Starcodes horoscopes for July 30 – August 5, 2010

Starcodes horoscopes for July 30 – August 5, 2010

by Heather Roan Robbins

This is a pivotal and eventful week astrologically as Mars, our astro-action figure, enters Libra and energizes the biggest planetary patterns of the year and rings them like a bell. In the process Mars conjuncts Saturn, opposes Uranus and Jupiter, and square Pluto.The stories will be big, the themes operatic. Let’s hope some of it will be a comedy.

Mars can set this off all in a row because these outer planets already form a T-square with one another on and off all year. Think of standing at a crossroads with three cars heading down three different roads, all tied to a point in the center but each gaining traction roaring down their separate paths. Now add Mars’ rocket fuel.

Mars in Libra loans us an even temper, and this will help soften the mood, but under these aspects our temper can break like a thunderstorm when it gets activated. So let’s be careful who we use as a lightning rod. We can get on a klutzy jag and start dropping everything. Mars can also come to our rescue with fast, adaptable reflexes and smart engineering feats.Which we may need under these both accident- prone and militant Mars-Uranus-Pluto aspects.

These aspects have left many people at the crossroads trying to decide which path to take, either under pressure to make a change, or just feeling discontent about the path they’re now upon. This week may require us to leave one road so we can walk down another. But let’s not rush things, because this discontent can tempt us to take action just because we’re uncomfortable, and not because it will get us anywhere. And it can trigger some truly crazy behavior.

This line-up can act as a trigger for karmic process of all types, it brings things out in the open, both hidden gifts, worries, and also things we may not be so proud of. Best we look at them squarely, be grateful for the bounty and take responsibility for the rest. It can trigger a turning point in major world events.

True, these aspects are usually felt more on the cultural level than on the personal one unless they affect our chart directly or we are caught in their cross-currents and wild weather. Sometimes as they energize world events they just leave us feeling tired. Tiredness may be a sign we’re avoiding our passion or stuffing down our frustration, or just pushing ourselves way too hard.But this line-up can energize any tough decision and help us follow through, it can help us reach out, quit drinking, go back to school, or say good-by.

We have to add the wisdom and figure out if we’re actually fed up and ready to let go or just need a break to get a better perspective and can go back ready to evolve our situation. What won’t work is the same old same old.If we decide to dump a relationship, politician, or project, let’s make sure they really are the root cause of our issue, and not just a scapegoat, because to lash out at a scapegoat only wastes our time and hurts the goat.

Friday as the Moon enters Aries and Mars opposes Uranus, we need a safe way to be absolutely ourselves. This is wild card energy, anything can and will happen. For most of us it triggers restlessness and great debate, and a chance to look at our whole like and wonder what could be different. But be careful with fire and watch any explosive situation carefully; this is a spontaneous and ingenious line- up, brave and heroic but also rebellious and dangerous.

The energy stays wild but we have to grow up as Mars conjuncts Saturn over the weekend. Our willfulness is restrained, police clamp down on the rebels and we have to find a balance between what we want and our responsibilities for the long run. This aspect can call down down some unfair situation or nudge us to create a more honest and fair approach. We will have no patience with a bully and are ready to tackle the weeds, both literally and metaphorically.

But whatever the situation is, it won’t be simple.Nothing can be solved without carefully teasing apart the problems from the solution. The roots are entangled and we’re just not feeling very careful at the moment, which is why it helps to slow down sudden decisions and think them through carefully.

As Mars is the trigger, watch for changes catalyzed by an accident, by anger or by physical temptations.

Sometimes Mars just wants us get off our duff and into action. Mars wants us to be honest, find healthy and self-responsible ways to handle conflict, to be physical and brave. Our temper can soar easily and break quickly, like a summer thunderstorm, so let’s be careful who we use as a lightning rod.If we want to storm off or if we feel accident prone, it helps to work out, get tired first, then deal with the irritant. If a dog gets in trouble, take her on a run and get her tired.

In a few weeks this buzz calms down and we’ll feel the Libra Mars egalitarian, romantic, beauty-loving energy in time to savor the end of summer.

Friday, July 30: Drive safely and think before speaking on this energy -fluctuation, emotionally volatile and action prone day under the Pisces Moon and as Mars directly opposes Uranus. When charged, move slowly and with grace. We can get fed up easily and want to make changes, but will tend to resist those very changes if suggested by another. A break in routine helps. Debate intensifies around dinner as the Moon enters Aries, later, self-expression helps stress uncork.

Saturday, July 31: Enthusiasm and action vie with responsibilities and long-term security: We have to find a way to both do what we want and meet our obligations as Mars conjuncts Saturn. Responsibly willful and dynamically mature, this is not a paradox but it may take some experimentation. It furthers to talk with older friends or people we respect; it energizes us to do something willful and wildly immature. Don’t choose, do both. Wild dreams tonight.

Sunday, Aug 1: May feel like an aimless recovery day, our souls may feel weary or uncomfortable, or just in need of acceptance.  Low-agenda wandering lets whatever needs healing to come up. Let the conversation wander, the feet wander and the soul unwind. Take the pressure off, look for the wholeness underneath. Taste and judgment are questionable; limit expenditures and postpone relationship decisions.

Monday, Aug 2: A decision, small or large may need to be made by tonight, so gather all the information possible today. Let the soul’s gentleness be the guide even if it requires tough love. Do not enable. Do just what needs to be done, nothing more, nothing less. Quiet steadiness and nourishing food are needed.

Tuesday, Aug 3: Some situation comes to a boil as Jupiter squares Pluto, may it not be our temper. Do not believe propaganda or gossip, or the overheated extremes of personal imaginings today; be a seeker for truth and find the balance. Stay in the present moment and make the best of it. Sensual and romantic energy rumbles in the good moments; stubbornness and competitive, hasty responses in the challenging ones. Let’s honor what we have and stop yanking the fates.

Wednesday, Aug 4: A lighter more spacious approach can be a cheap excuse to let go of something so it does not hurt; open the hand but be honest as to the motives as the Moon enters Gemini. Find the humor, let the eyes sparkle, and talk about the tough stuff. Our art forms need our time and respect today, let them express the deeper conversations as Jupiter trines Pluto.

Thursday, Aug 5: Event scan help us put our lives into perspective, it’s not the time to worry about little things. Our relationships can feel tested, but get stronger when we build trust. We may feel like we are asked to sacrifice something for our relationships as Venus and the asteroid Vesta conjunct, or have to prove in some way that we care: we need to act it out in the day and talk it out tonight

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