Starcodes horoscopes for July 29 – August 4, 2016

Starcodes horoscopes for July 29 – August 4, 2016

by Heather Roan Robbins

“Express yourself.” That is the message of the solar system this weekend, with Sun, Venus, and Mercury all now in Leo, and with Venus and Mercury form a trine with unexpected, electrical Uranus.

Note, these aspects don’t say “express yourself no matter the effect on the people around you”. With this line-up in Leo we can indulge in hyperbole, tell wonderful stories, inspire crowds or speak with ridiculous bombast. Our own feelings can surprise us with their dramatic arc, and both political commentary and fishing tales can sound unbelievably over-the-top.

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But just because something is an exaggeration, doesn’t mean there isn’t some truth inside, sometimes we need an overblown operatic event or storyline to share some inner personal knowing or public cultural truth.

This leonine expressive quality helps people heal when we give one another a chance to share our stories. And it can infuriate us if our stories or personal experiences are dismissed or ridiculed. Even if we have to take everything others say with a grain of salt, and with lots of questions intact, we have to give everyone a chance to share.

Mars is spending its last few days in its own sign of Scorpio where it’s been for most of the time (with a brief visit to Sagittarius 3/7- 5/28) since January 4, an unusually long time for it to hover in one sign. It’s been a tough and sometimes violent transit; Mars in Scorpio has stirred the far corners of our personal and collective psyche. Its worst qualities have echoed throughout the headlines: a suspicious us-versus-them mentality, looking for the worst, possessiveness, blame, and retribution. But Mars in Scorpio is also the sign of the detective, it inspires us to look under the rocks, but can lead us to invent scary stories if we can’t find anything bring a review of that dark Mars in Scorpio story in these last few days.

Let’s look at our own stories of passion, focus, or fury, stories we’ve been working on since January. What have we come to understand about ourselves, how have we to not forget our recent lessons.

As the weekend begins a Gemini Moon helps us talk and enjoy the summer displays and wander through cultural events or indulge in the café culture. But, in threadbare places, a difficult edge can leak through in sudden breaks or explosive events as Uranus turns retrograde while Mercury squares Mars. We can be witty, but also edgy with our words rather than think through the consequences of what we say. Or we may honestly need to shoot from the hip and get something off our chest.

Mercury enters its own sign of Virgo on Saturday; even though we’re in the heart of the Leo expressive time, our thoughts begin to turn towards the falls plans. The public dialogue may turn toward a more reasoned critical voice. We want the details.

On Sunday and Monday a Venus trine Uranus beckons us to a party, though a Cancer Moon calls us back home to our own kitchen. But there is a fresh wind coming that can turn our attention towards a more hopeful future. The new Moon at 10° of Leo on Tuesdayafternoon begins an exciting time to share our heart and shine. Or it may bring new lows of outspoken public narcissism. As Mars enters Sagittarius and turns our attention forward, we may grow less suspicious, but will have a new need for truth and transparency all around. If we have places to go, the next few weeks will be the time to make the arrangements.

On Thursday a Virgo Moon refines our edge and helps us get down to work that needs doing. It also deepens the conversation and helps us get a new understanding of the consequences of our actions.

Friday, July 29: A lighthearted, talkative Gemini Moon can help us kibitz but distract us from the more serious work needed and serious doubts that need to be considered this morning. Mercury squares Mars this afternoon and may force some decisions as well as call for direct, but not mean, language. Some people will look for fighting words. We also have to watch our movements, be quick, direct, but pay attention to so as to avoid accidents of distraction.

Moon opposed Saturn at 5:05 AM, Moon square Neptune 7:44 AM, Mercury square Mars2:48 PM, Uranus retrograde 3:06 PM

Saturday, July 30: A relaxed and sociable morning brings wanderlust. Meander and let the soul renew with spontaneity. Chew over current events but consider waiting to discuss major differences with beloveds until after Tuesday. The evening brings an introspective, home-connected edge as Mercury enters Virgo and the Moon enters Cancer. Take this opportunity to have long, deep talks. Cuddliness and familiarity soften defensive edges.

Moon square Jupiter 1:06 AM, Moon sextile Venus 1:55 AM, Moon sextile Uranus 5:46 AM, Moon square Chiron 6:14 AM, Mercury enters Virgo 12:18 PM, Moon enters Cancer3:08 PM. Moon sextile Mercury 3:29 PM.

Sunday, July 31: Morning can be soft and spiritually hungry, but expect emotional crosswinds later on. Old splinters come to the surface as the Moon opposes Pluto, and we can waste time sulking or wanting to be elsewhere. We don’t want to try the same old process; we do want leadership towards new possibilities as Venus trines Uranus. This is as true for politics as it is for our love life.

Moon trine’s Neptune 10:50 AM, Moon opposed Pluto 6:02 PM, Venus trines Uranus10:08 PM.

Monday, August 1: Make plans and put a good foot forward; follow through on opportunities for work as the Sun trine Saturn. Check health-related concerns and notice what daily patterns can change to improve health. People may get a bit touchy, self- protective or easily angered about old problems on this last day of Mars in Scorpio. The energy begins to open tonight as the Moon enters extroverted Leo.

Moon sextile Jupiter 5:24 AM, Moon square Uranus 9:31 AM, Sun trine Saturn 11:49 AM, Moon square Mars 6:43 PM, Moon enters Leo 7:11 PM.

Tuesday, August 2: A day of new beginnings as Mars enter Sagittarius and the Sun and Moon conjunct in Leo. Suddenly we can let go of some wounds of the past and turned toward enthusiasm of the future. Optimism may not be an illusion and may be seeing something more clearly, what do we want to be honest about what we want to speak clearly with weird we want to how where do we want to shine in the year ahead. Traveling and exciting events,.

Mars enters Sagittarius 11:49 AM, Moon square Saturn 12:46 PM, Moon conjunct Sun2:44 PM.

Wednesday, August 3: An interesting buzz in the year, new plans are afoot, restlessness to explore new people, new products, new places. See and be seen, recognize the spirit light with the end each other. But that restlessness to good use and, if you need attention, and get it by being shining and being helpful to others, and honor in them what you want to grow. Don’t see things with negative attention today because they will grow. Preparations, buzzing energy as years share and beginnings approach.

Moon trine Uranus 3:22 PM, Moon conjunct Venus 10:12 PM.

Thursday, August 4: Don’t just complain when nerves wind a little tight or patience ticks around the edges under a nervy Virgo Moon. Instead take that one simple step forward that begins the process. Laugh, rather than berate self or others when little mistakes are made or steps are skipped in excitement. But pay attention to the larger critical voice, just make sure that it’s applied constructively and fairly.

Moon enters Virgo 1:33 AM, Moon square Mars 2:43 AM, Moon conjunct Mercury 3:44 PM, Moon square Saturn 8:02 PM, Moon conjunct Neptune 10:56 PM.

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