Starcodes horoscopes for July 10 – 16, 2009

Starcodes horoscopes for July 10 – 16, 2009

by Heather Roan Robbins

We may need to face our dreams, face what’s next after a dream is fulfilled, or face a reality we’ve been avoiding as Jupiter, Chiron, and Neptune conjunct this week. This aspect started in April and will continue through the fall, and so we have a lot of opportunities to revamp our dreams for the future. But as this aspect peaks this week as it becomes exact, pay attention to any unusual adjustment of a personal vision statement or hopes.

This long three-way conjunction has a whole spectrum of expressions; the more we know, the more we can avoid the worse and invoke the best. Jupiter the largest planet in the solar system by far, contain in more bulk that all the other planets combined.  Its transits speaks of the need for freedom, and the freedom to be abundance, it magnifies whatever it touches; it’s challenge can be excess of something we do want, or an abundance of something we don’t.  Neptune symbolizes dreams, visions, and ideals on a good day. Its practical form is water, liquids, and oils; anything that flows. Escapism, martyrdom, addiction are its challenging edge. And the asteroid Chiron symbolizes the archetype of the wounded healer.

So the eight months of this conjunction will tend to be wet and watery, which can both heal a parched landscape and over-flow into floods.  Our working conditions can feel foggy or uncertain as old ways dissolving and new ones are not quite formed. The Neptunian vision of Jupiterian freedom is strong and glowing around the globe under this transit, which may precipitate a potential healing crisis in countries where that vision is not loved by the governments now in power. People who have trouble with addictions or deal with poisoning or allergies may feel extra sensitive or permeable, and some look for freedom in substances of illusion under this transit.

We may be tempted to escape from our daily problems by fixating on a public story or mythology. And may need to look beyond our old dreams for new and fresh visions, either because we have finally accomplished the first set, or because we are waking up to a new reality that calls for a fresh goal.

Through the middle of July, if we’re willing to peer beyond our hopes and our fears, beyond what we want and are afraid of, we have unusual access to our intuition. This can also lure us into deeper waters on any escapist or addictive habits, even if our addiction is something mild, like fantasy books or sports. Or take us into a spiritual or artistic retreat, because this aspect speaks of a need for magic, a call into our inner worlds.

Mars enters Gemini this weekend and helps us be more in the moment, even diffuse and release old frustrations. We may battle more our wits over the next few weeks, it but it will be quick -witted fencing versus deep seated Machiavellian plots. The one thing than can make us angry will be to feel shut out of the information loop. Mars in Gemini is generally flirtatious and friendly; it encourages quick, easy, if potentially short-lived, friendships and dalliances.

We may find it easier to talk in emails or facebook quips, even to those we love, but keep them talking and there’s always hope. Conversation can take on a staccato pattern, and getting clear sequential direction out of someone can be a feat. We can actually get more accomplished if we approach our subject tangentially; touch on it, take a break, circle around and come back to it.

Friday, July 10 wake up and deal with early urgencies as Mercury semi-squares Mars, the sooner the better, the rest of the day can live a dream, we can space out completely, or collect together for a shared dream as the Aquarius Moon conjuncts Jupiter and Neptune.  One thing no one will respond well to is confrontation; it hurts and only sets our heels in.

Saturday, July 11 emotions slosh about, both maudlin, cry at a movie type, and real feeling that may not be as easily shown as a sensitive Pisces Moon sets the tone. Luckily, it also gets easier to express our feelings, as well as distract ourselves, as motivating Mars enters talkative Gemini. Communications are key; keep them talking and there will be hope. Socially awkward midday needs kindness, but evening is creatively sane. Friendly conversation can lead to important filaments for the future as Mercury sextiles Saturn.

Sunday, July 12 conversation can take on a staccato mind pattern, getting clear sequential direction out of someone is a feat. We actually get more accomplished if we approach our subject tangentially; touch on it, take a break, circle around and come back to it. Afternoon is serendipitous. Tonight has a strangely karmic twist, through old or new connections, or through important decisions.

Monday, July 13 sharpens edges. Willful independence can complicate the situation; people who were agreeable yesterday now make independent decisions. Our inner voice speaks up and needs to be heard without compromise as the Sun conjunct Mercury under an Aries Moon, and as willful Mars quincunxes Pluto. Mars moves, like defensive indignations or impatient boundary crossings, can start an unpleasant chain of reaction, so be self-honest with feelings, but be thoughtful about where and how they are expressed.

Tuesday, July 14 nerves crinkle and temper is easily-irritated but with shallow roots if we don’t toast someone in the meantime.  We tend to be willful but still communicative, though patience can be tested as a series of mishaps midday. An inner imperative can push us to something that feels personally urgent but doesn’t make sense to others, so don’t get in the way of people on a mission.  It can be tough to get cooperation, but most people mean well if not cornered or snapped at. If we feel trapped by some facet of our lives tonight, consider it an illusion and reconsider it tomorrow.

Wednesday, July 15 morning’s impatience can be the mother of afternoon’s invention; brainstorm great ideas and make them happen rather than get caught in a vortex of misunderstanding as Mercury challenges Jupiter and Neptune.  Directions or instructions seem to fuzz out; confirm first.  Later, make it a hands-on experience; creativity can find form as the Moon sextiles the Jupiter Neptune conjunction and enters Taurus. The evening is cuddly if we bring our mind to it; our senses follow our ideas, and so use words to bring attention where it’s wanted.

Thursday, July 16, although a comfortable Taurus Moon encourages us to settle in to the familiar,  an unusually experimental attitude loosens our roots and  make us curious, even anxious, if we feel stuck, as Mercury trines ingenious Uranus. We can get the itch to investigate and poke about in unfamiliar territory, but need to keep it personal and avoid the temptation to tell others how to change their life without invitation. We may feel the need to express our differences or explore a fresh opinion. Let’s not just talk about it, but also do something about it; change our habits, touch our world.

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