Starcodes horoscopes for July 7 – 13, 2017

Starcodes horoscopes for July 7 – 13, 2017

by Heather Roan Robbins

Make good use of discontent this weekend and find something industrious to do. The Moon waxes full in competent Capricorn while the Sun opposes serious Pluto and we become newly aware what needs to be done, whether we’re looking at world politics or a brush pile in the backyard. We can get grumpy or overwhelmed if we look too far ahead, or pushy and manipulative if we’re not considerate, but we can also certainly put one foot in front of the other and make some progress, to our great satisfaction.

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The last few weeks have had a driving quality to them as Mars opposed Pluto last week, and as the Sun opposes Pluto and conjuncts Mars this week. This driving energy brings momentum to whatever we start, whether a gardening project or rattling of sabers with North Korea, and this impetus can make it hard to enjoy more than a few moments resting in the Sun unless we feel we’ve accomplished our goal. This driving quality stirs any inner demons that whisper we are not enough or have not done enough, and we can respond by getting depressed, becoming inspired to improve or accomplish, finding gumption, or tapping into a new ruthless determination. Our response is up to us.

Any full Moon highlights opposing needs, and this full Moon highlights the difference between the Sun in Cancer’s encouragement to nest and rest, and Capricorn’s determination which longs for accomplishable goals in order to feel content. A Full Moon in Capricorn wants places to go and things to do, mountains to climb so that it imbues happiness. Like solve global issues at the G20 conference. But one person’s, or country’s, ambitions may interfere with another’s and both leave frustrated unless we can find common goals.  Remember this in household projects or political efforts, find a mountain top you can agree upon, and each person find their own way there.

But all is not work, Mercury in Leo for the next few weeks may bring out the bombast in the politicians, but also loans us an outgoing quality which encourages us to tell stories and make new acquaintances, to take a sybaritic break and sip cool fruit in the shade. This week that borrowed extroversion is supported by a lovely trine from Venus in sociable, communicative Gemini, which introduces a fresh sense of humor when we are not working on those inner demons.

Mars in Cancer keeps us somewhat defensive and self-protective though, so even as we’re chatting away let’s go gently around anything that can sound critical, or not be surprised if we get a defensive response. On the big political screen, we’ll notice that strategic defensiveness and territorial posturing are the major motivating drives.

Early next week the Moon in communal Aquarius helps us work whatever groups we engage, whether it’s summer campers or neighbors on the block. A sensitive Pisces Moon asked us to take a rest towards the second-half of the week and give ourselves more time to tend our spirit and rest our body, catch up with ourselves both emotionally and physically.

Friday, July 7: Take a walk this morning, or meander in the mind as the Sagittarius Moon trines Uranus. Conversation and casual interactions are easy as Mercury sextiles Venus, a great time I make arrangements, negotiate, connect. Then a notice of fresh seriousness as the Moon enters Capricorn midday, bring more industrious, but also leaving us more easily depressed or discouraged unless we feel like we’re making progress. Notice self-doubts, honor them, but only to let them encourage one another. Tonight, people want someone to care what we’ve been doing; ask the right questions and listen.

Mercury sextile Venus 7:18 AM, Moon trine Uranus 8:11 AM, Moon enters Capricorn 11:44 AM.\

Saturday, July 8: Morning is softer, but still we feel an existential nagging to get to work. This afternoon that Moon squares Jupiter and helps negotiate for aesthetics, whether we’re bargaining for antique or navigating where to put the furniture. Tonight’sFull Moon is deeply strategic and asks us to engage our priorities; whatever we do, we won’t want to do it halfheartedly.

Moon sextile Neptune 4:04 PM, Moon square Jupiter 4:44 PM, Moon opposed Sun 10:06 PM.\

Sunday, July 9: Aches and pains can leave us grumpy this morning as Mars challenges Saturn. Strong, apparently arbitrary opinions may cause clashes but could be part of our inner creative process; how can we hold our vision and yet give room for another to hold theirs. Ghosts and grim thoughts can haunt, or just leave us wondering if we have what it takes, as the Sun opposes Pluto tonight, but we can choose to use these concerns to reconnect with our hearts.

Moon conjunct Pluto 10:05 AM, Mars semi-sextiles Saturn 4:08 AM, Moon opposed Mars 9:40 AM, Moon square Uranus 8:12 PM, Sun opposed Pluto 10:35 PM, Moon enters Aquarius 11:34 PM.

Monday, July 10: Jump back in the fray as the Moon enters collective Aquarius, step out of a private life and reengage the community this morning as the Moon trines Venus. Work through logistical difficulties midafternoon and pardon social gaffstonight as the Moon opposes Mercury. Judge people by their intentions, not by the grace, or lack of it, by which they pursue them.

Moon trine Venus 12:02 PM, Moon semi-square Saturn 2:46 PM, Moon opposed Mercury 4:37 PM.

Tuesday, July 11: Take advantage of a sociable openness to further any project that requires cooperation as the Moon trines Jupiter and sextiles Saturn. Some will get caught up in their ideas and miss their emotional effect on others, so don’t count on tender consideration, but do look for open minds.

Moon trine Jupiter 4:19 AM, Moon sextile Saturn 7:46 PM.

Wednesday, July 12: Slow down, the Moon enters Pisces and we feel everything; like walking barefoot across pebbles, maybe nothing hurts, but it takes more time to do it right. Tears come easily and a story can tug our heartstrings this afternoon as the Moon challenges Pluto. Sympathize, but stay self-responsible, and watch out for those people who hold others responsible for their feelings.

Moon sextile Uranus 6:40 AM, Moon enters Pisces 9:51 AM, Moon semi-square Pluto 3:41 PM

Thursday, July 13: It’s not that we don’t care about other people’s feelings this morning, we can care too much, which can leave us wanting extra insulation or distance as the Pisces Moon conjuncts Neptune. Make it safe to be sensitive. Avoid anything that smacks of guilt tripping and stay self- responsible and empowered. It furthers to pursue art, a walk in the woods, a moment of unspoken communion.

Moon square Venus 3:27 AM, Moon conjunct Neptune 12:26 PM, Moon sextile Pluto 7:50 PM.

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