Starcodes horoscopes for January 7 – 13, 2011

Starcodes horoscopes for January 7 – 13, 2011

by Heather Roan Robbins

Make it so. Get ready to kick into high gear this week and follow through on those New Year’s resolutions. The mood is actively competent with the Sun, Mars and Pluto in determined Capricorn, as well as exploratory with thoughtful Mercury square restless Uranus and expansive Jupiter. We’re just itching for a change.

Outside the box is an understatement, our minds want to leap where they have not gone before. It pays to come to a meeting with fresh ideas; if they don’t work, at least they’ll clarify the decision and open possibilities. People will be opinionated but curious; give them three items to reject to get the fourth one passed.

Mercury Square Uranus can bring unsettling or exciting news or leave us buzzing with low level anxiety or high-level curiosity. It also stimulates a change in mind, so we can expect some previous decisions to be reversed, and this could make the first few weeks of the new governmental session frustrating. Whether this is a good thing or not depends on how we felt about that decision in the first place. But this energy is so much more creative if we use it to explore off the beaten track instead rehash work that has already been done.

With this unsettled, competent energy the next few weeks can feel depressing if we don’t have a plan or goal, but can be really successful if we do, and if we stay flexible about the process. If we’re not sure what to do with this pushy energy, it helps to tackle one small problem, like a closet, and feel that sense of accomplishment Capricorn just loves. Then tackle the rest of the work as one small challenge at a time.

To help us with all this hard work we can feel a new mischief and camaraderie as Venus enters cheerful Sagittarius today. Enough with holiday intimacy, Venus in Sagittarius brings an itch to meet new people, especially ones with a foreign accent or unusual interests. For the past few months Venus has been working our deepest emotional issues as she walked through Scorpio, some heavy relationship, creativity or self-worth concerns may have weighed us down, processing well on the deeper levels but opaque and too complicated to unknot. Now we can feel a lightening of that load and maybe even a light at the end of the tunnel.

Over the weekend the vibe is pragmatic with touchy and sensitive undertones under a Pisces Moon. Early next week, don’t let sharp-edged impatience strain relationships. Speak up; open communication is essential as the Moon enters Aries and Venus semi-squares Saturn. New projects require follow-through. Our control issues may be up and running, but let’s not try to control one another as the Sun squares Saturn.

Mid-week we get dealt a wild card, but we don’t need to overreact as Mars sextiles electrical Uranus. This is an energized, alive and competent time, but conflicting opinions can log-jam our progress unless we expand our sense of the possible and let everyone have their say.

Friday, Jan 7: It’s hard to keep our nose to the grindstone even though the work pressure increases. Our strong urge to wander distracts us but may be curtailed by responsibilities early as Venus enters cheerful Sagittarius while the Sun squares dour Saturn. Obstacles melt faster if we meet them head on rather than try to duck out. We hear “no” more than “yes until the afternoon. Signals cross, it works better to follow intuition instead of logic but we need to sift out wishful thinking this afternoon as the Moon conjuncts Neptune then heads into Pisces. Night has a sweet vibe, but expectations can conflict; we want to feel our sensitivities are accepted or else we prickle.

Saturday, Jan 8: Feelings are a deep current today, but rather than talk about it we may want to wander and putter, our souls work through more if our feet are moving. Just let the soul unwind,  hearts need to catch up with a backlog of processing that got swept away by last week’s business. Breathe through a prickly patch midafternoon as the Moon challenges Mars, rest if cranky. Intimate feelings by may be out of synchronization, be spacious rather than demanding.

Sunday, Jan 9: Morning can be sensitive, intuitive and shy as the Pisces Moon makes some sweet aspects. We may need time inside our shells and listening to our muse; let us unfold rather than haul us out into the world. Afternoon is friendly, but the mood grows more distant if we get self-absorbed, distracted by concerns and practicalities. We may need to share this burden or need a hug. Do not load up difficulties upon one another; support one another instead.

Monday, Jan 10: Don’t push too hard, but do be persistent. If we get an agreement today, let’s get it in writing. It is an intuitive, perceptive and relatively agreeable day but minds change easily later tonight and the next few days have a belligerent streak. We can get difficult around dinnertime if our feelings are tweaked by an apparent lack of consideration, but may not notice the toes we step on ourselves. Tonight brings a strong urge to be free or escape, but we can find a creative way to channel the flight. Think expansively not erratically.

Tuesday, Jan 11: It’s easy to slide off center this morning; our first reaction may not be the wisest under a reactive Aries Moon. It’s hard to take help, hard to need people, and we can shoot ourselves in the foot to avoid doing so as Mars sextiles Uranus. We need to do something differently, and some will be contrary just to exert control, but let’s make our efforts matter. Ingenious improvisation abounds but we hate repetitive action. Staccato communications, brusque responses, electrical interference are normal, not personal. Energy burst during the day can leave us worn out at night, so don’t talk about tender things now. Have the sense to rest when tired.

Wednesday, Jan 12: Morning has sharp edges as people jostle for control or for the lead. Take the business down to a new level as and Mercury enters Capricorn. It’s easier to get angry than to take the responsibility, build collaboration, and actually make an improvement, but that’s how things get done. If new training or new information is needed to achieve the goal, get it. Do not be pushed around or get pushy, do plant feet firmly and move forward step at a time. Evening feels more pragmatic and comfort-seeking as the Moon enters earthy Taurus.  

Thursday, Jan 13: Don’t get scattered, keep it simple and clean this morning, one thing at a time as the Taurus Moon makes some challenging aspects. If tension arises mid-morning—look for a misunderstanding or a competitive edge. Too much information this afternoon, it is important to get the word out as Jupiter and Mercury squares, but keep the message clear, and do not overwhelm. Although it may feel like people are stalling, we may need to chew over the information at hand before proceeding. Tonight, to laugh about our frustrations helps them compost and dissolve. .

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