Starcodes horoscopes for January 27 – February 2, 2017

Starcodes horoscopes for January 27 – February 2, 2017

by Heather Roan Robbins

Expect to be appalled, also passionate, infuriated, and if we’re lucky, elated. Whatever our political leanings, we can move into a more emotionally volatile, reactive mode as Mars enters feisty Aries this week and Venus follows next week. Look for them in the early evening sky, close together in the west.

As weekend begins with a new Moon in collective Aquarius, we may really notice the change in political climate and how that affects our social circle. This new Moon starts a new chapter in our relationship to community, politics, policy, and social life, all things that we share publicly with one another, but what’s in that chapter is up to us. Mercury conjuncts Pluto on Sunday and brings to mind the problems of our life and what we want to do about it.

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Our personal version of this pattern may just be a need to reassess our social circle and Facebook friends, see who we want to spend time with, what we want to discuss when we gather, and what communal efforts would we like to join. We need consider carefully what is our commitment to our local and global community, and balance that with our need for personal freedom, which is heightened my Mars in Aries.

Mars in Aries gives us gumption, the guts to start off fresh direction. It amps up both rebellious energy, and the authoritarian response to that resistance. It’s a good time to make friends with local policeman and make sure everyone feels like they’re on the same side to protect one another. This Mars can add fuel to our temper, will fight with each other less if we can fight a good fight, go to bat for an issue or person that we truly care about.

Mars in Aries loans us energy if we’re passionate or intrigued about what we’re doing, though we may feel be suddenly exhausted around routine. We can get moody, and feel the woes of the world and our personal concerns deeply unless we know our next steps as Mercury conjunct Pluto in Capricorn under a sensitive Pisces Moon on Sunday. Capricorn likes to know what mountain to climb next.

This conjunction can bring an obsessive focus to our thinking and an intensity to our communication style. We may become fascinated by a mystery. Paradoxically, we may feel both an urgency to convince others about our perspective, while they automatically resist our pressure because they are unusually wary of manipulative rhetoric. Watch this pattern act out in the headlines. We use this aspect well by asking tough questions and by turning inwards to attend our own personal homework.

That Pisces Moon on Sunday and Monday can give us breather in an active week, and let us emotionally process and catch up with ourselves. On Tuesday life shifts into an action movie as the Moon enters feisty Aries while thoughtful Mercury squares urgent Uranus. Our anxiety or nervous energy can ratchet up in a way that sparks hair-trigger decisions. Although we may be feeling intensely reactive, it’s important to take a deep breath and work towards what will serve us best for the long haul.

Friday, January 27: We want conversation, connection, community, reflection, but can argue six ways around the block under the new Aquarius Moon. Too many ideas and theories, not enough fact checking. Midday may just not feel easy as Venus squares Saturn, old friends and connections further, but boundaries may need to be set, and our love or respect can feel tested. Hold for what matters. Gumption flows into us as Mars enters Aries, take risks and start something new, but watch for the sparks between beloveds, only use them in the best of ways.

Moon sextile Mars 12:17 AM, Moon enters Aquarius 1:36 AM, Venus square Saturn 10:49 AM, Moon conjunct the sun 5:06 PM, Mars enters Aries 10:38 PM.

Saturday, January 28: Take a change of scene, do something fresh and different as the Moon trines Jupiter. It will be easy to throw ourselves into a project than to familiar routines. Our soul is hungry for new input, tired of chewing on the same things. Look for any change to learn, connect, network, brainstorm. Go on an adventure with loved ones to channel restlessness together, instead of at each other.

Moon sextiles Uranus 4:39 PM, Moon trine Jupiter 8:27 PM, Moon sextile Saturn 10:52 PM.

Sunday, January 29: Cuddle and hold one another’s hands today, check in on the vulnerable as Mercury conjuncts Pluto and brings our minds to our worries and concerns just as the Moon enters sensitive Pisces. We run through our worst-case scenarios so we know we can handle them. But then we need to decide to ask what would it look like if could make it all work out okay, if we can work around the problems until a loner term solution could be found.

Moon enters Pisces 9:10 AM, Mercury conjuncts Pluto 1:21 PM.

Monday, January 30: This morning we just don’t know: the moon-Neptune conjunction can leave us feeling foggy even as the Mars in Aries impatience want us to push forward. It helps to have busy work to do to use up the energy while the mind wanders.  We will resent demands on our time and other people’s ideas or regulations about what we should do. Give little advice, but give each other lots of room. Get personal business taking care of today, because tomorrow could be busy.

Moon conjunct Neptune 4:17 AM, Moon sextile Pluto 5:27 PM, Moon sextile Mercury 8:30 PM.

Tuesday, January 31: After a slower, more serious  morning as the Moon squares Saturn, look for sudden decisions and radical moves as the Moon enters Aries this afternoon. Indiscreet words; we can snap at one another or spark arguments. Think carefully about any sudden snap decisions as we can too easily move injudiciously or jump sideways while Mercury squares Uranus. Ask, is it really a good idea, or is it just nerves talking.

Moon square Saturn 5:10 AM, Moon conjunct Venus 10:35 AM, Moon enters Aries 2:46 PM, Moon conjunct Mars 7:51 PM, Mercury square Uranus 8:31 PM.

Wednesday, February 1: Assess the situation on the ground this morning, because the landscape and mindsets may have changed overnight. People are more collaborative if not exactly cooperative, and will gladly work together as long as they are not told what to do. Flashes of edgy humor further. If moods slump tonight as the Moon squares Pluto, let them flow through, and out the other side; do not attach to the sadness, acknowledge it and release, and look underneath for the bedrock.

Moon sextile sun 1:50 PM. Moon square Pluto 10:12 PM.

Thursday, February 2: we will say and think a lot, but to what effect as the moon, Mercury and Jupiter form a T-square; words chase each other in a circle, but look to actions, not words for reality. Our thoughts can spin, looking for a way out, a fresh horizon. On the other hand, while our mind is busy we may come up with a way around the blockade and into a more spacious place. Mid-afternoon we discuss openly, but decisions seem to go nowhere. The mood settles a down a bit tonight as the Moon enters Taurus, we look for comfort and coziness.

Moon conjunct Uranus 3:28 AM, Moon Square Mercury 6:52 AM, Moon opposed Jupiter 7 AM, Mercury square Jupiter 8:15 AM, Moon trine Saturn 9:50 AM, Moon enters Taurus 6:49 PM.

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