Starcodes horoscopes for July 2 – 8, 2010

Starcodes horoscopes for July 2 – 8, 2010

by Heather Roan Robbins

A long weekend with fireworks are just what the astrologer ordered, we are so ready for a break. After the synapse-cooking and chapter-changing aspects of the last few weeks we need time to renew and integrate. We need our rest and recuperation but what that means will be different for each if us, and anything we do now to create more balance in our life will further.

Friday starts out softer and squishier, we may feel awash under a sensitive Pisces Moon, so let’s finish up loose ends and rest, it gets better soon. Even if we have to travel we can keep the vibe low key an interactions undemanding, let people begin to open and unwind. We may need to heal a problem caused by a gap in communications or a lack of supplies as Mercury challenges Chiron. The first step is to see whether this gap was an intentional effort to hide or ignore information or if it was accidental and needs to be forgiven. And then take steps to clear that pathway for the future.

Energy returns, and it won’t be just the fireworks that spark as the Moon enters individualistic Aries and conjuncts erratic Uranus and Jupiter for a wild, freedom-loving weekend. We will not be told what do. Neither will our dogs, kids, fuel pipes or allied countries. But we will cheerfully interact as equals.

It’s time to celebrate Independence Day. So let’s explore what independence means to us, and ponder what actually brings us our personal independence as well as our independence as a country. Think about what it takes to create freedom without squelching others, and with life-giving connections intact.

Freedom to one person may look like a trap to another, and we’ll all have strong, intense opinions on the subjects.  Freedom to one spouse may be finally having the time to work on the house, while to another it means kicking back at the lake. Do not schedule for one another, take turns where possible and give each other wandering time.

Under the Aries Moon it is a sparky weekend; we love our fire and need the sparklers and the grills. Protests at home an aboard erupt easily and unexpectedly. Keep fires containers and take extra care when handling explosives. Same with temperament and flirtations, every thing sparks; we can light some lovely fires, but let’s avoid accidental conflagrations.

Next week our brains don’t come back from holiday quickly as the Sun challenges Neptune.  The conditions slow down and become murky or sleepy for a few days. Electrical equipment may give us difficulties as industrious, eventful Uranus turns retrograde for the summer. Uranus retrograde can slow down the rate of transformation around us, which can at first be frustrating, but lets us deepen and manifest the work already on the table.

Some imminent metamorphosis may be put on hold, a change when thought we could believe in slows down we are sent back in to do the internal work first. Most of us will not abandon fossil fuels overnight, though we may want to, but we can take further steps.  Tectonic plates shift, but not where we think they will.

Over the next few weeks we may have to go back to an old chapter and remember lessons learned before; seek the new answers in the clues of the past. We may need to do some healing around our inner critical dialogue, the feeling that if we can’t to it perfectly, we don’t want to start. If that dialogue arises, we need to listen to that voice but not let it run the show. It will help to encourage one another for taking thoughtful risk, for having a beginners mind and starting afresh and without preconceptions or expectations.  Forgive co-workers their mistakes and encourage them to explore options rather than strive for performance as Mars in Virgo begins to conjunct Saturn and oppose Uranus. Sometimes the answer has been staring at us all along, but tension under pressure make it hard to see.

Our dreams may electrify this week as Uranus retrogrades, as if the lightening strikes our internal dream ocean. Most of these dreams will be more speculation and process than divining the future, but they can feel like we are dreaming someone else’s dreams, or dreaming the world soul.

Towards the end of the week we really just don’t know- even though we think we do- as Venus and Mercury challenge Neptune. It is easy to get carried away by our imagination and assume a relationship is better or worse than it really is, or to project our ideas upon them and really miss the boat.  If we admit we don’t know and acknowledge the mystery, we can open to a new understanding of anything or anyone we care about.

Friday, July 2: Watch for mistakes in the rush to meet pre-weekend deadlines. Don’t get insulted easily, as it’s too easy to misunderstand when some comment hits close to old scar tissue. Let’s confirm intentions before getting too upset, and use this to identify and remove an old psychic splinter as Mercury challenges Chiron. The energy level is low, in fits and bursts, sensitive and a bit self-conscious, but capable. Make it safe to unwind together tonight.

Saturday, July 3: Urgent need to get going with little agreement about where. The mood is outspoken, edgy, and intense; we need to instigate as the Aries Moon conjuncts Uranus and Jupiter. Don’t tell us what to do, set the challenge and let us find our own answer.  Spontaneity trumps this morning, some more unrgent demand requires mutual support this afternoon. Tonight we want to howl with the fireworks.

Sunday, July 4: Odd tensions arise as our personalities pull in opposite directions, let each of us have rambling time to listen to our soul this morning, and then coordinate efforts this afternoon. Agree on the goal but keep plans loose and control minimal.  Track sharp tools and stray sparks, and enjoy the wild eccentricity of humankind.

Monday, July 5: We may feel an urgent need to complete some short term project, but the more we push, the harder it is to complete, and errors in judgment increase. If so, slow down; move in meditation instead, even if the Moon is in restless Aries. Make the challenge to do it right the first time.  Question sudden changes in plans and make sure they are an improvement. Electrical apparatus acts up; don’t purchase new technology now as Uranus turns retrograde.  Tonight the Moon enters Taurus bringing a friendly melancholy and longing for familiar comforts.

Tuesday, July 6: Get to the bottom of the questions as the Moon trines Pluto. Dig roots, transplant, reorganize. Deal with fundamentals that nurture the crops we grow. Trust isn’t easy, grow it by remembering people matter more than things, and land more than money. Tiredness may be more in the soul than the bones tonight; our responsibilities weigh on us while the Moon challenges Saturn.

Wednesday, July 7: Embodied and active morning, we may feel unusually hungry but can choose how we feed the senses as the Taurus Moon trines Mars. Odd jealousies or longing interlace through relationships but can bring a moment to grow trust instead. Unsettle feelings and conditions can bring complications tonight, revel in the starlight but sort fact from feeling before reacting as the Moon squares Venus and Neptune.

Thursday, July 8: Lots of talk, lots of feelings, but it can be hard to get the two on the same wavelength, if asked what we feel; we’ll give more poetry than sense. Both Venus and Mercury challenge Neptune, which can leave us blinded with wishful thinking. Boredom with our usual problems makes us itchy; people tend to poke just for reaction and don’t know what they’re really saying. This can be a wildly creative day if we find an artistic outlet for our longings and keep it real with one another.

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