Starcodes horoscopes for January 21 – 27, 2011

Starcodes horoscopes for January 21 – 27, 2011

by Heather Roan Robbins

Last week week’s Mercury Pluto conjunction wanted us to take a thoughtful reconsideration of our purpose, look deeper at some conundrum in our life or reassess how we communicated. This week we need to take that new understanding and put it into action as the Sun conjuncts action-packed Mars.

Mars wants action and doesn’t care about thoughtfulness. It’s like a car engine, it powers the car but we have to provide the driving skills. This week it conjuncts the Sun just as Jupiter enters Mars-ruled Aries and gets the spring revolutionary energy started early, it is freedom loving, authentic and spontaneous energy that wants the unvarnished truth.

Jupiter enters Aries for one year every 12 years; it begins a cycle of renewal, expansion, independence and a call for freedom, even if it costs us. It feeds our inner adolescent big time. History heats up and restless contingents tend to take action first, negotiate second, and this will speed up as Uranus enters Aries on March 13th. Freedom is a tricky thing, sometimes the person who lost an election or does not get a job is one with Jupiter transits; they get free time. We have to be careful what we ask for here. To see how it affects us personally we can think back to April 1975-76, March 1987-88, and March 1999-2000 and look for where we expanded our horizons or created an opportunity.

Of course, if you have five people in a room who want action, chances are they all want something different, and end up just bumping heads. To use this Jupiter in Aries, and this Sun-Mars conjunction in communal Aquarius, we’ll have to pull together, take an idea and make it so. A family can pull together to change their home, a team at work can create new systems, Tunisia can create a new government. Although these aspect can get the party started on more sweeping international changes, our revolutions can be small and personal, and in our daily life. They just have to make a difference.

As the weekend begins we need to tend to the details and chores that make it possible for us to get busy. On Sunday and early next week we can revel in our connections as growth takes allies and friends along the way. Tend sprouts of kindness and compassion now, as we’ll really need then later in the week. Some short-term excitement can distract us, but let’s keep the stressors down and stay on track with long-term efforts simmering on the back burner.

Midweek as the Moon enters Scorpio we may get tired of being nice and need to know we are loved even if we’re difficult. A snarky, manipulative energy kicks in if we’ve ignored any needs or primordial feelings in order to be convenient to others. Some people will jerk our chains and cause trouble just because they can, especially if their work isn’t going well or if their authority has felt tested lately. Saturn retrogrades as it squares Mercury, and some work projects may be put on hold. Put in a proposal early in the week or wait until next Friday.

Friday, Jan 21: Early confusion or fuzzy thinking can leave egos miffed this slow morning. Progress derails if we stand on pride as the Leo Moon opposes Neptune and Chiron, but we get passed this easily if we focus on a common goal. Warm up to one another early and get coifed this afternoon as the Moon enters Virgo. Tonight, tend to dangling responsibilities and avoid dueling judgmental streaks. Forgive cranky edges and heal one another.

Saturday, Jan 22: Healthy freedom: what does that look like? That’s what we search for as Jupiter enters Aries under a Virgo Moon. But freedom does not mean unloading our work on another’s back. Well-handled details provide a beautiful framework for creative growths. Tonight, manage doubts and watch intoxicant usage as Mercury semi-squares Neptune. Let people share the worries but don’t accept their projection. Imagine what it would look like if everything did turn out for the best.

Sunday, Jan 23: A day to make good transitions, we can talk about duty that frees us and lets us love as Venus sextiles Saturn. Some event calls on us to be a grown-up; we may feel old, but can sort out who is there for us and who is not. Prioritize practical beauty and pragmatic support for things of the heart; take a restrained but caring approach. Plans need improvisation midday as the Moon opposes Uranus. Let go of details and prioritize connection by teatime, share warmth tonight as the Moon enters Libra and trines the Sun.

Monday, Jan 24: Feelings are warm this morning, but materiel difficulties can leave us discouraged or frustrated. Don’t look at the sum total of what needs to be done, it can feel overwhelming; sort, prioritize and begin with people-oriented chores first. Details don’t seem relevant but will need to be dealt with later. Loss or sadness midday needs to be reframed; honor what has left and look at what is just arriving. Tonight feels serious, cooperation is a mutual gift, and rest is highest priority as Moon conjuncts Saturn.

Tuesday, Jan 25: Optimistic if unrealistic moments this morning, treat others’ vulnerability like gold and be kind to one another. Clear interpersonal tasks now. It may be time to catch up with a neglected friendship or relationship, return favors and phone calls, and do just enough practical to keep the flow going. The energy switches tonight, our less convenient selves come out, primal needs and contrary attitudes need expression, but we don’t have to be mean in the process as the Moon enters Scorpio.

Wednesday, Jan 26: The morning has a grumpy sort of focus; let people do what they need to and don’t take the rudeness personally. If discouraged, recount what has worked in the past. Narrow thinking needs logic, not bombast, to counteract. Glitches in our communications help us figure out new forms, we need to get down and work out the nitty-gritty, hammer out details on a web site, craft a new government or system, but it will be worth it as Mercury squares Saturn.

Thursday, Jan 27: Start personal projects but don’t propose a new one at work on this unsettled day, deal with what is already on the table. People may not be able to connect this morning, as if they’re listening to an inner radio and can barely hear what we’re saying. This afternoon, investigate a mystery or follow up on a suspicion, but be willing to let go of that suspicion if the evidence suggests it’s false. Laughter returns tonight; joke over recent seriousness for a better perspective.

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