Starcodes horoscopes for January 20 – 26, 2017

Starcodes horoscopes for January 20 – 26, 2017

by Heather Roan Robbins

We live in interesting times.

America always inaugurates its presidents under the political, civic minded Aquarius sun. This year we can feel a stubborn square-off of personalities and ideals as that Sun in Aquarius is squared by a brooding, focused, private, Scorpio Moon, which puts both luminaries in stubborn fixed signs. Squares create tension; like the tension of a combustion engine, that tension can propel us forward, but we have to steer the boat.

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Thoughtful Mercury is now in efficient if controlling Capricorn, which can help all sides of a debate get organized. Insecurities can bring a controlling streak to our thinking, a desire to crack down or make others conform, to have our way on a personal or political level. But our heart speaks otherwise. Venus, Mars, and Neptune all run together in sensitive Pisces for another week, which can leave us poetic, vulnerable, and visionary on a good day, but leave us vulnerable, awash, or easily drifting into our fantasy world where we imagine either the best or worst of what could possibly happen next. The truth may be something in between.

This all changes the following week, when Mars leaves sensitive, passive Pisces and enters into sharp, proactive Aries, on Jan 28. The Moon follows into Aries on Jan 31, Venus follows on February 3, the game is on and sparks fly. Any idea we’re promoting, any project, tension or conflict already in the works, will catch fire. This spring looks to be a well-organized and rebellious but also potentially controlling time. It is important to use this week’s dreamy time to get our vision clear and blueprints ready. Let’s stay connected to people doing the work that we think needs to be done, and pull our energies together to guide us into good futures.

Friday begins with a both a brooding focus and a sensitive heart, we are painfully aware of what we’ve lost and could lose as Venus sextiles Pluto, but this can help us prioritize what’s truly important to us. Saturday invokes strong emotions but we may run low on physical energy as the dark Scorpio Moon trines both Venus and Mars in sensitive Pisces. Unusual allies work together, we can love fiercely, but let’s be aware of a potentially resentful backlash waiting at the edges.

An outspoken Sagittarius Moon gives us room to unwind and vent on Sunday and Monday. Our thinking may get fuzzy, but we could find the imagination to see a path forward where we did not do so before, or feel spiritual support, or choose to over-imbibe as Mercury forms a friendly sextile to Neptune. We just have to make sure that our imagination doesn’t carry us away, we can get lost in our hopes and concerns instead of use this juicy energy to think outside the box and find positive alternatives.

Tuesday sends us back to work, the Moon conjuncts serious Saturn and enters Capricorn and can give us gumption and durability. But if we feel prone to discouragement or depression, it will help to tune into the love and compassion of Venus and Mars in Pisces and remember our connection underneath all.

Friday, January 20: The day dawns with emotional poignancy as Venus sextiles Pluto; our heart opens in remembrance of what we have loved and what we have lost. Tears of all types come easily, let’s show our appreciation for those who have earned it. Hug freely. Our thinking can veer unrealistically, we can see others’ illusions easier than we can see our own as energies, people, and even our own moods, square off under a Scorpio Moon this afternoon. Feel a subtle strength underneath the tests, and take care of one another.

Moon sextile Mercury 4:14 AM, Venus sextile Pluto 6:56 AM, Moon trine Neptune 11:49 AM.

Saturday, January 21: Expect strong mixed feelings and strong opinions; the Scorpio Moon pulls us inwards towards solitude while the Aquarius Sun pushes us outwards with civic-minded connection. Camaraderie furthers as the Moon trines Venus. A second wave of energy returns later in the day, but tempers can get edgy; enthusiasm buoys us when all is well, but direct conflicts can get messy.

Moon sextile Pluto 2:43 AM, Moon trine Venus 4:23 AM, Moon trine Mars 6:23 PM.

Sunday, January 22: This day calls for us to relax, wind down, and speak openly. Though in the name of honesty we may vent inappropriately at someone who annoys us, but is not the real problem, and hurt the sensitive feelings around. Let’s be careful to speak what we really feel, speak our primary emotions and not our defenses. Though we may be tactless, everyone needs room to express themselves and be witnessed and accepted. Renew elasticity. New information about real intentions becomes clear. A walk in the wild furthers.

Moon enters Sagittarius 3:44 AM, Moon sextile Sun 9:29 AM,

Monday, January 23: Mercury sextiles Neptune and tells us to dream, we choose whether that means we’re late for work, get lost in our illusions, our hopes and fears, or vision which way to step forward. Find creative uses of imagination and expect the mind to drift. Intuition can be strong, listen to dreams. But watch boundaries, people can invade our space. This aspect can increase the desire to drink or escape unless we feed the Neptune in another way; consider prayer, meditation, artistic expression. Weather can be messy, so keep an eye on travel times.

Moon square Neptune 12:36 AM, Mercury sextile Neptune 2:28 PM, Moon trine Uranus 9:35 PM, Moon square Venus 9:56 PM.

Tuesday, January 24: A new seriousness calls us to knuckle down to work this morning as the mood conjuncts serious Saturn; we notice costs, restrictions, flaws in previous plans. Midday irritable debates distract us as the Moon squares Mars; let’s vent with, not at, each other. Organize plans after Moon enters industrious Capricorn tonight.

Moon sextile Jupiter 1:38 AM, Moon conjunct Saturn 3:38 AM, Moon square Mars 10:33 AM, Moon enters Capricorn 3:43 PM.

Wednesday, January 25: On this very political day we see farther down the road. Intentions may become clear, but not necessarily the consequences of our actions, as the Moon conjuncts Mercury. Make decisions, but stay open to adjust as consequences clarify in the days ahead. Choose not to get controlling under stress, and proceed carefully around those who do.

Moon sextile Neptune 12:06 PM, Moon conjunct Mercury 4:58 PM.

Thursday, January 26: Morning can become uncomfortable as problems get outlined while the Moon conjuncts Pluto and squares Uranus. Strategic moves are made, let’s not get trapped in an apparent corner. Moods may just drift in on the tide and we empathize (consciously or not) with those in an oppressive situation. Upsetting news need a thoughtful response. Fresh generosity suggests a way forward and reminds us of the potential good found in the human spirit this afternoon as the Moon squares Jupiter and sextiles Venus. Diplomatically find a common denominator.

Moon conjunct Pluto 2:21 AM, Moon square Uranus 8:18 AM, Moon square Jupiter 12:15 PM, Moon sextile Venus 1:04 PM.

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