Starcodes horoscopes for July 16 – 22, 2010

Starcodes horoscopes for July 16 – 22, 2010

by Heather Roan Robbins

It’s a great week to kick back and watch the clouds or do gently improving exercises. Anyone in hurry or trying to make a clear point may get frustrated as mobile Mercury takes the brunt of a series of tough aspects.

Mercury in outgoing Leo encourages our conversation; we’ll happily talk over the back fence or wherever we run into one another, but will not be happy to be poked. It will be easier to keep conversations social and worldly and let each person share the fruits of their introspection gently and at their own rate.

This is because we may have a pretty active inner dialogue going that leaves us tender on the insides and easily defensive on the outside. The two emotional planets, Venus and Mars are now in ever-improving Virgo and nudge us to clean up our act and improve ourselves, our relationships, other important people in our lives, and the rest of the whole known world. Or at least think about what it would take to do so.

To avoid a prickly self-assessment we can focus on what others need to improve instead. Sometimes this doesn’t go over too well, because other people have their inner dialogue up and running, and may hear every suggestion as a criticism, so it’s best we save advice for when it is requested.

Sometimes we can get stuck at just the list of what needs fixing, get overwhelmed and just complain. But if we can take a gentle, self-responsible step-by-step approach and focus not on what we are doing wrong but what we (not what they) can do better, and celebrate each step in the right direction, we can really make progress.

Over the weekend Mercury forms minor challenging aspects to Saturn and Pluto and asks us to tackle something difficult. If we don’t, we can just get difficult instead. Mercury may nag us to clean up a mess, whether it is a pile of trash in the backyard or a major oil spill on the swamps. But let’s go lightly on any interpersonal messes, and treat them with loving kindness and not a pitchfork. If these Mercury aspects also draw our attention to our age or the wear and tear on our bodies or our possessions, it helps to laugh ruefully and look for the gift of time.

For the next few weeks it will help to keep the pace easy and steady. We are prone to feeling tired but will have the stamina to keep on going anyway as energizing Mars conjuncts restricting Saturn. This low but steady energy is not just insipient summer laziness; it’s a healthy reminder to choose carefully where we put our energy.

We may find ourselves resenting other people’s needs, which we can easily hear as demands, not because we are selfish, but because those moments show off our shortcomings or limitations.
But if we can make this our choice, not to feel drained by expectations, but to choose a balance between our needs and theirs, and not worry about responding perfectly, but instead do our best, this is a productively healing direction.

Early next week we may need more time alone because we’re feeling permeable. If so it will be important to ask for it cleanly and with honesty, or the mood gets murky fast. Resent

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