Starcodes horoscopes for June 10 – 16, 2016

Starcodes horoscopes for June 10 – 16, 2016

by Heather Roan Robbins

Pollen drifts on the air along with a buzz of articulate chatter. And both can be either seminal or irritating. The Sun and Venus conjunct in Gemini and bring out the sociable poet in both trees and people, and this Gemini buzz can ease conversations at the summer festival or over dinner all week long. They add a search social lubrication that can help us easily make new acquaintances and entertain fresh ideas. But we could slip into shallow thinking, and have too much fun gossiping or kibitzing about politics with people who agree with us.

Last week, that Gemini energy was caught in a nervy grand square that left many feeling overscheduled and under-rested. This week’s Gemini buzz is a little softer on the nervous system, we won’t feel so pulled in many directions, though we may still find our schedules and minds too busy.

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Underneath this nervy buzz we’re also doing some deeper work. Mars has retrograde it back into Scorpio now through the end of August and can swirl the dark corners of our psyche and bring out an old obsession, a strange fear, or odd streaks of possessive territoriality. It can also bring that needed depth to our thinking when we tap into it. But over the next two months, be on the alert for the whisper of and old inner defensive pattern (in the culture as well as in our individual psyches); maybe it’s a fear that something we want will never happen or the remnants of an old conspiracy theory. Or resentment because somebody puts the socks in the wrong drawer, they’ve always put the socks in the wrong drawer, so they must be doing that because they really don’t care how we feel, and we should just tell them to go away. We don’t have to believe those whispers; we can diffuse them just by noticing the pattern but not letting them run the show. Look for the triggers that set off the patterns, and find a gentler and more conscious way to take care of the concerns.

Between the nervy Gemini mental treadmill and Mars in Scorpio stirring the depths of our psyche, we could enter the worry Olympics. If we get a worry on, it’s important to find our own version of the serenity prayer, do what we can, then exercise the muscles of our mind and soul accept what we can’t, change gears, and redirect our attention.

The potential lightweight Gemini social banter eases most of our interactions, but with that Scorpio undertone, when we need to be alone, we’ll need to be alone. Now.

So don’t go chasing after a friend if they disappear. Invite them back, but let them find their own way. Why they stomped off may have nothing whatsoever to do with the conversation at hand, just a sudden need for solitude. And though gossiping is easy, nothing will make us madder than someone breaching our trust and exposing our personal stories. This pattern may get interesting in the presidential campaigns, Mars in Scorpio is excellent for investigative journalism, but can also encourage people to spout off before they’ve confirmed their facts, or use facts out of proportion to justify their position. We have to add conscious rigorous thinking, and an ask what motivates their position.

Over this weekend we may feel pulled between a restless social life and chores we know we need to do as the industrious Virgo Moon squares the Gemini Sun and Venus. This tension can leave us a little edgy. Let’s see if we can keep our snarky side check, and verify facts before we pass them on. That Virgo Moon can also help us bond as we garden or investigate some common interest together as the Moon conjuncts expansive Jupiter in Virgo on Saturday.

Friendliness, creativity, maybe even a summer romance has a chance to blossom on Sunday and through early next week under a sociable Libra Moon while romantic Venus and the Sun form a creative, curious sextile with electrical Uranus, an aspect that encourages us gently to reach out and make positive changes.

The week finishes on a more focused if truculent note; we can get a lot done but may get a little twitchy in the process as the Scorpio Moon conjuncts Mars, the Sun squares Chiron, and together they tap on our personal tender spots, activates our possessive and territorial nature, and brings out our suspicions unless we choose to focus on something wonderful instead.

Friday, June 10: Our conscience can be a real nag, just when we might want to take off early and play hooky. Notice a pull between the Gemini social flutter, and the Virgo Moon’s tapping on the shoulder, reminding us of responsibilities. Feel tension between one side that would like to forgive and let live, and that the side that remembers every wrong. And write about it, this is an unusually verbally acute day. Let’s see if we can equitably spend time with both sides of ourselves. Let the conversation buzz and listen to all sides of the story, but try not to take any ensuing anxiety out on each other. We get real less realistic and more relaxed and imaginative as the evening goes on and the Moon approaches and opposition to Neptune.

Moon square Mercury 1:13 AM, Moon enters Virgo 7:45 AM

Saturday, June 11: Morning brings both fuzzy thinking, and a bit of a grim attitude. The chores list looks long as the Moon opposes Neptune and squares Saturn. We can argue with a manic fervency over opinionated politics or some other sphere where it seems our perfectly rational friends and neighbors suddenly appear to be idiots. The mood lightens up towards noon and can open up into creative invention; we want to improve something as the Moon conjunct Jupiter in Virgo, improve our batting skills, our gardening, our diet, our world. But don’t overload others with helpful suggestions, as our inner critic is already working overtime; instead encourage, support, and commiserate. Note a generous, flirtatious mood seeping in this evening.

Moon opposed Neptune 6:57 AM, Moon square Saturn 7:52 AM, Moon conjunct Jupiter12:29 PM, Moon trine Pluto 4:20 PM.

Sunday, June 12: Keep heart and mind open today as Venus sextiles Uranus and helps us shift gears. We can let go of outmoded emotional attachments and be open to new possibilities of the heart and art. We don’t need to let the restlessness get us into trouble. But it does further to wander around the neighborhood or out of familiar territory and explore. Mercury enters communicative Gemini tonight and the Moon enters friendly Libra, making it a wonderful night for a dinner party.

Moon square Sun 2:09 AM, Mars trine Chiron 5:09 AM, Moon square Venus 5:26 AM, Moon sextile Mars 8:46 AM, Moon opposed Chiron 8:51 AM, Venus sextile Uranus 9:12 AM, Mercury enters Gemini 5:22 PM, Moon enters Libra 6:33 PM, Moon trine Mercury6:42 PM.

Monday, June 13: it may be hard to get out of bed this morning, because our minds may have Buzz all night and sleep seems easier after sunrise. Our minds are busy but our heart can feel a little sensitive this morning and want to reclaim attachments we recently worked hard to release as Venus squares Chiron. If we’ve made new social or professional contacts recently, now is a good time to follow up.

Neptune retrogrades 2:42 PM, Venus squares Chiron 3:14 PM, Moon sextile Saturn 7:25 PM.

Tuesday, June 14: Notice a new ability to change gears in a gentle and interesting way as the Sun sextiles Uranus while the Moon opposes Uranus. We’ll get uncomfortable continuing something that isn’t working; impatience, sadness, or dark consequence nudges to make the change, it’s the day when we could change the situation rather than walk out look to make relatively low stress adjustments in work or family patterns think about what minor changes in habits, appearance, or routine that would be beneficial.

Sun sextiles Uranus 1:53 AM, Moon squares Pluto 4:26 AM, Moon opposes Uranus 6:32 PM, Moon squares Venus 7:56 PM.

Wednesday, June 15: The mood can get a little snarly today as the Moon enters intense and introverted Scorpio and pulls our energy towards Mars’ deeper undercurrent. While this extra Scorpio focus can help us get out of the Gemini distraction and get to work, something can tap on our personal sore points, push our buttons and demand that we react as always and get caught in the same old loops, or take a different approach with a potentially better result. From this, look for an important piece of fresh self-knowledge to pass on to others.

Moon trine Venus 12:59 AM, Moon enters Scorpio 7:18 AM, Sun square Chiron 3:36 PM.

Thursday, June 16: Adapt, integrate, complete; we have concentration and possibilities and can do our work today. While we may want to stay in our comfort zone, and won’t want to be pried out for the moment, we can do what we came here to do as the Scorpio Moon forms positive aspects to Neptune, Jupiter, and Pluto. Our intuition may be unusually open but may tend to focus more on problems than the newly-opening possibilities; those we have to consciously ferret out.

Moon trine Neptune 7:39 AM, Moon sextile Jupiter 2:21 PM, Moon sextile Pluto 5:03 PM.

All times MDT.

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