Starcodes horoscopes for July 23 – 29, 2010

Starcodes horoscopes for July 23 – 29, 2010

by Heather Roan Robbins

Ok, so we all make mistakes. And right now we may have our mistake-meter on full and can sniff them out for miles with both Venus and Mars in Virgo. But whether we use this power for good or evil is up to us.

It is a summer of little projects and big changes. Summertime hits its full creative and lazy stride this week as the Sun enters Leo, but both Venus and Mars in Virgo ask us to keep working, work on ourselves and on everyone around us. While this is great for home improvements, great for cleaning up terrible messes both ecological and political, it can wear on our soul.

Under this Virgoan influence we tend to process our relationships just for fun. We can do so productively if we stay focused on what helps, but need to watch the tendency to berate ourselves or others, or chew on a subject until it is threadbare. Our sense of humor can get ruthlessly witty, so watch for some spectacular verbal rants and witty erudite ripostes on the evening news.

With these two planets in Virgo our attention is brought to all the detail that need work, justas some major aspects ask us where we’re going and why. If we feel overwhelmed or at a loss as to where to start, it helps to just begin, one weed at a time, one sentence at a time, both to make an improvement and to keep our hands busy while we mull.It also helps to be kind; we need to reach down to the Virgoan gift of compassionate action if we want to grow from this cycle.

The weekend begins restless, ambitious easily discouraged as the Sun in Leo trines change-maker Uranus. Ideas are bantered about as to how we can change or deal with change. Sunday, and early next week events can get wild on the big screen although our own little lives may just get sleepy as Mercury opposes Neptune and fogs our critical thinking capacity but not our ability to be critical. We’ll need to check facts and use fiction creatively. Take seriously any questions of water quality, mold growth or toxicity; stay hydrated and watch out for drunk drivers.

This Mercury-Neptune aspect can fog our judgment just as we deal with some major aspects, so deal with anything urgent and mull over but postpone less urgent decisions. We may just need to rest and let the psyche adjust to the changes in progress rather than try to push them along.

As the week progresses the outerplanets recap this year’s major Saturn, Uranus and Pluto transits and issues. We’ll feel these most through the headlines and in our inner considerations; they may just pass us by or give us something to think about without producing any major personal events. Though we may notice any aches or problems in our bones and teeth, the foundations of our buildings, our education or other more symbolic foundations, and ask what we need to do to improve that situation.

Saturn returns to exactly oppose Uranus and Jupiter squares Pluto. Uranus and Saturn opposed each other for the first time this era-cycle on November 4, election day, 2008 and have been dancing opposed each other ever since. They now begin to pull out of their opposition to each other, but will take turns squaring Pluto, first Saturn and then Uranus, through the spring of 2015.  Together these three are creating a cultural revolution by deconstructing old patterns, shaking us out old ways of doing things, but the new systems will stay experimental and in evolution until these aspects settle down. We may feel minor quakes in our culture this week that challenge the status quo. Smaller changes are good; they can help us make big adjustments with fewer traumas.

Kindness helps, as does teamwork. We really are in this together. Although our hearts may be generally warm and friendly, where we feel friction or an easy temptation to demonize another it can help to think of this quote from Thich Nhat Hanh:”When we come into contact with the other person, our thoughts and actions should express our mind of compassion, even if that person says and does things that are not easy to accept. We practice in this way until we see clearly that our love is not contingent upon the other person being lovable.”

Friday,July 23: We have to watch where we whip our will-power around today. Determined and restless energy as the Capricorn Moon conjunctsPluto can help us out of a rut to produce positive change as the Sun trines Uranus, or we can just use this will power to jerk other’s chains just because we’re discontent. Direct this soul-itch towards constructive fundamental changes, weed, root, rebuild, and check foundations. Don’t push people around. Think big and real tonight, look for art that matters.

Saturday, July 24:This is a great home project or neighborhood cleanup day; we’ll rest better and get more romantic if we do something constructive together. Better to work on some third thing than on our relationships themselves, but we can talk tangentially about what we’d prefer. Generally positive midday, it we make it beautiful, the work is easier. Tonight we need permission to be aimless and prioritize connection; common goals are good conversation fodder.

Sunday, July 25: A potentially cranky morning opens up to an idealistic and creative day under the Full Moon in a Aquarius, it is one of the best times to gather with like minds and learn to mediate both between our need to be seen and our need to belong and be in community, and to mediate between our needs and theirs. We can see the big picture today but can be pretty dense close to home; we can have fun togetheranyway, just don’t ask anyone to get too personal.

Monday, July 26: Morning is spacy as Mercury opposes Neptune; rest where possible and watch out for sloppy weather, water damage orconfusingcircumstances.We have extra access to imagination today and may want to live big, so let’s find a way to dive into the dream, but if the factsmatter, we need to check then twice. Watch out for deceit hidden in philosophy. Don’t wait until the last minute for deadlines.

Tuesday, July 27: Tricky morning; people tend to talk at cross purpose or run off on a tangentand use a story to hide feelings as so much is moving below the surface.It may be a good story anyway, but watch it where accuracy matters.Our intuition is strong but so is a tendency to project our issues upon one another. It’s a good day to map out possibilitiesbut wait a while to figure out the practicalities as mercury opposes Chiron.

Wednesday, July 28:Don’t let the maudlin sentimental undertones distract from the real compassion underneath; we need that deeper honest feeling as the Moon enters Pisces. It is not a victory to catch another’s mistake, use kindness to untangle some earlier muddle instead.  Be gentle around a potentially awkward spot this morning as the Moon opposes Mercury, then keep agenda low and take care of the human resources the rest of the day.  If feeling vulnerable, take the risk to assume others are too and reach out.

Thursday, July 29: If we have the opportunity to just hang loose, this can be a restful day which helps us integrate recent changes.  Look for subtle adjustments, delicate arrangements. But watch for passive aggressive behavior or obfuscated intentions where trouble is already brewing whileMars quincunx Chiron. If some desire is temporarily thwarted, we need to assess whether to drop it and proceed elsewhere, or proceed with gentle persistence. The answer is not to give up or storm out.  Heart-softening this evening can open channels of communications.

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