Starcodes horoscopes for July 14 – 20, 2017

Starcodes horoscopes for July 14 – 20, 2017

by Heather Roan Robbins

Friday starts off with a squishy mood under a sensitive Pisces Moon, but then kicks into a more exploratory, interesting if reactive, weekend as the Moon enters self-starting Aries on Friday evening. We need to rest up, drink water and not overheat as Mercury forms a challenging aspect to Neptune, leaving us fuzzy minded or easily sidetracked Friday morning.

Throughout the next few weeks let’s try to be extra kind to one another. The Sun is close enough to Mars leave everybody a bit bristly around the edges, crab claws come out easily if our tender undersides feel poked her, or our values with which we identify feel challenged. But this line-up also loans us bravery, gumption, and the energy to do what needs to be done (even if we feel tired) as well as the impulse to take unnecessary risks. It raises the testosterone vibe, for better or worse. This week both Sun and Mars are, paradoxically, active- but in inward-seeking Cancer, bringing out our defensive edge but also inspiring home-improvement projects and progress on our more intricate family work.

This more introverted energy is enlivened by Mercury, now in Leo, which encourages us to reach out to strangers or old friends and tell stories late into the night. If we are a politician, we may try to pass those stories off as truth, and do so with bombastic humor. It brings a warm-hearted, but vaguely oblivious streak, if we get what is going on with another person, our response can be generous, but it can be harder to automatically empathize.

On Monday, Taurus brings us back to our body but on some difficult aspects can stir the pot as Mars squares Uranus, and we can get really difficult about other people’s mistakes. Sparks fly, whether of human chemistry or in grass wildfires, so watch where they land. It furthers take on a productive challenge and get physically tired.

Romance needs extra attention this week though. Over the weekend we could bump up against one another with minor clashes of needs and opinions as Venus semi-squares Mars. We may want to be romantic but our timing can be a little off, or our energy distracted by an influx of people and experience. Relationships can feel scattered, as if we’ve got too many considerations in the crossfire to stay really connected, unless we consciously hold hands and glance at each other across the crowded room to share a private joke. Early in the week misunderstandings can easily interfere as Venus squares Neptune and Mars squares Uranus, but we can feel each other underneath the words. So, notice the chemistry and express through helpful romantic actions rather than try to talk it out.

A chance for emotional healing and more natural connectedness arises later in the week as Venus trines expansive and friendly Jupiter while Mercury trines serious Saturn. Just be aware that no one wants to be ignored. Just trust the love, expresses as much as possible and let your beloveds feel seen.

Friday, July 14: Cuddle and keep expectations low this morning, our brains just won’t want to work at peak efficiency while Mercury quincunx Neptune. Honor the need to rest. Also honor a need to get serious in response to some fleeting insecurity this afternoon as the Sun quincunx Saturn. The mood lightens as Mercury sextiles Jupiter towards happy hour, and the energy picks up as the Sun goes down and the Moon enters feisty Aries.

Mercury quincunx Neptune 12:19 AM, Moon trine Sun 3:26 AM, Moon square Saturn 4:08 AM, Moon trine Mars 11 AM, Sun quincunx Saturn 12:29 PM, Mercury sextile Jupiter 2:45 PM, Moon conjunct Chiron 3:39 PM Moon enters Aries 5:52 PM.

Saturday, July 15: It feels like a lot going on this morning, or at least that’s what we’d like. The desire for excitement and engagement, but that can leave us a little out of sync with one another as Mars squares semi-squares Venus, relationships can be taxed by tangential needs and differing rhythms unless we give each other a lot of room and last and share our unique perspectives. Look for diversity of experience dive into something fresh and new, stretch the soul. Notice a chance to connect with stranger or strange idea this afternoon and engage in commune late into the night as Mercury trine’s Venus.

Venus semi-square Mars 11:49 AM, Moon sextile Venus 3:40 PM, Moon opposed Jupiter 9:03 PM.

Sunday, July 16: Now for something completely different, or so we may hope as Venus semi-squares Uranus. Some haunting news or mood brings a more serious note midafternoon as Mercury quincunx Pluto, and may require a moment alone or a need to reach out, so check in on people who tend to isolate. After an afternoon of adjustments and edgy new experiences, the Moon enters more settled Taurus tonight and the need for comfort reasserts.

Mercury trine Venus 12:30 AM, Moon square Pluto 2:05 AM, Moon trine Saturn 9:50 AM, Moon square Sun 1:25 PM, Mercury quincunx Pluto 1:50 PM, Moon square Mars 7:11 PM, Venus semi-square Uranus 7:37 PM, Moon conjunct Uranus 8:18 PM, Moon enters Taurus 11:04 PM.

Monday, July 17: It furthers to be around water, to keep expectations low and dreamy, to ply our creative process in dreams together as Venus squares Neptune under the cuddly Taurus Moon in the morning. But later, when we’re good were very good, but when we get irascible, watch out as a difficult Mars-Uranus square amp up friction and brings technical complications that require engineering ingenuity. Keep the duct tape handy. Watch where the sparks fly, literally, notice fire hazards where it is dry and swamping where it’s wet.

Venus square Neptune 8:33 AM, Mars square Uranus 7:36 PM, Moon sextile Neptune 10:55 PM.

Tuesday, July 18: A day for emotional depth that produces healing as the Moon the Taurus Moon trines Pluto and lets us share from an unusually deeper level in a more even-keeled and concrete way while Venus trines Jupiter open our hearts. It also encourages us to spend money on artistic beauty, so watch the impulse buys. Take some breaks and laugh along the way, but use any opportunity to open the aperture of understanding.

Moon trine Pluto 5:30 AM, Mars trine Chiron 7:22 AM, Moon square Mercury 10 AM, Venus trine Jupiter 2:08 PM Moon sextile Sun 7:55 PM.

Wednesday, July 19: Conversation continues as the Moon enters talkative Gemini while Mercury forms a grounded and sane trying to Saturn. We’ll talk more about logistics and less about our feelings today, but can write and communicate with unusual ease- once we get going. We just need to remember our goals and clarify our point.

Moon enters Gemini 1:31 AM, Mercury trine Saturn 1:15 PM.

Thursday, July 20: Keep talking; good communication helps with a nervy static as the Sun squares electrical Uranus under a talkative Gemini Moon. We may be confronted with information which challenge our status quo or find that supposed facts have been misapplied to justify an opinion. To keep honest with ourselves, we can keep lines of communication open and consciously make an effort to understand where the other is coming from. Be careful of tender hearts this evening as Venus quincunx Pluto, eschew any emotional power trips, and put compassion first.

Moon square Neptune 12:18 AM, Moon trine Jupiter 2:54 AM, Moon conjunct Venus 5:38 AM, Mars enters Leo 6:19 AM, Moon opposed Saturn 1:32 PM, Moon sextile Mercury 4:03 PM, Venus quincunx Pluto 6:19 PM, Sun square Uranus 6:25 PM, Moon sextile Uranus 11:40 PM.

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