Starcodes Horoscopes for July 31 – August 6, 2009

Starcodes Horoscopes for July 31 – August 6, 2009

by Heather Roan Robbins

Recreate and let the soul fill up. It’s hard to get anything else done as the weekend begins under a confusing, spacey and lazy-making opposition between Mercury and Neptune fog on top of strong emotional torque as Venus squares Pluto. Because of this fuzzy thinking aspect and the emotional distraction, ordinary business can feel like walking through molasses and home improvement projects need to be measured three times before they work. With this dreamy imaginative quality we can think of wonderful solution to our design problems, but chance are the implementation will fall into place better next week.

Stormy waters on the emotional realm coupled with fuzzy thinking can make it hard to see what’s really going on in our relationships. We may be missing some key pieces of information around an interpersonal situation that can leave us worried or sad; the potential we see in our dreams may feel temporarily beyond our reach. But nothing will feel better than resting by water, Neptune’s friend, or escaping into the arms of a great book, summer blockbuster or private spiritual retreat, all Neptunian experiences.

As Venus opposes Pluto this weekend she can point out to us where we isolate, where we keep people at a distance or still mourn who has left our life. If we’re feeling shy, or everyone else seems busy and our relatives are just too difficult, it helps to get to the farmer’s market or an arts festival and feel the pulse of communal life. Or best of all, find someone who’s even lonelier, and help them.

An upbeat Sagittarius Moon calls us to stay active as the weekend begins but miscommunication and our strong feelings can make any situation seem better worse than it is and trigger off an inappropriate response. Emotionally driven drinking and driving can be a real problem this week, so drive defensively; if indulging, play it safe. It pays to slow our reaction time down, take a deep breath and be kind while we sort this out. In a more concrete form, weather or water damage can cause a problem unless we deal with it, so watch the iced coffee near the keyboard and watch the weather maps.

We may need to deal with inaccurate information that increases a sense of loss or fear of loss. Communications problems can test our loyalty in love or at work and make farther pastures look greener, but this is a temporary defense. It’s all too easy to get a crush on a passing stranger or obsess in some imaginary relationship; a few new relationships do sparkle, the connection can be real but the people really won’t know one another yet and will need to start over again later to understand their real connection.

As the week progresses our summer may take on a more in-depth and introspective note as emotional Venus enters watery Cancer.

Early next week the Moon enters industrious Capricorn as Mercury enters its equally-industrious home sign of Virgo and trines Pluto. Summer is not over, but our thoughts may turn to the work ahead, or to the self or home improvement plans we had for the summer but have yet to do. Kids may suddenly think of school supplies or bring up their worries for the school year. Those searching for a new job may find it helps to strike while plans are forming for next year’s work.

Mercury in Virgo is a pro at worrying; our concerns can cramp our progress, or people play on this worry to further their agenda. Politicians may harp on the dangers of the economy to push their point and blockade change. Investors and entrepreneurs debate about which plans to run with next year, as do parents and kids. This could precipitate healthy debate on health care reform, but we’ll need to look carefully at the personal investment of each commentator before judging the content of their words.

Summer returns midweek as the Moon waxes full in sociable Aquarius and forms a lunar eclipse. Look for some resolution on a problem that showed up last full Moon, closed one chapter and opened another two weeks ago around the solar eclipse, and now can precipitate change in how we deal with our world.

Eclipses speed up changes that are already in progress, they release the old and encourage the new cycle. This lunar eclipse energizes our changes around the Aquarius issues of collective responsibility; we can feel this as our social group changes shape or our family dynamics shift patterns.

Friday July 31: The upbeat Sagittarius Moon helps us handle challenging and ever changing circumstances. We’re ingenious but emotionally charged; our thinking can be more inspired and imaginative, or delusional, than clear or logical as Mercury opposes Neptune. We may long for something just out of reach as some event or relationship tugs on our hearts. Memory, transportation and communication may be foggy or confused by our projections. Temporarily missing items are best found in a moment of quiet. Use humor to diffuse or integrate, but be kind. Take the high road during dinnertime’s irritable patch, the karmic tally is running fast while Venus aspects the Moon’s nodes. Evening dances, though people can seem searching and restless.

Saturday, Aug 1: Our minds may be open but our feelings more possessive. The surface aspects are up-beat adventurous and cooperative wherever we can exercise our free will. But underneath our soul is called in to deeper, more primal and profound feelings as Venus in Cancer opposes Pluto, and this can put our words and actions at odds. Strong feelings intensify later afternoon, and conditions or plans can change accordingly. By late night, as the Moon trines Mercury, camaraderie improves and we may want to flock to the streets to feel the boisterous pulse of humanity.

Sunday, Aug 2: Our will and determination revs up and needs a place to go. We can feel our lives aren’t progressing (though this is an illusion of our impatience) if we don’t have a project to take the brunt, and this can get depressing or leave us clumsy, ruthless, or brimming with good but unwanted advice for others. Watch for Machiavellian manipulation on the grand scale and pushiness on the personal level. Deal with karmic challenges, structural adjustments; collaborate over something important instead.

Monday, Aug 3: A twist on our information or outlook can challenge the status quo, but can bring an improvement if we stay honest, clear, and solution oriented. Watch for a desire to change just for the heck of it, or to manipulate data or information for personal ends as the Sun challenges Uranus. Afternoon brings potentially penetrating and important discussions as mental Mercury trines Pluto. Connect with work or with career opportunities and seed good ideas.

Tuesday, Aug 4: Morning can be productive, by mid-afternoon the gears spin and work takes longer, needs more care. It may be time to clear up some old karmic issues; our comments and action boomerang for better or worse, so let’s not take a short-cut. Later, our collective experience needs attention as the Moon enters Aquarius; evening is highly sociable but not intimate. It’s easier to see across a crowded room than into the eyes of a nearby soul.

Wednesday, Aug 5: Find a way to make life extraordinary as we prepare for tonight’s Full Moon, Lunar eclipse around 6:54 pm MDT (not visible in the west, as the Moon has not yet risen, but felt). Our old patterns about how we relate to our community, friends, family, any collective pattern, arise, but we can choose how we want to change this relationship, and deal with it differently this time. People may be hyper, a little wound out and insensitive; enjoy the wildness but don’t take their distraction personally. Have a party, share the moment in a constructive way.

Thursday, Aug 6: We can sleep away in the hammock or work with a non-demanding but potential-filled magical quality. Water, spirit, imagination all heal; while a few places may feel weather problems which call for unusual collaboration, most of us will be fine with our feet in a wading pool. Morning unsettles as the Moon trines Mars; everyone has good ideas but many of them lack common sense. This afternoon the Moon forms an amazing conjunction with Jupiter, Neptune and Chiron, an easy aspect we can dream away or use to bring hope and a healing sensitivity to our situation.

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