Starcodes horoscopes for July 3 – 9, 2009

Starcodes horoscopes for July 3 – 9, 2009

by Heather Roan Robbins

This July 4th weekend we won’t take our freedom for granted, and not just because we’re celebrating Independence Day. An expansive Sagittarius Moon pulls against a tough, moody Mercury-Pluto and reminds us that freedom is precious, freedom to work or be away from work, freedom to hit the trail, and, most of all, freedom to speak our truth. Freedom of speech feels extra precious and we’re willing to fight for it; but also need to honor the other side of that coin, and take responsibility for what we say.

This weekend the vibe is expansive if scattered and deep feeling. While generally cheerful and family-oriented, deep thoughts and a bittersweet note underlie the festivities. This note may sing of people or things miss, or it may bring to us a lost person, place or thing and all the attendant memories. It also pays to be extra careful driving and check the dials on all equipment before using as Mercury enters Cancer and opposes Pluto this weekend.

The vibe is generally safe, cozy and nurturing, but we may be easily triggered into a defensive response even when we know it won’t help. With Mercury in Cancer for the next few weeks, we talk less, tell more stories, but need our privacy and may hate invasive questioning. We just get crabby when poked. When we feel that defensive prickle it helps to putter about privately until our hackles go down, take a minute to listen to ourselves and notice if our attention has been called inside because out intuition needs to tell us something, or because we just need a moment alone. So let’s go ahead and be friendly with one another, but respect boundaries.

The emotional-romantic mood may be caring, cuddly and indulgent, if stubborn. It begins with Venus and Mars are still conjunct in earthy Taurus, but now form a challenging square to intuitive Neptune and expansive Jupiter. This line-up is confusing, it helps us dissolve past restrictions but can make it hard to figure out what’s really going on. We have trouble finding things, making a decision, or understanding the emotional motivation of others.

But this Mars-Neptune fuzziness also gives us unique opportunity to forgive and forget if we chose to use it, to surrender an outdated grudge. Though let’s not get on our soapbox (no matter how tempting) about philosophy, religion, or our pet theories, as this is a place we can really entrench.

If someone starts to propound their theory on why to paint the kitchen salmon, or whether or not there’s an afterlife, let’s thank them for sharing, share our own perspective, and not bother trying to disabuse them of a false notion. This astrological pattern can pour oil on the fire of religiously-based political confrontations, peaking mid-week, unless those involved choose to look for the spiritual truths underneath the politics and feel their connections across those boundaries.

Although Mars squares Neptune all week, Venus enters Gemini on Sunday, which helps us adapt and bring in a flirtatious edge. It can be easier to express ourselves in text messages or song lyrics, or any short sound bites. Our aesthetics gets very summery; light, fresh, and more spontaneous, and by the end of the week, a little more decisive. We may still not know what we want in relationship but can have more fun considering the possibilities.

Next week begins with an urge to work hard, but also the temptation to mix it up over what’s going on in the home; everyone had a good idea and no one really wants to follow orders as the Moon waxes Full in Capricorn. We also may have some tough economic news, or may need to approach a financial or work decision with a more creative strategy as the Moon is eclipsed. A former authority figure may lose their edge or need to be questioned. If our own authority is questioned, let’s take it gracefully and fall back on what we really do know. Some unprofitable efforts come to an end, but other work cracks open.

Midweek, our momentum slows but competition and debate pick up as Mars squares Jupiter and Neptune. We might as well slow down and have a picnic. Our imagination blossoms; while this can inspire any creative endeavor, it can also carry us away and let us imagine an attraction where there is none, or an argument where there is only distraction. So let’s confirm our understandings before we act. It’s important to check any intuitive hits carefully as it’s usually hard to sift them out from our hopes and fears. Or wait a few days because the week ends on a clear-thinking note; useful and constructive vibes encourage us to organize, refine skill and make healthy decisions.

Friday, July 3 tend to any concrete work this morning because the afternoon looses momentum and gets into the weekend groove a few hours early. A Sagittarius Moon and Sun-Jupiter challenge ask us how we define freedom; whether its freedom to take our toes out of work shoes or freedom to help form our country’s history, freedom to nap in a hammock or exercise freedom of speech. Don’t take it too personally if someone’s comments push the limits, they’re said more to create room than because they’re the whole truth. Coordination can be tricky unless we find the humor and let each person take their own approach. Outside is better than in this evening. Later a tough or melancholic undertow needs consideration.

Saturday, July 4 a tough Mercury-Pluto opposition tests us this morning. Freedom of speech may feel sacrosanct but will be challenged somewhere in the world. Take extra care driving, confirm any transportation plans. The one thing we‘re looking for may go missing but lost flotsam returns. Loneliness vies with a need for solitude but may be soothed by a private walk around the block; we just need a few moments to ourselves before the crowds arrive. Gears shift for an up-beat afternoon. Consider getting to the fireworks early as there may be delays around dinner as the Moon square Saturn. Evening fun can heal friendships as the Moon sextiles Jupiter and Neptune.

Sunday, July 5 brings a pleasant mood early on with potential for familiar arguments midday. If old defenses plug in, try a new level of honesty. Wandering energy grows more industrious later, utilize the urge to organize but avoid the urge to control others. Give them a break on this holiday weekend. We may feel betwixt and between tonight as something feels like it’s missing, but we can bond together in the search as the Moon enters Capricorn and conjuncts Pluto.

Monday, July 6 after an early communications snag, good dream can leave us ambitious this morning, and people work together where they have a clear goal. It’s a great day for home improvement projects, but make sure other people are on board before handing them the hammer. Indecision can slow us down midmorning as Mars squares Neptune, don’t force what needs finesse. Mid afternoon deal with competitive oar pugnacious edge with care, and humor where possible, diffuse rather than confront, or keep it recreational, make it a work out rather than battle, particularly around philosophical differences as Mars squares Jupiter. Make progress but don’t worry about finishing the project or the conversation tonight

Tuesday, July 7 we’re restless and ready to change how we work, let’s make it a positive change as Mars sextiles Uranus under a Full Moon, lunar eclipse. Activity picks up and Systems kick in; work with the process or get out of the way. Decisive, revolutionary ideas may be the way to go, but cooperation and solid work can actually save time. Afternoon is ingenious; fix broken things but ask others if they want help before trying to fix their lives as self determination is key.

Wednesday, July 8 morning is dynamic as the Moon trines Mars then enters friendly Aquarius; emphasis moves from our project to our team, it’s time to mend nets. Socializing refreshes friendships and strengthens teamwork. Tonight we need to puddle out, our intuition is strong but our thinking is so fuzzy it’s hard to interpret as Mercury challenges Neptune. Tell stories tonight, real life or campfire yarns.

Thursday, July 9 let’s prioritize how we work more than what we do as the Sun sextiles Saturn.; Take a mature approach without killing the fun; create order, organize, make sound decisions and balance intuition with rational thought. And let’s have fun while we do it, we are setting precedence that cooperation can be good for business. We may wander into our good works today, come upon a problem that presents a chance to connect with others while being helpful, but this can feed us even more than it helps them. Authorities are more easily approached, but leave the defense at home.

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