Starcodes Horoscopes for June 12 – 18, 2009

Starcodes Horoscopes for June 12 – 18, 2009

by Heather Roan Robbins

What do we know, intuit, or understand? What are our visions, our dreams? The stars want us to talk this out this week, to communicate with our body, mind and soul; they want us to share ideas and tell our stories. Mercury, the planet of communications, shifts into its own sign of verbal Gemini, just as the Sun, already in Gemini, forms a supportive trine to expansive Jupiter and inspirational, intuitive Neptune.

This Mercurial Gemini energy is light, nervy, witty, and articulate; our challenge will be to keep the mind connected to the heart. To help us not just talk, but to walk our talk, underneath this champagne-like sparkling Gemini buzz we can feel the solid, practical support of Venus and Mars as they conjunct in earthy, grounded Taurus. This is a romantic, sensual, adhesive combination and asks us to enjoy the summer in all her tactile glory; sunlight on the body, juicy strawberries, and our toes in the fertile mud. We don’t need to spend money, we just need to bring our attention to our senses; if we look for the beauty, and we’re fed and renewed.

This Venus and Mars conjunction in Taurus asks us to garden our life and our love, to weed and fertilize what we’ve already planted. Venus and Mars are the two planets that symbolize our emotional life, they run together at least once year and do so this year for an unusually long time, from mid-April through mid-July; together they encourage us to collaborate and amp up all feelings. Love, lust, and possessiveness are strong, so primal forces need to be treated with care.

This connectivity is great for people starting off a romance or starting up a website, it works well anywhere we agree on the goals and want to develop solid roots. It can put drive into our creativity, snuggle into our romance; it helps us bring beauty to the practical. This Gemini ability to communicate along with Taurus’ increased design can help us rebuild a country, though we may still not see the results for a while. On a personal note it can help us redecorate the house, sign a contract or make wedding vows.

But where we disagree on the goals, we can entrench. And jealousy can really jerk our chain just as this flirty Gemini vibe makes us curious about conversation on the other side of the room. Because of the strong stubborn and possessive quality of Taurus, it isn’t an easy time to break up or quit a job. Although most difficulties will smooth out if we keep talking and work together; if a separation really needs to be done, we need to do it with extra care and patience.

The weekend begins on a light, sociable note with a nervous buzz; news pours in, but we have to sort what’s true from what just makes a good story. Cross-pollinate now, and reconnect with dear ones on Sunday and into early next week when a Pisces Moon inspires more sensitivity and introspection, just as a challenging aspect between Mars and Uranus brings out a difficult, independent and potentially accident-prone streak. Give people space if they need it, and know it isn’t a rejection, just their need for time with themselves. Some technical details will need attention; check for crossed wires or missed signals if difficulties arise.

Midweek brings an exciting drift with new contacts and possibilities as the Sun and Venus square Uranus. The pasture may look greener on the other side of the fence, that may be an illusion, but it can stir our curiosity. If we’re feeling restless, let’s explore in ways that do not burn bridges behind us. Let’s expand our life with grace.

Friday, June 12 efficiency is not the point, let go of ordinary schedules, network and create a new community instead. Socializing now can save time and energy later; the conversation may look like gossip, but with a little direction can weave understanding and cooperation. Talk, but don’t poke people on their personal issues; few of us want to get too deep or personal, we’d rather sketch in the big picture under an Aquarian Moon. Feel the flirtatious energy, but don’t wave a red flag for jealously, it’s hard to control once it wakes up. Enjoy witty repartee and collective camaraderie tonight.

Saturday, June 13 edges can get vague; boundaries soften as the Moon conjuncts expansive Jupiter and intuitive Neptune, then heads into the sensitive sign of Pisces. Without clear boundaries we may feel awash or swampy ourselves, and easily moved to tears. Or we may need to wrestle with water that seeps out of bounds. The veil between the worlds can feel thin, which can help our souls reach out in meditation, prayer, artwork or music. But our imagination is also working overtime, and we need to be willing to see the difference. Enjoy friendly company and creative, imaginative environs, but watch for communications glitch midday as the Moon squares Mercury. Push no one out of their comfort zones tonight; think soft acceptance instead.

Sunday, June 14 nervous buzz can lead to great conversations, just don’t try to guilt trip or push; it will only alienate. Instead, share insights as Mercury enters talkative Gemini. If we reach out, warmth and community are available in the morning, along with a chance to talk over a recent conflict for creative resolution midday; the kinder we are the farther we get. This evening can just feel wrong, hard or tired as the Moon opposes Saturn; worries can mount up, but may be more our mood than real.

Monday, June 15 our mood shimmer and our emotional landscape may shift and change, but we can feel the steadiness underneath, if we reach for it. Some recent expansion may be put on hold or plans to escape on the open road temporarily delayed as Jupiter turns retrograde. Unexpected snafus take patience and adaptability midday, problem-solving becomes an art form. Later, thoughts can go to sad or dark places as intelligent Mercury challenges intense Pluto. Sharp words are a sign someone feels vulnerable, but they won’t solve the problem; avoid if possible. We can unearth missing keys or clues; this stone-turning is great for research, but let’s not make new plans until we have the bigger pictures.

Tuesday, June 16 energy and attitude pick up, so do enthusiasm and mischief where we have the freedom to explore, and sharp-edged resistance where we feel curtailed as the Moon enters rebellious Aries and Mars challenges Uranus. If kids and dogs (and loves) don’t do what their told, redirect instead of confront. If we don’t stay clear, we can trip over the rake, wrestle with mechanical difficulties, or find ourselves in an argument where each one thinks the other started it. But if we direct this voltage well and stay conscious of our choices, we can make this a remarkably effective and exciting day instead.

Wednesday, June 17
could bring a turning point; we remember our dreams or ideals and are challenged to adjust our life accordingly, whether this means incorporating a revelation or actually relaxing on vacation, we need to be in present and not hold on to some comfortable but limiting aspect of the past. Expect the unexpected this afternoon, potential reversals of recent decisions as the Sun and Venus challenge unexpected Uranus. It’s a great day to meet someone new if we wander off our beaten track, but our restlessness needs to be channeled with an eye to the consequences of our actions.

Thursday, June 18
morning is serendipitous; the vibes are friendly but stubborn as the Moon makes some lovely aspect then enters cozy, stable Taurus. We’re called to slow down, get into our bodies and our gardens and manage the stuff of life. Some pressure is released and this gives us more room to move. We may have to speak up and find our voice about a difficult subject, but it gets easier as we go; the momentum builds. Share a feast for the senses later; food will taste particularly good, and music massages the soul.

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