Starcodes horoscopes for January 23 – 29, 2009

Starcodes horoscopes for January 23 – 29, 2009

by Heather Roan Robbins

This week we look behind to forge ahead; familiar faces show up in political appointments along with the new ones, and familiar names of old friends we haven’t heard from in a while may fill our inbox as Mercury retrogrades.  Flashbacks return us to hopes and problems we thought were long gone. But obvious solutions (or ones that seem obvious to us) just don’t seem to fall into place, and few things turn out to be as simple as they seem. Even though we are impatient to do so, it’s hard to surge in to the future when the present and past demand so much attention.

This pattern will make for a high-spirited but tough start for our new presidential administration; it will forge it in the fire. But these complications also affect any of us trying to launch new work in 2009. As mistakes, gaffs and logistical difficulties can continue to pepper our efforts for the next few weeks, we need to be willing to improvise around, and look for the hidden joke or gift in, any Mercury retrograde snafu, just in case our car alarm won’t shut off or a supreme court justice flubs our oath of office.

We’re working under a highly-political but hopeful Sun conjunct expansive Jupiter as this weekend begins this conjunction tends to magnify all moods and adds melodrama and panache. There’s also a groundswell of warmth, a resistance to the past and longing for a better future, whatever it takes. We just may have trouble agreeing on how to get to that future point.  This warmth and impatience with complications is set off by an unusually intricate set of aspects. Venus forms a friendly sextile with Mars, and together they both aspect change-inducing Uranus and serious Saturn, two planets which run opposed one another throughout the year.

As Venus and Mars sextile, they remind us that when the going gets rough, it’s best to get friendly; problems are easier to solve together. Venus in Pisces can occasionally leave us feeling awash in feelings this week, but once we get going on our work, the competent Mars in Capricorn can help us find our terra firma. Sextile, they help our feelings work together with us, and people work together around us.

As Venus conjuncts Uranus and opposes Saturn it warms our hearts to change and makes us a bit repulsed by the old way. But don’t think that bashing the old is a replacement for forging the new, let’s keep our eye on the prize and practice the golden rule under all circumstances. Patience and determination get us there.

Next week a New Moon eclipse in Aquarius really helps the new political and cultural zeitgeist sink in. It precipitates endings and beginnings; we can really feel a change in the collective vision. But expect some turmoil in the process; stubborn philosophical debate percolates in the political arena along with a few stubborn personal debates in our lives as Mercury retrogrades back to conjunct feisty Mars. Let’s find the points we do agree upon, and start there.

With this conjunction it pays to be especially alert for unexpected arguments or accidents. Usually this Mars-Mercury conjunction adds decisiveness and speeds up our reaction time, but this one can also sharpen our tongue and increase accidental possibilities. So play it safe.

Later in the week Mars trines Saturn to help the fresh young energy coordinate with old authority and help our new ideas find resources in our old work. But it keeps our nose to the grindstone; work, whether worrying about work or about lack of it, planning or moaning, is never far away. The effort we put in now will really show results, for better or worse, in late February.

Friday, Jan 23 moods and memories weigh heavily but work needs to be done as the Moon conjuncts Pluto in Capricorn; don’t give up, plan instead. Midday, follow through on loose ends, and forgive a harried, uncooperative energy; don’t bite off more than needed. Evening is more expansive, ambitious, but can leave us overwhelmed with the mountain left to climb.  Celebrate any accomplishment, no matter how minor, and share hopes while the Sun conjuncts Jupiter.

Saturday, Jan 24 deal with the past but act in the present. Romance is challenged by our workload, old emotional scars, or an existential itch.  We need to feel we are making a difference or we get cranky. Bond through home-improvement projects; organization is good for the soul under this waning Capricorn Moon, and as Mars trines, and Venus opposes, taskmaster Saturn. Let honest affection show to all and sundry, we can use every drop. Words sharpen if we feel crowded around dinner; edges smooth later.

Sunday, Jan 25 gather together for a good cause  as the waning Moon in Aquarius feeds an unusually honest collective vision, we know what we want for the community but maybe not for ourselves as the Sun sesqui-squares Saturn. Tonight, we may need to confront some tough quandary but let’s not be pressured into unripe long-term decisions.

Monday, Jan 26 focus on where we’re going, both individually and together, as the New Moon Eclipse in Aquarius triggers endings and beginnings. Outdated ideas may collapse to create room for expansion. Notice projected insecurities; don’t waste time trying to prove anything unless necessary. Stubborn edges or philosophical clashes peak later as Mercury conjuncts Mars in ambitious Capricorn; act and speak with an eye to safety and long-term solutions. Watch out for bruised knees; walk around and not through the coffee table.

Tuesday, Jan 27 we’re prone to accidents of distraction; pay attention even in simple things like cutting a bagel or starting a car. Midday is healing and productive if we fix what needs fixing. Listen for redeployment of resources, announcements, intentions, just clarify simple, personal misunderstandings midday as the Moon conjuncts Neptune. Patience is key. Let emotions flow this afternoon as the Moon enters Pisces.

Wednesday, Jan 28 feelings are touchy and raw, escapist habits whisper to us. Pictures come to mind more vividly than words, meditation or subtle energy healings help us refocus.  It may not look like we’re getting anywhere but important processing occurs behind the scenes. Don’t push; do listen to new evidence and untie the knots. Honor old memories or new worries but don’t let them drive the show.

Thursday, Jan 29
is wacky and non-rational; expect an emotional break from the past. Keep it spontaneous but make sure any sudden change has a good reason and is not just in emotional reaction as the hypersensitive Pisces Moon conjuncts impulsive Uranus. Obstacles and complex procedures can be discouraging later in the afternoon as the Moon opposes Saturn; people butt heads when feeling insecure then, but are more wiling to listen around dinner as the Moon sextiles Mercury.

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