Starcodes horoscopes for July 24 – 30, 2009

Starcodes horoscopes for July 24 – 30, 2009

by Heather Roan Robbins

The month ends on a more up-beat, sociable if nervy, emotionally-connected mode as Venus forms a few intensifying aspects in sociable Gemini then enters cozy Cancer.

Venus, the heart-planet is now n a relatively upbeat, Gemini but receives strong trines from expansive Jupiter and whimsical, inserted Neptune, all in air signs. Our hearts have certain like airy but nervy quality with a short attention span.  Which allows us to take lighter even irreverent approach over serious issues, Even people who love us can crack jokes at our worked troubles, but this does mean they don’t care, is s a way to metabolize the situation, our feelings can multi-task with a problem, bit worry, laugh, twinkle, process and want to space out, all at the same time. We may feel like we hold the threads too many relationships in our hands at the same time. This does not mean we are necessarily unfaithful, though Venus and Mars in Gemini can bring out the flirt in anyone; we need to connect to and talk with, not necessarily touch, the diversity in our lives.

This Gemini energy can be accuses of being shallow, but that can be a misconception, though it can be used that way by those to whom that condition is normal. Gemini is strength is in building breadth, not depth, but that space of the endless stars, or of the internet wove around the world, or a well stacked library. It is up to us if we actually read the books, or get to know our global community. Gemini is the patron of networking. it runs filaments to all come.

This week as Venus in Gemini I receives  a supportive trine from Jupiter and Neptune and a challenge trine from Uranus,  our hearts are active, but will move through the moods quickly. The biggest danger of this aspect is that we in our simulated imagination, develop and imaginary crush up on someone, and leave some real and nurture love for an illusion. Or we over value an item place or person and make inappropriate changes because of it.  .. Consider a trip back home or towards people we consider family. Or deepen new connections so they begin to feel like family.

We can, instead, image our love life different, our artistic production different, be willing to experiment with new habit that will take us there. Or that we network connect with old friends and new, and further their life and ours, through job contacts, creative feedback, neighborhood improvement, and a flood of appreciations, partnership involves falling in love over and over gains with the same person, find a way to bring that in, create different toughed, bent between,, o, and do not take one another for granted, because the heart is too restless this week.

This aspect asks us to remember the spiritual aspects of Venus, love as a spiritual practice, to walk in beauty is to walk in harmony with all events, and all sentient begins. Instead of resisting or fighting, or abusing our surroundings, Venus asks us to dance with the weather, the ecosystem, the plants and animals, with the people in our life. Find the spirit in everything, the sweet spot in the middle, Buddha middle way.

As the weekend begins some people find wittiness so amusing that they are less than responsible for the effects of their casual comments. Words can heal or hurt with extra effort under a Virgo Moon and as Mercury challenges Pluto. But if we’ve been suffering from summer fluff, this can also give us a dose of hard work and healthy skepticism; sharpen our brains to make some tough decisions. We just need to use the critical edge wisely, and deepen thinking rather than just sharpen tongue.

IF we find ourselves in an edgy conversation, sandpaper more than swords, but still full of friction, it helps to stop seeing the problems with one another. Let’s make it a practice to not complain this week, and focus instead on the beauty around us, in our life, or as reflected n the people around us. If the y do only one thing right, shine on that one thing and help it grow as Venus in Gemini trines Jupiter, Neptune and chirom.

Sunday and Monday weave the world of art and connection; talk up the cashier at the store, take family out for an adventure, and love up a partner.  Dogs, gardens, coworkers, all sorts of relationships need attention, or will get restless under this romantic Libra Moon as a lovely Venus trines Jupiter and Neptune. A challenging Sun- Saturn aspect also talks about wheeling and dealing behind the scene around work, even if on vacation consider calling the office and checking in, use relationships as a way of keeping a finger on the pulse and involved in any ripening decisions.

Midweek a strong wind can twist our tails as the Moon enters broody Scorpio while Venus squares restless Uranus.  Our thinking is more creative but can be fuzzy, irrational, as logic flies out the window and propaganda or wishful thinking takes its place as Mercury opposes Neptune and Jupiter. Watch for accidents caused by floods, liquids, foggy weather conditions or missed signals. And keep the reins tight on any sudden desire to take off, to cut bait and leave some recently emotionally taxing situation.  While we could all use a break, and a few of us really are ready to launch an adventure, now is not a great time to run away with the circus to avoid the dishes or an ex., tempting as it may be.

Underneath this sunny week are slow tectonic plates shifting. Quite but important shifts if public opinion or political decision, weather systems, especially those over water.

Friday, Jul 24: edgy morning ego issues can make us cranky and faultfinding midday as the Virgo Moon squares mars, let‘s take care of ourselves instead. The afternoon can meander; we just don’t get things done the way we want. so have to forgive others when they don’t either. Tonight, talkative, but a strange formality or heaviness can keep it quiet, deep talks are useful.

Saturday, July 25: Moring look for joy in the chores, honestly, bond over farmers market or antiques, miss the practical with the lyrical. Business needs tending to early, afternoon is pointless, irritable if we try to do too much, greed for mild self improve or learning, an opportunity fix or heal. Evening is a little out of synch round dinner as the Moon opposes Uranus, but opens up into a sociable and funny late night. As the Moon enter friendly Libra.

Sunday, July 26: It’s all about the love as Venus trines Jupiter, Neptune and Chiron. We can heal and be healed by love, whether it is a spiritual love or a romantic one, love of our garden or of our soul mate. But if love is not going the way we want, instead of bitterness, we need to open up the aperture and love all sentient beings. Any collaboration or creative process is fed by this lovely aspect, Find something to love and shine. I enjoy the romantic glimmer if it is there, but do to project into the future. Stay in the present with one another for now.  Find an excuse, and throw a party tonight.

Monday, July 27: friendliness, forgiveness, and generosity, give to others and watch the karma multiply right back at you as Venus trines Chiron and Neptune, unrealistic, idealistic day. A day to believe. We can get lost in a nice fussy haze, or use it create, and to care. It is not a day when we want to deal with ugliness, with disharmony, or with pressure of any sort, let’s find the beauty in all we do.  A certain lassitude or laziness wafts in unless we are feeling inspires. May artistic but not financial decisions; reconsider goals and realign with purpose.  And flirt, lot of flirting.

Tuesday, July 28: the recent close has shifted our dynamics, and now we feel the changes erratic unconventional and rebellious attitudes we do not want to be confined and need to fine healthy ways to explore, feelings and weather systems can be unstable and volatile, if quickly blowing over, we may feel confused, of two minds. So clear options, and tug against any restraints.  The Moon enters moody Scorpio and squares the sum; people dig in their heels and sulk if yesterday’s dreams are today’s illusions.

Wednesday, July 29: calls us back to tend to business,  watch for sharp edges, and unspoken currents, jealousy or other resentment can pass if we respect enough to work around it rather than get caught in potential trap,  but don’t feed the fires.  Unless emotional winds blow too strong for us, better than usual concentration can help us deal with some impatient deadlines that summer may have lulled us away from. As the Scorpio moon sextiles Saturn.

Thursday, July 30 to speak or not to speak up, that is the question. Wise communications can be a problem as Mercury opposes Jupiter, Honesty gets obfuscated by opinion self esteem issues, Si if we can be humble about our assumptions, our power comes from our honesty, and from getting other talking until we really understand the changing circumstances. Midday intuitive information but it can be diluted by our personal illusions unless we look carefully. Our judgment is a bit off, watch the shopping sprees. Later, tend to car away contacts or travel plans, or information that takes us away, as the larger world beckons.

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