Starcodes horoscopes for January 22 – 28, 2010

Starcodes horoscopes for January 22 – 28, 2010

by Heather Roan Robbins

Our impatience can be a pain this week, sometimes even dangerous, but we can turn this impetus into energy to handle tough challenges; thoughtful Mercury has conjunct dark, intense Pluto since the Haitian earthquake and kept our eyes on Plutonian matters of life and death and lowered our tolerance for trivia.

Mercury-Pluto conjunctions usually do so in any case, but this time we’ve had such a painful example unfolding before our eyes, asking us what really matters, and reminding us that our own circumstances really are remarkably safe. Mercury-Pluto aspects usually offer some brush with mortality, if only through the headlines, and remind us that our situation could always be worse, so let’s not take our life or our comfort for granted. May this bring a new appreciation for what we have.

This aspect can also leave us flailing around, painfully aware of our limitations. This time we may feel it acutely as we feel unable to do enough in the face of this tragedy. But Pluto asks us to also take it personally, look at what we have not done, what haven’t yet completed, or what we have to release. Which can make us antsy.

We can waste this impetus railing about our inadequacies or those of others. This may be an important first step, but isn’t the point and could be a really destructive clash. It also wastes the Plutonian meditation which asks: in the face of life and death, who are we, and why are we here? How can we live this life to the hilt and improve in all we do?

Let the discomfort felt spur the beginning of a creative revolution. Let it push us to find real solutions, and kick into gear positive growth as the weekend begins and under a rebellious Moon in Aries.

The planet of motivation, movement, passion and anger is now in generous and melodramatic Leo and retrograde and will oppose Sun and Venus this week, which can make us extra emotional. Mars in Leo helps the generosity flow in many ways, it encourages incredibly brave and heroic action and encourages musicians and performs to lead the way for fundraising for the Haitian relief efforts.  It also can incite generous debate in the home and the press, but the mood is so inherently stubborn that too soon we can find ourselves wallowing in the ecstasies of hyperbole, Leo’s shadow side. This Mars can make us bored with the ordinary, makes fascinated by the great dramas but also makes personal drama the easiest way to react to stress.

A steadying Sun-Saturn trine over this weekend can help us make steady progress. We’re friendly, curious but stubborn as Venus and Mars oppose in fixed signs. If relationships get stressed because we feel unattended or ignored, the problems tend to entrench unless someone has the guts to be magnanimously vulnerable and reach out. It will get nowhere to disagree directly, but pique our curiosity and take us further; don’t say “no, but”, say, “yes and… ”

When we’re nervous or worried we can make some pretty dumb and flippant remarks or quick knee jerk criticism over the weekend. Midweek is emotionally restless and philosophically stubborn, it is easy to push away from the ones we love, or pull them closer; harder but much more rewarding to accept and love them just where they are. Later in the week this volatility shifts gears, as if some decision is made, and we can begin working on more long-term projects.

Friday, Jan 22: All movement builds momentum, so choose the direction carefully as an Aries Moon put wind in our sails for work or for an argument.  Good priorities can streamline the day and make the evening rich and generous as the Moon enters Taurus and sextiles Jupiter. Tap into ambient warmth and mutual help.

Saturday, Jan 23: Debate entrenches, but cooperation positively cuddles; which one doe we want to engage as the Moon squares Venus. Midday, be ready to shift to contingencies plans. It’s easier to coordinate later when teamwork can solve the problem as the Moon trines Mercury. Logistical communication eases but personal feelings are harder to talk about, especially as our feelings may be mixed and confused unless we tease apart the layers as Mercury aspects Chiron. Tonight, we could really use a laugh and some familiar comforts.

Sunday, Jan 24: We’re a little serious, jokes fall flat. We do not want to be out of control, which is fine, but can try to control others in the process. If we avoid that mistake we have unusual access to accomplishment and sound judgment. Transportation may be restricted,    consider just hanging out unless necessary. Minor break in communications this afternoon, our point may not get across; confirm facts and be nice to one another.

Monday, Jan 25: We’re more ready to talk this morning, so make the tough phone calls but keep it short. The vibe is curious but easily bored. If we concentrate in short bursts, we can rebuild some needed bridges or create new ones.  Creative good ideas can find fertile ground if we can show how they’re practical as well as ingenious. Work in short trips; speak in sound bites as the Gemini Moon squares Jupiter.

Tuesday, Jan 26: Keep talking and avoid a stalemate as the Gemini Moon forms a grand trine with Venus, Sun and Saturn. Notice personal quirks and strange electric flashes. Flush out any stiff-necked pride with a flow of kindness; don’t stand on ceremony, instead stand with what is wonderful and appreciate. Keep it real and personal; do not tread on people’s pride.

Wednesday, Jan 27: Housing issues can make us cranky, take care of the home front and address the security concerns underneath complaints as the Cancer Moon opposes Pluto. Miffed feelings and pride can trip us up, but notice it may we need attention from ourselves we need most. Look underneath for lost objects. Nurture one another, search for the humor rather than get defensive. Tonight – organize and everything feels better.

Thursday Feb 28: Small personal earthquakes can help prevent bigger shocks, the Cancer Moon wants everything to stay like it was, but Uranus to Sun and Moon are trembling to change our lives. Let’s get off our personal fault line and make this shift we know we need to make. Comfort in the morning will help adjust later on. Hold hands crossing the street, but go.

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