trines Pluto.  People want to love and are kind and passionate as long as they feel appreciated and respected. If they feel disrespected, watch out. It’s usually hard to get out of our own perspective and enter into another’s; the mood is generous but not as easily empathetic.

Friday, June 18: Chill, it’s easy to get wound tight today, but not so productive. Don’t get stuck, or worry about making this day or project the best, just get going and appreciate the process. Organizational and structural questions this afternoon, critical thinking is important the Virgo Moon conjuncts Saturn, but don’t get snappish. We bond when we work or rest together.  Details are not important by themselves; they are what we paint with, like dots in a pointillist painting. Focus on making the other comfortable tonight. Evening is talkative and friendlier closer to midnight.

Saturday, June 19: Serious notes this morning, we may feel older or stiff and can be very sensitive to what feels unfair or asymmetrical as the Sun squares Saturn.  If so, try and let it all go and look one another in the eyes; find a new level of camaraderie and see where the adventures leads this morning as the Moon enters sociable Libra and opposes Jupiter and Uranus. Venus is restless and gives us aesthetic discontent; we hate ugly and so may want to move furniture, buy a new wardrobe, paint a wall or take oil off a bird.  Develop the beauty that runs cell and soul deep as the Sun trines Neptune. We can soften; crave starlight and a better way tonight.

Sunday, June 20: Celebrate summer’s eve together as the Moon, Sun and Neptune form a magical, communicative grand trine and ask us to share a vision. Our sense of connection is palpable today, feel that connection to every being and plant, call in a healthy future and ask how we can make is so. Sharing beauty today helps us handle the tough stuff later.  We don’t want ugliness, so take a break from confrontations and talk things over in an inviting, invoking way; escort us to better moments. Neptune rules water, so be around water, bathe drink and invoke healthier waters.  Tonight on the shortest night of the year, listen for dream and auspices.

Monday, June 21: Take a personal retreat day. We’ll be happier in private circumstances and with the natural world as our energy turns inward and intensifies. Our genial acceptance of ongoing problems thins, our tail twitches as the Sun enters protective Cancer as Moon enters moody Scorpio. Our thinking can be incisive, but technical mistakes multiply. The Sun squares Uranus and demands a shift; Tempers sharpen and accidents increase around points of resistance and require eccentric and unusual answers.

Tuesday, June 22: Ask what needs healing this morning and then tend to it as the Sun trines Chiron.  Look for fresh news to being another chapter in our long-term challenges/growth opportunities. Mid-day the mood is disjointed. We may feel tested by a series of small quirks and irritating bumps and need to keep our priorities straight. It’s tempting to make abrasive comments if disconcerted, but doesn’t help. It helps to pull the antennae in and tune everyone out for a few minutes, but do so carefully so people do not feel deserted.

Wednesday, June 23: Let people mull over coffee. Conversation is strained this morning but improves as the Moon enters Sagittarius midday, so save those social overtures or personal requests for later. Notice a growing urge to expand, spend, and get out of dodge related to the big projects and bigger issues coming up as the Sun squares Jupiter. We need to free our selves form some constraint, but let’s make sure we don’t build a bigger one in the process. Dinnertime loosens the healing laughter as it brings and expansive and philosophical mood, let’s talk rather than eat ourselves under the table.

Thursday, June 24:  Early conundrums can be discouraging, travel or internet difficulties need care and persistence, but difficulties we wrestle with this morning can find a breakthrough this afternoon as Mercury first squares Saturn then trines Neptune. If bored, dogs will chew valuables, kids will invent a crisis; ingenuity must be engaged constructively or will cause more problems than solved. Warm, creative and intuitive responses tonight; make beautiful music together.

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