Starcodes horoscopes for June 11 – 17, 2010

Starcodes horoscopes for June 11 – 17, 2010

by Heather Roan Robbins

Prepare for an active and easily ticked-of week. The mood is loving, urgent, emotional but not necessarily introspective as summer laziness mixes with an urgent need to fix, change and clean up set off by the slurry along the Gulf coast and an activating trine between muscular Mars in filth-hating Virgo and transformative Pluto. But we have to do it with as much creativity as muscle as Venus enters Leo and trines Jupiter and Uranus. And to do so, we have to get out of our comfort zone.

We have something to say, intend to do so, and may not notice the affect on others as verbal Mercury in Gemini squares Mars. We’re ready to chew over what happened but since we’re not that introspective at the moment, it’s easy to miss the part that is our own responsibility. Keep those sympathetic channels open.

Opinions flow freely even if they’re not that deep. Outrageous comments make great copy and wicked satire; though it may provide temporary stress relief we need more than barbed words to actually change the circumstances. Preaching to the choir only won’t really help either, though it can feel good and encourage indignant camaraderie. The question will be how we can reach across any gulf to actually connect and be persuasive as we head into this week’s New Moon in verbal Gemini.

That gulf could be between us and someone of a different political persuasion or cultural context. But it can also be a chasm created by miffed pride between us and a beloved, or by old scar tissue from an ancient wrong. We need to balance our attention between global events and personal wants, and will need to take our feelings beyond talk and into action as the week progresses.

The mood is sociable and verbal as the weekend begins, but an ambient risky impulsiveness requires us to prioritize safety. It’s a dynamically alive time but things can go off easily; take a moment to find center before driving or spouting off. Pay attention and avoid unnecessary worry, accidents with sharp edges or wiring problems, and people with really bad ideas as mental Mercury squares Mars and quincunx Pluto.

We’re feverishly curious and want to learn but don’t want to hold still to do so. We want to dig in, bat around a few good ideas, but we may need to bench-press boundaries. Some questions will sound invasive, but people are just curious, not just trying to pry into our lives, so we need to be able to deflect the question with grace to keep both privacy and friendship. Art critics speak with unusual zing, journalists interview pointedly but may not get the answer they’re looking for. Press conferences may get confrontational but our dinner table doesn’t have to.

Walking helps, so does taking action on what bothers us. Weed, edit, and cut out what needs to be cut. This is a good week for minor surgery, but don’t throw out more than needed. Decisive action is more interesting to us than feelings at the moment, so share the tender stuff only when the coast is clear and people are settled enough to listen. It’s good to be busy, but watch a tendency to over-schedule just because boredom seems like a crime.

Sunday and early next week we may feel over extended and need to bring in our antennae and get personal as the Moon conjuncts Venus in Cancer. It helps to return to family friends, or whatever helps us feel cozy and comfortable.

On Tuesday the extroverted summer season hits high gear when Venus and the Moon enter Leo. We want to express our emotions and will do so in no uncertain terms, whether love, hate, creative instigation, compassion or indignation.

So let’s share the love through concrete action, wash an oil-soaked bird with love or send support to those who are. Meditate together as Venus rises in the evening and send the love to creatures of the Gulf of Mexico. Find charitable action at home. Do art therapy. Help a friend. Launch a website. Venus enters Leo and trines both Jupiter and Uranus early in the week and our hearts shift and expand just as Mars trines Pluto calls on us to clean up, purify, and eliminate.

To meet new and love-worthy people, do something helpful and see who else it doing it too. Our hearts are unusually open to love and new adventure. What will really tick us off is to see mess, waste and be told to be quiet and restrain ourselves. What will attract us under Venus in Leo is to feel beautiful in their eyes and to feel our generosity reflected.

Friday, June 11: Prioritize safety of mind, body, and commentary this morning; be direct and decisive, but think past the first impulse to the consequence. Midday, we may have to cut off some options to pursue others. Multi-tasking sings, but impatience breaks things. We want to talk, but the one who listens most, benefits the most. Tonight brings very active if tired minds and the chance for entertaining, interrupted group discussions.

Saturday, June 12: Learn something new under this Gemini New Moon. We pick things up fast, need a fast pace because we may lack concentration. Keep them curious, as mystery stimulates. We’ll want relevance, flirtation and humor but are willing to give the benefit of the doubt to those that do their half of the work. Watch for a conundrum or tough news midday; old problem triggers easily and snap judgments just look easier. Energy winds down tonight as the Moon enters domestic Cancer, we may need more familiar surroundings or and earlier night than expected.

Sunday, June 13: Thoughtful processing this morning, deep explorations; events and conversation are food for thought, so don’t look for a clear conclusion. The day calls us to lay low, digest recent action, and fill up on the little things that feed us, whether that is summer berries, gardening or the Sunday newspaper. Let family members find their own way this afternoon, we need to step away from even those we love as the Cancer Moon opposes Pluto, turn our antennae off and come back to ourselves.

Monday, June 14: Stand on a street corner with a sign that says”free hugs” and see what happens. We wrestle with approach-avoidance conflicts in relationships; we’re not feeling particularly brave under the Cancer Moon but our hearts need attention and feelings want to shout out as Venus enters Leo and trines Uranus. So those close to us get the brunt of our dissatisfaction and love. We need encouragement without invasiveness, low maintenance signs of affection will reap great rewards. Speak up, but speak poetically to be heard.

Tuesday, June 15
: Show the love. We all need it as the Moon conjuncts Venus and both trine Jupiter. Our emotional expectations and expression is cranked up high and so can be a transient narcissism. Make sure the good ideas work for the others and not just for self. If we pour our heart into something other than our own life, emotional mood swings even out. Other wise we can feel too personally reactive. Laughter is needed medicine to stay engaged. Generosity helps fundraising. A strong urge to change things; clean, organize and transform as Mars trines Pluto, just don’t try to remake one another unless asked.

Wednesday, June 16: Morning is disjointed; we’re potentially busy but may feel like we’re going around in circles. Worry less about accomplishment and more about being present with grace through minor and major tribulations. Some stuck point softens later this afternoon; share truth towards dinner, just make sure the other is in position to hear. A cloud of dreams and confusion tonight can obscure our insight as the Moon conjuncts Neptune, the mood is teary, expressive, and biased.

Thursday June 17: Health needs attention, ours and that of our environment, as we resonate with the woes of the world under the Virgo Moon. Nerves are easily frayed, rest more that seems necessary rather than take another cup of coffee. Contents under pressure; critical sarcasm is a powerful warning sign, so find healthy ways to vent, and common points of sympathy. If we see a questionable decision, look for the quality of their intention not the finesse of their choice. Late morning if we need to draw a dividing line or boundary, let’s be decisive but not mean.

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