Starcodes Horoscopes for July 1 – 7, 2011

Starcodes Horoscopes for July 1 – 7, 2011

by Heather Roan Robbins

This weekend has some lovely moments but on our single excahves and our camaraderie, but underneath we may feel old or discouraged, or just realize how much work we have to do to cope or achieve a goal as the Sun squares Saturn and Venus enters Cancer. And squares Uranus, opposing Saturn and squaring Pluto, and the years big changes come home to roost, and we see how the big changes impact us in a personal way. .

Play it close to home this weekend, it renews to indulge in the best of the familiar habits, and feel nurtures by familiar people, comfort foods and friendly circumstances… we are ready to meet new people tangentially, through friends, or whilst the corner store picking up picnic supplies, or while fighting the same fire together.  , but need an excuse to interact. Friday needs clearing up and adjustments, some as we deal with a new understanding as to what needs to go and what can arrive. , though the situation is temporary and the conditions changeable. We need care compare and to work together to deal with what is on our plate and rest up for the holiday weekend ahead. Saturday feels far more festive and adventurous; a break from recent challenges is so needed.

Some emotional needs or unmet places can tweak us but it can be hard to ask directly and tempting to act out, why be vulnerable when we can be a drama queen? But it is not nearly as effects as staying honest…  Sibling rivalry and the community versions of it are strong.  Something about the challenges we face may bring up old family dynamics but we don’t have to get stuck in old patterns, and be there for one another like the best of family instead.

Over the weekend, our friends, family community needs our attention; rest and renewal need to balance with responsibilities. home and homelessness our story of what is home is changing, Early next week we let go of the busy network and recount with the muse, a creative approach furthers, towards the end of thaw eaten we can get a lot accomplished were we have worked dote our ambiguities and dropped the rules and listened to inspires and authentic response as Mars trines Saturn and Jupiter trines Pluto. We learn from close calls.

Friday, July 1: a moody lunar eclipse in Cancer this morning can bring up everywhere we feel tender vulnerable and want to guard ourselves. Crankiness won’t make us safer or more comparable, but we can prioritize actions that will.  This morning, doing necessary work will help us move out of a puddle of feeling and move into our more competent self. Let’s keep expectations low help one another figure out how to integrate recent lessons and adjustments today, and let them return to themselves tonight. Prioritize kindness and comfort tonight, personal rituals and routines feel good.

Saturday, July 2:  The moon in can feel sad, judgment nips at us, Tradition and routines help, we may not we babble to be as frivolous as we’d like, and might as well deal with the duty visits or household chores. If our comfort quotient is filled we grow more sociable as the day progresses under a Leo Moon, but can feel some serious issues cramping our style and leaving us feeling out of control and with  tough decisions as the Sun square Saturn.  But that can let us prove us to be up to the challenge. Compassionate action opens our heart.

Sunday July 3: the mood can start out serous or subdued and grow more lighthearted and grateful as it progresses. Restrictions chafe at us and ask us to be grown up rather than old. It works if we can take turns giving attention and not have to compete. Me may need rest more than we know, honor obligations without overextending.   Later, we need to lean over the back fence and kibitz or run into people who share a common situation and process.


Monday, July 4: it’s all about the home, family, and safety or lack thereof as Venus enters cancer, trines Neptune and squares Uranus. We have an excitable and emotionally touchy response to events over the next few days, and have to watch extreme rezones. Repo or against, feel torn between comfort foods and mixing it up= and need to be light on our feet and ready to respond to circumstances.  It is hard for seem to settle into intimate interactions, as thief they both want intimacy and are too respect to settle.  Afternoon is lazy, restless, dispraised, after evening can be more serious in a good way, coma to the self and prepare for a busy week ahead.

Tuesday, July 5: What do we believe in? we are asked to act to take care of or nurture what we believe in, do some back ground work on it and make this a healing time, and not get passive nor focused on what’s worn or who to blame.,  get inspired as Venus continues to trine Neptune and square Uranus under a Virgo Moon.  Take advantage of a powerful moment to tell the story this afternoon as the Moon trines Jupiter and Pluto, and let people retreat to their r private comers if they get cranky tonight as the Moon squares Mars.

Wednesday, July 6: low key day that lets us get work done, young energy can work with older experience,  will fullness works with training as mars trines Saturn. Bond with an elder, work things out unseeing a sports metaphor. Apply for a job or offer to help. Nervous energy dissipates when progress has been made.

Thursday, July 7: relationships need attention, take a kind hearted inventory and assess what we do under stress, what we do to be fair and create an equal flow with others in love and work and how we can better balance our needs with others. Think fairness, get the ego and defense out of the way, handle confusing circumstances midday with less impatience and more grace, change the circumstances don’t try to change the people as Venus squares Uranus. Run with the unconventional and creative approach tonight.

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