Starcodes horoscopes for January 6 – 12, 2017

Starcodes horoscopes for January 6 – 12, 2017

by Heather Roan Robbins

This is a week of adjustments, and the real beginning to the work of 2017. Hang in there. Hold one another’s hand walking across the ice. Find the still center in the spinning wheel, the calm in the storm. Feel the slippery, stormy edges, and move with safety. Invoke the serenity prayer: change what needs to be changed, accept what cannot be changed, and pray for the wisdom to know the difference as the Sun conjunct powerful Pluto and squares ingenious, change-producing Uranus. All while Mercury turns direct after three weeks retrograde.

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We have a lot to do and deal with, and may not feel like doing so. Our imagination wants to drift and emotions occasionally well up, leaving us feeling flooded and uncertain, sometimes easily overwhelmed with Venus and Mars now both in Pisces. Our minds are brought back to what we sulk over, grieve, and growl about as the Sun conjuncts Pluto and Mercury turns direct. Next week takes our mind back out the other side and asks how can we feel empowered again, and where can we find new inspiration.

Friday, a feisty Aries Moon can make us irritable if we hurt, but also push us out of our nest.

Mercury appears to slow down this week and stations on Sunday, and prepares to turn direct- though it may take until the end of the week before we really feel the flow improve. Mercury retrograde problems may get worse before they get better this weekend, sprinkled with delays, disasters, crazy thoughts. We begin to see what people have been brooding upon. Throughout the weekend, if tension looms, let’s listen to the feelings underneath, the real cause of the disturbance in the force.

To ease this tension, reach for the comforts of this weekend’s Taurus Moon and get comfortable and grounded. On Sunday, as Mercury turns direct after three weeks retrograde, so the flow of thoughts and actions improves, but we may have to adjust all the plans we’ve made and could make some outrageous statements in the process.

Mercury begins to straighten out problems early next week, aided by a Moon in Gemini helps us communicate, catch up, multi task and reconnect. We’ll need to fine tune our recent plans, make changes and adjust as the Venus semi-squares Uranus. We may have to let go of a plan we’d really been counting upon and start over, but can begin to see the way forward by the end of the week.

We get an infusion of determination midweek as militant Mars sextiles Pluto, which both gives us the energy to start 2017 for real this time, but can also rattle some spears. Some people respond unnecessary hawkish comments in response to fears, like a small terrier barking at the pit bull, with Mars in sensitive Pisces.

Venus conjuncts Neptune on Thursday and brings in a dreamlike quality, but whether those dreams are good ones is up to us. Let’s choose our dreams with hope and passion.

Friday, January 6: Impatient speed can both break us out of a rut, and nudge a slip on the ice as the Aries Moon trines Mercury. Temper flares possible. Shift to slow and steady midday as the Moon enters Taurus. Some problem comes to a head, and we look at life and death. We can imagine disasters as the Sun conjuncts Pluto, though most of us won’t need to experience them, but the image encourages us to honor our highest priorities.

Moon trine Mercury 11:41 AM, Moon enters Taurus 1:17 PM, Moon sextiles Venus 8:07 PM, Sun conjunct Pluto 11:44 PM.

Saturday, January 7: Our souls long for purpose and direct, just as everything is holding still, or swirling in place. Questions of power haunt headlines. Souls long for purpose and direction, but everything may feel like it’s swirling in place. Turn discouragement into determination laced with patience. Be gently honest and build trust first and foremost.

Moon sextile Neptune 5:55 AM, Moon sextile Mars 1:56 PM, Moon trine Pluto 6:02 PM, Moon   trine Sun 7:22 PM.

Sunday, January 8: Feel the energy and mood shift today as Mercury turns direct in the early morning hours and the Moon enters verbal Gemini this afternoon. Though we may still feel like we’re spinning in place, what has been stuck begins to become unstuck which means we clean up to do. What has been hidden becomes visible, lost keys surface, plots are revealed, misunderstandings begin to untangle. Keep the lines of communication open this evening and talk it all out. Hold major decisions for a few more days but let the conversation begin.

Mercury stations direct 2:42 AM, Moon enters Gemini 3:06 PM.

Monday, January 9: Think of this as the first work day of the new year. We have arrived in 2017 and are ready to look ahead. Though this may not put us in the best of moods as the Moon   squares Venus, Neptune, and Mars. Feel the friction, let it motivate action, and press on to a new conclusion. We may get a tough wake-up call as a fog of illusion dissipates, now can get to work.

Moon square Venus 1:29 AM, Moon square Neptune 7:15 AM, Moon square Mars 5:39 PM.

Tuesday, January 10: Changes keep on coming, be ready to modify the plans made over the last few weeks as the Sun squares Uranus. The world can feel edgy and prickly, which, towards the end of the day leaves people feeling self-protective and emotional as the Moon enters cancer. This is a day for the serenity prayer, change what needs to be changed, except what cannot be changed, and look for the wisdom to know the difference.

Moon sextile Uranus 12:36 AM, Moon trine Jupiter 2:52 AM, Moon opposed Saturn 3:31 AM, Sun square Uranus 9:21 AM, Moon opposed Mercury 2:38 PM, Moon enters Cancer 3:48 PM.

Wednesday, January 11: The mood is sensitive and yet willful; although we may feel easily flooded by our emotions, we can hit a groove on practical matters as motivating Mars sextiles Pluto and the Sun squares Jupiter. Be aware of power dynamics, work to empower, not established power over others, and sidestep other people’s manipulative efforts. People may need emotional reassurance, but can also, with a little bit of encouragement, cooperate towards a creative goal.

Mars sextile Pluto 10:14 AM, Moon trine Venus 5:51 AM, Moon trine Neptune 8:05 AM, Moon opposed Pluto 8:05 PM, Moon square Mars 9:07 PM, Sun square Jupiter 9:42 PM.

Thursday, January 12: Emotions hit high tide as under the full Moon in Cancer, we can vision and imagine as Venus conjuncts Neptune in Pisces, but our practical mind starts kneeling down the third details and logistics as Mercury enters Capricorn. We can rest from our feelings by tending practical matters. Start putting logs on the fire and take practical steps towards a goal, people will get can get anxious if they feel out of control, will relax when they know what is being handled and what is left to work upon. We express ourselves more comfortably tonight as the Moon enters Leo, but may dive into melodrama in order to express our sensitivities.

Moon square Uranus 1:33 AM, Moon square Jupiter 4:07 AM, Moon opposed Sun 4:33 AM, Mercury enters Capricorn 7:03 AM, Venus conjunct Neptune to 50 3 PM, Moon enters Leo 5:07 PM.

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