Starcodes horoscopes for January 9 – 15, 2009

Starcodes horoscopes for January 9 – 15, 2009

by Heather Roan Robbins

This is a complicated week, active and moody.  Some saga that began at the end of December when Mars conjuncts Pluto, now deepens; even if the surprise is over, we feel it’s ramifications while Mars slowly separates from a conjunction to Pluto in Capricorn. This saga, and other components of our life, complicates as Mercury retrogrades over the weekend, and sends us back into the past for memories or information.  Whether we’re reviewing the last presidency, mired in a return to the Mid-east conflicts, or in some more personal review we may find ourselves back at a familiar conundrum with fresh complications. But we can distil new wisdom from the past and so do it differently this time.

Mars conjunct Pluto in Capricorn is willful and determined, if a bit grim; it helps us take things seriously and keeps our efforts focused though we can get pushy and managerial. It is a highly executive, competent placement, it makes it all too easy to respond to a stressful situation by taking command and telling people what to do (or setting off rocket-launchers) but we need to ask is this a real answer, or just a way to manage anxiety. No one wants to be told what to do. Venus in sensitive Pisces is potentially more hopeful and politically astute, but also leaves sometimes painfully sensitive. We have great sympathy for victims, but can too easily drop into victim mode ourselves.

We see this sensitivity with determination in our sympathy for people under the heel of the economic crunch, or catching the brunt of a military offensive, or we may need to deal with a personal crunch concerning health, job, or romantic life at this low energy time of the year. But we can also feel a heart-warming determination in a hopeful presidential inauguration or new economic approach.  Mars in Capricorn can help us strategize and though it doesn’t have a great sense of humor, it helps us endure as long as we feel we can make progress. But Mars in Capricorn can lead to depression if we feel hopeless. Any sign of improvement, growth, or plans to create that growth, allow us to carry forward.

Mercury, arbiter of communications and movement, in open-minded Aquarius reminds us that what happens to our community happens to us all; it gives us a personal stake in collective improvement, even if we’re otherwise feeling stingy. But as Mercury retrogrades this weekend, not only does it bring our mind to the past for review, it complicates our life.  Things just don’t seem to move forward easily, and all communications need extra follow through.

As the weekend begins an innovative Sun-Uranus sextile encourages innovation and sharpens questions. Let’s get current with paperwork and lay out plans for the next few weeks though we’ll need to stay flexible and improvise around last-minute snafus.  Over the weekend, a domestic, defensive Full Moon in Cancer can bring our emotions to high tide just as communications strain as Mercury retrogrades, be wary of any sudden personal decisions and think it through carefully.

As the weekend begins, an innovative Sun-Uranus sextile encourages our innovation and sharpens our questions. Get up to date on paper work and make sure the plans of the next few weeks are laid out; it’s easier to work with plans already made though we’ll need flexibility to improvise around last-minute snafus.  Over the weekend a domestic, defensive Full Moon in Cancer can bring our emotions to high tide just as Mercury retrogrades and strains our communications. We are called to take on more responsibility or grow up a notch as the Sun trines Saturn on Sunday, but be wary of any sudden personal decisions. Find a safe corner to think the process through carefully.  Take care of one another first and foremost; stay cozy, let the feelings flow through and do what it takes to stay centered. Good food always helps under a Cancer Moon.

As the week begins, egos are touchy and our communications are strained, it helps just to smile and go about our work, and not really get caught up in personal drama at this time. Let’s give ourselves extra time in the schedule, because delays are likely. Midweek, don’t take nitpicking personally; there are a lot of adjustments that need to be made because circumstances have changes, and not because anyone screwed up. Keep eyes open for new factors and changing environs, notice weather, moods, road closures, schedule and funding adjustments, and fresh opportunity; stay light on the feet and dance with the winds.

Friday, Jan 9 an eccentric morning with self-protective moment midday as the Cancer Moon opposes Pluto. The day bunny-hops forward and backwards, the vibe is both innovative and insecure, and a tension grows between what we need to do, and what we feel like doing as the Moon waxes full. Family dynamics complicate. Notice inventive and unusual ideas to solve familiar problems, but also ingenious defenses where we feel cornered. Tonight, think flannel; familiar comforts or personal reassurances, watch for contrary edginess later as the Moon opposes Mars.

Saturday, Jan 10 hold still and listen to the soul; communication occurs more in our hearts and actions than in our words under the Full Cancer Moon. Intense and difficult defensive maneuvers in war zones, don’t let home be one of them. Some will need to bustle about and make improvement, others to hide under the blankets with a good book; let each find their own rhythm. Any emotional backlog needs to be washed through, though some is out of place; if others seem to project blame, let it slide off like water on a duck’s back and read the doubts underneath.  Think safe and cozy tonight.

Sunday, Jan 11 rest and hold still this morning as Mercury turns retrograde, if we try to rush, we’ll feel like we’re spinning our wheels on ice. Misunderstandings with ego involvement are the landmine as the Moon enters Leo. What is said may not actually happen; it’s best if discussions lead to understanding but not aim for conclusions. Midday offers patience and wisdom distilled from the past as the Sun trines Saturn.

Monday, Jan 12 don’t even try to be efficient this morning, success today means keeping relations warm and putting one foot in front of another. Avoid the temptation to get cranky or selfish, instead sympathize and bond as we cope with small obstacles together while the Moon makes a series of tough aspects. Confusion and uncertainty thickens tonight as the Moon opposes Neptune, enjoy the fog wherever possible.

Tuesday, Jan 13 a strong astral pressure to get competent runs into competing delay-causing entropy and can make us irritable. If one forgives imperfections and prioritizes healing relationships rather than efficiency, more actually gets done as the Virgo Moon trines Pluto and opposes Venus. Give up faultfinding and blame-dishing; find the root of an old problem and fix it. De-stress tonight.

Wednesday, Jan 14 narrowed thinking can limit our options as Mercury semi-squares Saturn. Adjustments need to be made, but not because the original plan was wrong. Attention to detail and follow-through is essential, but nitpicking or faultfinding is just an excuse to manipulate an outcome or as a defense against change. We don’t have to go there; we can listen, consider, and hold to our own center instead. Nerves tighten tonight and can sharpen tongue or increase accidents as the Moon opposes Uranus; when in doubt, be still and listen.

Thursday, Jan 15 we’re working through some tough stuff as the Moon conjuncts Saturn. Organize and the progress will follow, though slowly. Ask what others can do, don’t order them and therefore be disappointed. Relations soften and get more co-operative if we speak with warmth and respect midday while the Moon enters Libra. Some haunting emotional issues turn our thoughts inwards as the Moon squares Pluto mid-afternoon, but enthusiasm returns tonight as the Moon trines Jupiter.

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