Starcodes horoscopes for January 26 – February 1, 2018

Starcodes horoscopes for January 26 – February 1, 2018

by Heather Roan Robbins

The planets ask us interesting questions this week. Our teams call us, people need us, our civic duty knocks on the door, and yet we may still have lingering personal work percolating throughout this winter, and may be enduring, recovering from, or avoiding the flu. So, how do we balance our needs the needs of our community, how do we practice good self-care while we honor our responsibilities. And how do we keep life interesting. This week’s full Moon in Leo, lunar eclipse, wants to know.

Both as a person and country, if we ‘re too self-centered, the world becomes a worse place and our world and community suffers. If we overextend ourselves and put other’s needs ahead of our own- all the time- we don’t get our work done and lose the resilience we need to be of service.

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The Sun and Venus now in expansive, political Aquarius, joined by Mercury on Wednesday, help us see the bigger picture. They encourage us to think about our friends, our civic duty, and on a more metaphysical level, they encourage us to dwell on the interconnectedness of all sentient beings. They underlined the fact that if one population gets the flu, the chances are, so will all the others.

Now the shadow side of Aquarius can abstract us from our feelings, talk ourselves into believing what we should feel rather than what we do. Let’s make sure we’re being honest with ourselves. Motivating Mars enters outspoken, outgoing, restless Sagittarius this morning and can help us speak up, and then let go of, something that’s been weighing heavily on our hearts.

Venus and Mars are both now in outgoing signs. We may be able to let go of something that’s been holding on to on us, a heaviness we’ve been carrying for the last few months, but may suddenly feel the need to travel in mind, body, or spirit. We may want to get out of Dodge and talk with people we’ve never spoken to before, or take a long hike, for or learn something brand-new rather than chew on old problems.

The weekend begins under a talkative Gemini moon. We may need to change our minds or deal with unsettling information towards Sunday as Mercury squares Uranus, but let’s be careful to make appropriate changes, rather than throw the baby out the bathwater, or just feel anxious because our nerves are running extra voltage.

A more introspective Cancer Moon on Sunday night through early Tuesday encourages us to take care of our home life and our health and nurture connection. The Leo Moon lunar eclipse early on Wednesday may give us a wake-up call, we just need to watch a tendency to create emotional drama for the fun of it.  Look for a constructive way to live around it in balance life and create more balanced world.

Friday, January 26: Something twinges our feelings Venus semi-squares Chiron but we’re tempted to get away from it or become distracted instead of work it out as Mars enter Sagittarius. Our curiosity grows, a bit of cabin fever calls for a break in routine. Politics as usual may really tick us off. By this afternoon, when the Moon enters Gemini, were ready for a new conversation. Put a five-minute lead on snappy remarks or sudden decisions Tempers spark quickly around noon as the Moon opposes Mars, but fresh conversation unfolds tonight.

Venus semi-square Chiron 3:26 AM, Mars enters Sagittarius 5:56 AM, the Moon enters Gemini 10:39 AM, the Moon opposes Mars 10:52 AM.

Saturday, January 27: We may notice growing tension or sense of urgency as Mercury moves into the square with Uranus, but at least we can talk about today as the Gemini Moon trines the Sun and Venus. Negotiate, let’s come to understand the other person’s perspective and share ours. Keep minds open and be ready to make a change, move, or consider options. We may idealize a situation and but that can help us make the changes, just be ready to reassess the situation in a few days as Venus semi sex-tiles Neptune. Make tonight magical.

Moon trine’s Venus 6:31 AM, Moon squares Neptune 7:41 AM, Venus semi-sextile Neptune 8:21 PM.

Sunday, January 28: Keep any snap decisions tentative, though be ready to reconsider.  But it’s a good time to try something you’ve never tried before as Mercury squares Uranus. Accidents are more likely in the morning; we may feel safer late this afternoon as the Moon enters cancer, but also less experimental and agreeable. New seriousness grows tonight at the Moon opposes Saturn and can leave us feeling tired as the weekend ends, but also encourages us to think about our plans for the following week.

Mercury square Uranus 12:08 AM, Moon sextile Uranus 3:38 AM, Mercury sextiles Chiron 11:49 AM, Moon enters Cancer 11:57 AM, Moon opposes Saturn 7:14 PM.

Monday, January 29: It can be hard to get to work this morning, pulled between unfinished personal business and work, so go gently on people and let them arrive, or expect crankiness. Our imagination is strong though, so if we have creative work to do, this morning works as the Moon moves into a trine with Neptune and Jupiter. Check communication as if it’s Mercury retrograde today, as Mercury forms a mild but confusing semi-squares Neptune. Check to make sure messages are received and intentions are heard. Track carefully things that need to be remembered because we’re all feeling a little fuzzyheaded as the day progresses.

Moon trine Neptune 8:18 AM, Moon opposed Pluto 7:34 PM, Mercury semi-square Neptune 8:01 PM, Moon trine Jupiter 9:38 PM.

Tuesday, January 30: Morning can feel uncomfortable as the Moon T-squares with Uranus and Mercury. Listen to a person’s discontent ask them to innovate, and watch the mood improve. As the Moon enters Leo early afternoon and trines Mars our sense of humor returns, but also an unwillingness to sit still to do boring work. We want something more exciting, important. Give the heart something dramatic, important and exciting to do tonight, but rein in an inclination to blow up an emotional situation just for the excitement. Find a constructive way to howl at that full Moon tonight.

Moon square Uranus 3:45 AM, Sun semi-square Chiron 8:41 AM, Moon opposed Mercury 9:40 AM, Moon enters Leo 11:52 AM, Moon trine Mars 4:12 PM.

Wednesday, January 31: The full Moon – lunar eclipse at 6:26 AM MST could shift our world, so watch the dramatic acting out in the headlines, and check in one another to find out what people are feeling. Life needs panache. Emotions can run at high tide, we may be chafing at the bit to find something worthy, or feel melodramatically overextended if we are engaged. Mercury enters Aquarius turns our attention to spacious new ideas, but we can be even more thoroughly fixed in our political opinions. If the people around respond with new stubbornness, new attachment to their theories, open the aperture and take a bigger perspective rather than confront directly.

Moon opposed Sun, lunar eclipse at 6:26 AM, Mercury enters Aquarius 6:38 AM, Moon opposed Venus 3:47 PM, Moon square Jupiter 9:59 PM.

Thursday, February 1: Most people still need a lot of attention this morning, clients need us to check in, bosses need listening to. By this afternoon it’s time to get back to work and tend the details. Figure out how to manifest those recent great new ideas. Just watch a tendency to feel sorry for oneself or expect other people to knuckle down when we want them to. Don’t get cranky, get efficient as the Moon enters Virgo and trine Saturn.

Moon trine Uranus 3:58 AM, Sun semi-sex tile Neptune 10:30 AM, Moon enters Virgo 12:12 PM, Moon squares Mars 6:48 PM, Moon squares Saturn 8:21 PM.

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