Starcodes horoscopes for January 5 – 11, 2018

Starcodes horoscopes for January 5 – 11, 2018

by Heather Roan Robbins

Let’s hope we’re rested from winter holidays because this could be an eventful week. It’s time to get down to work, because the next few weeks bring real opportunity to initiate a change. This week it will further for us to stay focused, on track, clear of our priorities and able to keep our moods stable.

Now that may not be easy because there’s a strong emotional torque pulling on us, but if we can harness that energy, we can go far. Let’s clarify our resolutions as well as our work plans and throw ourselves into a project that utilizes both our muscles and our focus. But if we can’t direct that torque, or we get swept the up in world events or local storms, that emotional force can really roll us through the snow.

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Three sets of intense emotional patterns will drive this torque. The most urgent demand is felt from Jupiter and Mars conjunct in Scorpio, visible in the east in the early morning sky. Jupiter magnifies Mars, and Mars symbolizes our motivation, vitality, anger and reaction time. We’ve been feeling this aspect for the last few weeks, though it peaks this weekend. On the positive side it can be a heroic aspect which brings confidence energy, healthy competitive urges and a spirit of enterprise. It gives a muscularity and competition to our work. It can start a crusade.

This aspect also runs concurrently with a flareup of domestic violence and robust storms. As it intensifies our most primal emotions, it acts like a fuel base that just lies there when there’s no spark, but powers any combustion once we ignite, whether it’s positive motivation or something more explosive.

The second aspect enriching this week is a three-way conjunction between the Sun, Venus, and Pluto in Capricorn, an aspect that also has been affecting us as it grows in intensity over the last few weeks. It becomes exact on Tuesday. We can feel a swelling of emotions or awareness of loss and be able to pour this feeling into constructive and creative action. Or we can just get depressed if we don’t have a place to go with it. We may see an event that activates our introspection, but whether an event, memories, or existential musing, something brings our hearts to what really matters in the face of life, death and questions of empowerment.

With this muscularity and emotional prioritization comes a willingness to create change and implement those New Year’s resolutions as Mercury first trines change-making Uranus on Saturday, then enters industrious Capricorn and approaches a conjunction with Saturn towards the end of the week. This Mercury encourages us to make a plan and follow it through. Our sense of humor may get thin by the end of the week, but our concentration can increase.

Friday works under a busy Virgo Moon; we can analyze our situation and see what needs to be done. Competent if potentially accident-prone or explosive energy can propel us through the weekend and needs to be directed carefully. Bombogenesis could be more than a weather pattern. On Sunday and Monday, the Moon enters Libra and Venus approaches a sextile to Jupiter, which can soften our hearts and help us connect to our team and our beloveds.

On Tuesday the Sun, Venus, and Pluto conjunct in Capricorn under a Scorpio Moon and trigger our hearts to contemplate what really matters. Watch out for a pattern that makes us want to control events if we are worried about losing something important. Look for a potential personal political crunch as the Scorpio Moon conjunct Jupiter and Mars on Wednesday. The week ends with the need to follow through on the work we have already begun.

Friday, January 5: Logistical difficulties just need to be worked through, not hurried or pressured this morning. If repair doesn’t work the first time, don’t throw the toaster across the room. we can then really get down to our work, find the flaws in the problem but hopefully not in one another, and fix what needs to be fixed as the Virgo Moon trines Saturn. Our attention wanes as the day progresses and the Moon approaches an opposition to dreamy Neptune. Tonight, our health may need us to find a healthy way to put our concerns aside and renew the spirit.

Moon enters Virgo 1:11 AM, Mars semi-squares Saturn 2:19 AM, Moon trines Saturn 4:22 AM, Moon opposes Neptune 9:36 PM.

Saturday, January 6: Run with inspiration and make healthy changes this collaborative if competitive, muscular day. Back away from explosive situations; instead, use the restlessness to make progress on important projects. We can be impatient with beloveds that won’t make the changes we want, but let’s set an example rather than nag as Mercury sextiles Uranus and Mars conjunct’s Jupiter. Tonight, keep expectations low, be gentle around and irritable patch mid evening as the Moon squares Mercury, and give people the room to unwind.

Moon trine Venus 3:22 AM, Moon trine son 4:39 AM, Moon sextile Mars 7:22 AM, Moon sextile Jupiter 7:43 AM, Moon trine Pluto 9:40 AM, Mercury trine Uranus 4:38 PM, Mars conjunct Jupiter 5:38 PM, Moon square Mercury 7:50 PM, Moon opposed Chiron 7:57 PM, Mercury square Chiron 9:06 PM

Sunday, January 7: A day to restore balance, the mood is softer but still serious. Take a break from the practical and nurture the heart. Make it a real sabbath and put the work aside to nurture human connections and reach into spiritual source. Nest in the home and grow beauty in life as the Moon enters Libra and squares Saturn.

Moon enters Libra 5:14 AM, Moon square Saturn 9:08 AM.

Monday, January 8: Have meetings, make connections, work with design and human resources as Venus sextiles Jupiter. Although we may be in a more generous mood, and may need to be there for one another, work may be the best therapy for ongoing emotional issues. When we empower others, we also empower ourselves.

Sun sextiles Jupiter 5:06 AM, Venus sextiles Jupiter 9:12 AM, Mars sextiles Pluto 12:58 PM, Moon square Venus 3:14 PM, Moon square Sun 3:25 PM, Moon squares Pluto 4:16 PM.

Tuesday, January 9: Emotions run strong and deep, we may need to take a stand or hold our ground, or participate in radical acts of compassion as the Sun, Venus, and Pluto all conjunct in Capricorn. Uncontrolled, possessiveness jealousy resentment can erode, but we can turn the best of our feelings into concrete action as the Sun and Venus also sextile Mars.

Sun conjunct Venus 12:01 AM, Venus conjunct Pluto 2:03 AM, Sun conjunct Pluto 2:32 AM, Moon opposed Uranus 2:45 AM, Moon sextile Mercury 9:12 AM, Moon enters Scorpio 1:05 PM, Venus sextile Mars 2:07 PM, Moon sextile Saturn 5:46 PM, Sun sextile Mars 10:36 PM.

Wednesday, January 10: Direct energy wisely today as the Scorpio Moon approaches Jupiter and Mars (visible in the early morning hours) and illuminates our inner world. We can feel the caverns deep within us, but whether we tap into our difficult primal emotions hidden in the far corners of those caverns, the spaciousness of our soul, or the liberation of our creative capacities, will depend upon where we focus our attention. Tonight, Mercury enters Capricorn and wants us to develop plans.

Moon trine Neptune 12:39 PM, Mercury enters Capricorn 10:08 PM.

Thursday, January 11: Today is all about follow through. No one will thank us for getting in their way or trying to distract them into our plans instead of theirs. Stay out of one another’s way. Energy runs like a monorail; we know what we need to do, we know what we’re passionate about, now let’s do it.

Moon conjunct Jupiter 1:21 AM, Moon conjunct Mars 5:34 AM, Moon sextiles Sun 6:40 AM, Moon conjunct Venus 7:53 AM.

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