Starcodes horoscopes for January 29 – February 4, 2010

Starcodes horoscopes for January 29 – February 4, 2010

by Heather Roan Robbins

Happy Groundhog Week, it’s time to ask the groundhog whether spring will come soon, a holiday which is a remnant of the old tradition to take animal auguries halfway through winter.  We can also do our own modern version and notice the animals around us, listen to what they have to say, because we could use any extra wisdom that Lassie, Rocky and their animal friends choose to impart about this unpredictable world in a year full of wild cards.

The Sun is now in Aquarius, sign of the collective consciousness, and reminds us repeatedly that we handle challenge best when we work together. Let’s take this Aquarian lesson to heart and collaborate when the going gets tough, because our security may feel shaken and the way ahead can feel like a long hard road.

We get so much more done as a team than when we work alone or work opposed one another. And this week it can sure seem easier to rail and moan about  mistakes made by others,  to challenge anyone brave and foolish enough to try and solve a problem. Life can feel challenging as we’re called out of our comfort zone and need to incorporate real change.  We may be forced to take a deep look at ourselves and those around us, or feel as if we’re stepping into unknown territory as the Sun opposes Mars and Saturn moves into exact square with Pluto.

It is time to work our Saturn issues. Saturn speaks of our bones and teeth,  the bones of our community, like architectural foundations as well as the chains of command and authority, and the rules we live by. Saturn symbolizes the work we do, both what brings in the daily food, and our life’s purpose, and when we are lucky, they are one and the same.  Saturn stands for all our security issues, both the real ones of a solid stable tradition, and false ones of control. This Saturn Pluto square can send tremors through all our Saturn issues.  But our life is a living pulsing whole, just like our planet; our life can shake and shift as it evolves and adjusts. And like an earthquake, these tremors can feel incredibly destructive, but that is not why they happen; the tectonic plates of our life just need to move sometimes. We can shift or get off the fault line.

Saturn first squared Pluto came into orb last November and continues through next August. It echoes some fundamental challenges we experiences last time these two squared in 1993 and again as they opposes in 2001, both years that the World Trade Tower was attacked. When these two square off, as they do every nine years or so, they ask us to reexamine how we use and abuse power, and tempt us to misuse ours because another has done so. But to do so always continues the cycle of retribution, Saturn demands that we do the right thing by all involved in order to lay down foundations for real security.  Just think what we could do, as a team or as a country, if we stopped bickering amongst ourselves and got to work.

Early next week we need to assimilate a lot of new information and step up to the next level of our path. This will be easier if we drop the judgment in the process and are kind to our selves and others, make is safer to take a risk and try a new approach.

Midweek is friendlier, more collaborative under a Libra Moon. Use this opening to meet and greet, face to face, because our personalities speak volumes and will accomplish more than our words alone.

Step back towards the end of the week as the Scorpio Moon brings out a sullen, less personal and more surgical approach.  If people seem to get gratuitously stiff-necked or possessive,  let go of people politics for a while and get a chunk of work done; as our people skills tank, our focus improves.

The Saturn-Pluto aspects prune away our excess baggage, and like pruning a rose bush, can bring the room needed to bring new life back.  We’re gearing up for a new step, so take a deep breath now and get ready to leave the comfort zone behind.

Friday, Jan 29: We can have bravado together, or bravado apart;  we can really pull together if we avoid getting easily miffed. Watch an explosive fit midday as the Sun opposes Mars, generosity abounds when we see past our own agenda, but we need to check in with ourselves first and take care of business, so don’t take a narcissistic streak personally A wildly sociable evening under a full Leo Moon; find somewhere to gather, something to celebrate.

Saturday, Jan 30: Relationships can feel big-hearted but volatile this morning. If our needs collide, it’s hard to be as generous as we’d like unless we can take turns in the center. We need to speak up for our needs but  to break the bottleneck we need to be magnanimous. We resist restraint this afternoon; deal with irritability, technical problems or accidental conditions unless we play it cool as Mars nudges Uranus. Community helps us adapt tonight.

Sunday, Jan 31: Our bodies resonate with recent changes for good or ill so be nurturing and promote a healthier world as the Moon enters Virgo. Look for problems in food source or food distributions. Watch picky, difficult edges and ask if the criticism is true, ore a way to express another discontent. We are gearing up for a new step, so take a deep breath and get ready to leave the comfort zone behind. If something asks us to look at the deeper questions of security, let’s go for the real stuff and not temporary brittleness.

Monday, Feb 1: Remember one’s prime directives and roll with the changes from there. We may have a lot to assimilate as Mercury challenges Jupiter and the Moon opposes Uranus; breathing helps. Use the sympathetic side of Virgo to care about others and relieve self-consciousness, release the critical voice and fix what needs fixing. Be only supportive to loved ones as the rest of the world sands down their edges.

Tuesday, Feb 2: Listen to the animals this morning.  A few challenging aspects to Venus test this and increase our longing for what’s missing or what could be. Later, we try to figure out what’s fair as the Libra Moon conjuncts Saturn. Morning and evening we can be there for one another, afternoon is heavier-hearted as territorial or jealousy issues tug on us.

Wednesday, Feb 3: Get the groove going; learn how to work with one another afresh. If we take other people’s needs into consideration, “yes” is more likely than “no”. Put out PR, make proposals, improve team communications; coordinate. Evening is sociable, though moody clouds begin to darken the horizons.

Thursday, Feb, 4: Focus this morning, then hunker down for a few days of surly backlash as the Scorpio Moon brings out the nay-sayers and critics. Our fears of loss or dearth make us less forgiving, bring up revenge fantasies. Let it go and put that mental fixation on a new goal instead; living well is the best revenge. We may need to look under a rock or face a tough truth to take the next step.

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