Starcodes horoscopes for July 9 – 15, 2010

Starcodes horoscopes for July 9 – 15, 2010

by Heather Roan Robbins

We need to tell our story this week. Sometimes it will be the rock-hard truth, sometimes our story may be low on facts but will still speak our inner reality as Mercury enters expressive Leo and trines prolific Jupiter.

With Mercury in Leo we’ll be proud of what we know and happy to share. We might be tempted to jump on our soap box and pontificate, but if we do so, it will just cause eyes to glaze over, so let’s dial it back a notch.  We can watch reporters on the evening news or over the backyard fence crank up their emotional charge and drop into bathos, but just because they exaggerate doesn’t mean it isn’t true.

Because we’ve got to sing in the weeks ahead look for great reportage and wild opera, but there may not be much difference between. People will want to spill their guts, but whether we get the real deal or the simplified melodramatic cover story will take extra perception on our part. Some of the stories that come out this week will be both true and mythic; they’ll rip our hearts open and hit us in a visceral way.

Luckily Venus enters perspicacious Virgo for the next few weeks and asks us to dig deeper to understand the story behind the story. Venus in Virgo encourages us to talk it out and ask the tough questions, she encourages us to process for fun. We just have to be sure other people around are as interested in dissecting the story as we are.

Venus in Virgo also encourages us to put some effort in to our chosen art forms, and asks us to care for one another in a practical way. She helps us find the problem and, if we tap into her potential, can help us heal it. Just watch the Virgo-Venus tendency to go to our head and analyze as a way of getting out of messier work or messier emotions, or making improving comments to loved ones to subtly push them away.

When we need to tell our version, it can be ok to go for the melodrama, sometimes it will be the only way to get the story across. Kids have rested up from school and no longer just want to sleep late; they’re looking for a bit of adventure, for good or ill. Social life picks up and summer arts festivals percolates: it will pay to see performances early in the summer rather than later for inspired performances. Just forgive a bit of over-acting.

A good story is a wonderful thing, and the sob story of other peoples’ lives can be fascinating, but it’s far more interesting to live out a great novel ourselves. Tempting as it is to just talk; we need to live our story. Make future memories.

Mercury in Leo can bring out a generous but more self-centered, less empathetic attitude and that can skew family dynamics. If so, get the difficult family members talking and get those old stories recorded now. Interview the difficult neighbor or cranky grandparent. When in doubt or in a tense situation ask questions and gets the story flowing; look for understanding rather than accuracy.

Expect the weather to keep up its own drama throughout this summer. Mercury also affects the winds, and for the next few weeks they’ll blow with bravado or disappear off the stage like a diva in a huff and leave a dramatically breathless heat. An era-changing T-square between Pluto, Uranus and Saturn will keep the winds swirling and the wheels of history rolling all year, so much is in flux, so many industries are at a crossroads, and this plays in the background of every story we hear. We need to treasure adaptability and awareness above all other skills to sail through this time with grace.

As the weekend begins we are offered a clear picture of what we need to do next as Mercury trines Saturn. A certainly heaviness can sit on our minds and everything make take longer than we think. But this same heaviness can help us get the details hammered out before play begins.

Over the weekend the mood changes, self-doubts creep in the back door, but we can hide them in a new-found extroversion. It can be too easy to critique our loves just when they need our fascination, especially if we’re feeling overloaded or emotionally hungry after recent events. Although it may be tempting to start a litany of interior complaints about their behavior, it would serve us better to invite them to swim or do a project that improves our life together. If we need extra space ourselves, less just ask for it directly and skip the part where we push others away.

Early next week feel a resurgence of the need to live life on a grand scale. Those who feel ignored or undervalued may get mean. It is easy to create drama if we cannot find a more interesting life, but we can rewrite that script and make it a dynamic adventure instead.

Friday, July 9: Deal with practicalities early as Mercury trines sane and solid Saturn. Mid-morning don’t take the bait as the Moon squares Mars and brings emotional pressures. Take     problems seriously when others share, but help restore perspective. Communication is good but we need to nail down details before we disappear in to a rather magical world tonight.

Saturday, July 10: Enjoy the wild script as Mercury enters Leo while the Moon enters deeply feeling Cancer. We’ll be ready for something different, but also deal with a lingering trepidation over a surprising emotional response as the Moon enters Cancer and squares Uranus.  Be kind through a lost or wandering feeling midday, part of the past slips away as the Moon opposes Pluto. Energy and warmth return tonight if we choose to extend ourselves; familiarity feels better than a room full of strangers.

Sunday, July 11: We’re ready to take action and make things happen, want to take theory and make it so as the Sun sextiles Mars. Irritations scrape midday as Mercury semi-squares Mars, but soon after some recent stress converts to a can-do, willing to learn attitude as Mercury trines Jupiter. Please be explicitly encouraging, as it’s all too easy for others to hear criticism where it’s not intended. Some darker quirk of the mind surfaces tonight, listen to dreams but look inside for the meaning, not out.

Monday, July 12: Turn up the volume and make it interesting. Stubbornness, generosity, and hyperbole abound; the story gets more dramatic as the Moon enters Leo and trines Jupiter and Uranus. Ask for attention carefully. Love up the dear ones as they need attention too; catch them doing something right and effuse. Take this Leo Moon to a higher level and let the heart chakra shine.

Tuesday, July 13: Living well is the best revenge, so find the romance in the daily, and love the weed growing through the crack in the sidewalk. We need to feel the bittersweet and the pain, and heal with our heart; reach out in some substantial caring action and avoid mere gesture as Venus trines Pluto in earth signs. Do not begrudge attention; the more generous we are the more flows back. This is not just generosity, it is survival.

Wednesday, July 14: Fuzzy, foggy-brained morning as the Moon opposes Neptune clear up midday as the Moon enters Virgo. Our bodies resound with our emotions; health regimes needs attention, ours and our planets’. The consequence of what we consume becomes clear for better or worse. Practical follow-through actually relaxes; inspiration comes to the prepared mind. Tonight, watch the nagging.

Thursday, July 15: Cranky morning, be quiet and be helpful as the Moon conjuncts Mars.

Midday reactions and responses flow quickly, our actions flow decisively; good time for surgery, engineering or weeding. Critiques are quick and incisive but painfully undiplomatic; take with a grain of salt and avoid grandstanding.

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