Starcodes horoscopes for January 28 – February 3, 2011

Starcodes horoscopes for January 28 – February 3, 2011

by Heather Roan Robbins

An era of unrest approaches in the months ahead and we get the warning tremors and first earthquakes now. Last week freedom-loving Jupiter entered brash Aries and pulled a cork out of the bottle, it is now releasing all sorts of stuck energy, and this genie will not be put back in the bottle.

Unrest can be productive, so let’s get really creative about how we sue this energy. In parts of the work that have been under great pressure, where the Aires-self-expression force has been long suppressed, we will see a bounding geyser of rebellion erupt, it may be put down temporarily, but will continue to erupt until change unfolds over the next three years, as Uranus enters Aries in March and squares Pluto, on and off, for three years.

Where the energy is already flowing freely, we’ll only see a little change, a whiff of new honesty, more energy for authentic work, less cooperation for somebody else’s ideas. Where there are little glitches, pockets of suppression or clots of feelings, they will begin to uncork; after small propulsions, the feelings can settle back into a new flow, like champagne. But they are not going back into the bottle; just ok will not cut it any longer. For the next few months, and beginning last week, momentum builds more quickly, great projects get ready to take off and tense situations can explode with very little lead time. Our challenge is to get the flow moving freely with as little explosion and as much mutual compassion as possible.

This week we can be particularly recalcitrant. Opinions, we’re full of them this week as the Sun conjuncts Mars in Aquarius. We think we stand on our principles, stand for what we believe, but may stand in our pride instead. While the gift of Aquarius is humanitarian concern, its shadow side is the center of our ego.

These opinions can spark trouble as Mars and the Sun also form a minor but intensely irritating semi-square to electrical Uranus.

This is a surgical aspect, so ask what needs cutting out or sewing up, from our diet, our closet, our bodies or our budget. But don’t overshoot the mark; we need finesse here, not a hacksaw.

Everyone wants to do things their way. It’s not really wild, yet, but it is easily irritated. Expect wheeling and dealing on the political scale. Flashpoint is reaching in small scale showdowns. The mood resists ordinary manners, restraints, all those niceties of society that maintain the status quo.

Notice a strange tension and an impulse to move, switch, see the problem and fix it now! This is great if we can figure out how to do it wisely. This propulsive tension can twitch through the headlines, and twitch through our lives. It can also twitch through the muscles in shoulder or lower back and legs unless we stretch. If tension brings on a headache, it helps to brainstorm and vent, preferably on paper or with a friend and not at the target in question until thoughts are sorted and settled out. But not everyone will be so thoughtful, so just get out of the way of someone begins to unload.

Electrical items can short out easily as the week begins, take mechanical problems seriously and wait to buy hi-tech gear. Do not take unnecessary risks, as little accidents of inattention are all too easy to trip over. Difficulties bring opportunities early next week, if we don’t take advantage of them, someone else will.

Social life may be upstaged by work early in the week but moves to the foreground midweek as the restlessness becomes personal. Emotions shimmer as Venus sextiles Neptune and squares Uranus. Our evolving aesthetics make this an artistically juicy time. Our emotional restlessness can make this a particularly flirtatious time. It is also a great time to make changes and help love feel more alive.

Discontent can wiggle between even well-bonded people like a cat wiggling between sleeping couples, slowly pushing them both aside. If we want to strengthen our relationship instead of test it under these aspects, we need to get the discontent out from between us and put it out front, hold hands and explore together.

Friday, Jan 28: Even though the mood is positive, we may feel fed-up with some recent situation and want to speak out or let off steam as the adventurous Sagittarius Moon trines Jupiter. Make offers this more optimistic morning. Midday, just when patience evaporates, breathe deep and wait one more minute. Don’t flail, do move with consciousness. Flexibility and forgiveness return late afternoon for a more upbeat, active evening.

Saturday, Jan 29: Explore what needs to be explored today under the Sagittarius Moon; break routine and find a new corner or a concept. Our minds are open, we’re willing to see new people and places in kind light. Spend money on experience, not stuff as the Moon conjuncts Venus this evening. It’s a night to get out, laugh, and share something one has just learned.  Refill the soul and soak up society tonight. Romance and flirtation are in the air, but keep a light touch.

Sunday, Jan 30: Seriousness tints the morning, don’t believe the worst doubts as the Moon enters Capricorn and conjuncts Pluto. We can react with rumination, determination, or ruthlessness. Worries can nudge us to manipulate or swing our will around, but that won’t help. Better to restructure something we need.

Monday, Jan 31: We may feel discouraged but determined today, and just need to put one foot in front of the others as the competent Capricorn Moon forms a few minor but draggy aspects. It is an important strategic time, line up important meetings and set the agenda, but push it forward later this week. Grumpy willfulness can push unsavory goals, hold lines clearly where needed, don’t let people manipulate. People need their work supported but may not be up to any emotional demands tonight.

Tuesday, Feb 1: Some conflict sharpens as Mars and the Sun semi-squares Uranus; unexpected sparks fly, but we don’t have to let them cause a conflagration. Honest disagreements come to the fore but can be constructive starting points. We resist restraint, respond impulsively, and can be accident-prone if we let unsettled feelings distract us from what we’re doing. Let life be a meditation in attention. Afternoon is more collaborative and idealistic as the Moon enters Aquarius, but no more settled.

Wednesday, Feb 2: Happy Groundhog’s Day, the halfway point through winter. Inject idealism into this unsettled week, let’s remember the reasons we do what we do, and let the heart believe our goals are possible as Venus sextiles Neptune and square Uranus. Our hearts are as unsettled as our minds; unsettled can bring an improvement on this decisive and inventive day,

Thursday, Feb 3: Feed and nurture a budding optimism. Conditions shift in ongoing projects and relationships becoming more open-minded and determined, positive but serious. As Mercury enters Aquarius and Venus enters Capricorn. Check in with cohorts, for changing scenarios and potential green lights.

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