Starcodes horoscopes for January 15 – 23, 2016

Starcodes horoscopes for January 15 – 23, 2016

by Heather Roan Robbins

free weekly horoscopesThis whole month will be our time to build foundations for 2016. But like building the foundations of the house, first we have to dig down in order to build up. We have to finish up prior commitments, reconnect with old contacts, and dust off that old manuscript to bring it up to date. Or just sit with a cascade of memories. This may be a highly efficient time, but we can best make progress by doing the Moon walk, by walking backwards as a way to walk forward, while thoughtful Mercury retrogrades back towards a conjunction with Pluto.

Mercury conjunct Pluto right before Christmas, and now retrogrades back to conjunct Pluto again next weekend, backs past Pluto, then pivots and conjuncts Pluto once again through the end of the month. As it does so it brings our minds (Mercury) to death, life, and power (Pluto). When Pluto dances is one of the personal planets, we often get a symbolic loss, and so David Bowie, Natalie Cole, Alan Rickman, and other recent losses have triggered a walk down memory lane and made us think of how we want to use what precious time we have left. We are asked to wade  through an encore of emotional and technical work that we began in December (or much earlier in our life) and do another layer of that work.

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North Korea set off what they claimed was a hydrogen bomb just as Mercury turned retrograde, another thing that sent us back to thoughts of the Cold War and the Korean War. Expect more information to come out about what’s really going on behind the scenes in this and other strange plays for power and attention around the globe. So let’s not set off a bomb ourselves and pay attention if communication start to get stranger mythic and the tension level begins to pick up.

Misunderstandings crop up with Mercury retrograde. Pay attention to issues that bring tears to her eyes or melancholy to the soul, be careful around any situation that delineates a strident difference between a good use of power and abuse of power. If the tension level begins to pick up in a conversation, let’s assume it’s a misunderstanding and see where else we can take the story.

Of course, with Mercury retrograde we also have to deal with the mercurial slapstick that can slow us down for three weeks, three or four times a year.  Mercury asked us to slow down and take a deep breath, contemplate, and catch up with ourselves. Recover from the psychic jet lag of recent changes. And sometimes, tend to life’s side bars, agendas that we normally don’t have time for or quirky experiences that somehow epitomize our soul’s work.

This week we have both a lovely if confusing Mars Neptune trine which can help us dissolve old anger where we are aware and conscious, but can also build up righteous anger where we attach to a delusional misunderstanding. And earthy and sensual Taurus Moon grounds us through the weekend and into the week. Look for mixed signals in relationship, notice both words and the underlying subtext of touch and body language, whether they are confusing or delicious unspoken understandings.

Midweek, be particularly careful about slips of the tongue or slips on the ice as Mercury squares Uranus while the Sun enters Aquarius. Soothe the nervous system if feeling anxious or just a little wound up.

Friday, January 15: The mood is feisty, energized when the road seems clear but irritations flair quickly when we are frustrated with impediments as the Aries Moon conjuncts Uranus, squares Mercury and the Sun. Let’s be diplomatic even when we don’t feel like it midday as Mercury semi-sextiles Venus, we’ll get better and faster results.Tonight it’s easy to work at cross purposes with one another, but we’ll have more fun if we are amused by our differences instead. Be kind around a late-night melancholia as the moon squares Pluto.

Moon conjunct Vesta 1:28 PM, Moon trine Saturn 5:21 PM, Moon square Pluto 10:14 PM.

Saturday, January 16: Let’s watch that our internal gyroscope does not spin too fast. It would be best to just hold still this weekend and rest deeply, but life’s demands can spin our top even faster if we’re not careful. And then we fall over and take that rest accidentally. Share enthusiasm this morning. Awkward words can trip good intentions midday, but let’s just keep talking and let our intention show through. The Moon enters more grounded and sensual Taurus tonight and we appreciate all creature comforts.

Moon conjunct Uranus 12:14 AM, Moon trine Venus 7:39 AM, Moon square Mercury 7:46 AM, Mercury semi-sextile Venus 8:25 AM, Saturn semi-square Pallas Athena 9:32 AM, Moon square Sun 4:26 PM, Moon enters Taurus 10:48 PM.

Sunday, January 17: Morning is slow, but speeds up with a dangerous edge midday; proceed safely. Relationships can get edgy, because our emotions run strong but our perspectives feel like skew lines as Venus semi-squares Mars while the Moon opposes Mars and Venus squares Jupiter. Communicate. Check out a different way of seeing a familiar situation. Respectfully differ, and use this as a chance to get to know one another rather than a chance to square off. It furthers to tackle a task, not one another.

Moon opposed Mars 11:53 AM, Moon sextile Neptune 12:27 PM, Venus semi-square Mars 3:54 PM, Venus square Jupiter 10:10 PM.

Monday, January 18: Get off to a good and organized start as the Moon, Sun and Jupiter form a grand trine in earth signs. Rather than try to change opinions or make plans, make as much progress as possible on the work already outlined. It’s a great day to tackle home chores and finish unfinished projects. Peak people can be sticklers for procedure and details as the Sun semi-square Saturn, so either work with them or step away and try another day. Tonight take advantage of an opportunity to find healing words, do the right words to move past an impasse and into more understanding.

Moon trine Pluto 1:32 AM, Moon Mars trine Neptune 4:01 AM, Mars semi-square Jupiter5:58 AM, Moon trine Mercury 7:03 AM, Sun semi-square Saturn 8:04 AM, Moon trine Jupiter 2:15 AM, Mercury sextile Chiron 11:29 PM, Moon trine Sun 11:49 PM.

Tuesday, January 19: We talk a lot, hear a buzz on the news, many words floating by the us in the hallway. But that doesn’t mean any real communication happens. Hidden in the buzz will be important nuggets of truth as the Sun conjunct Pallas Athena. People may speak more stridently or as a warrior for their cause, matter how small case. So we can uncover information if we actively seek to understand, not seek to be right. Tonight we may just seek to escape from moment or rest as the Moon squares Neptune.

Moon enters Gemini 2:12 AM, Sun conjunct Pallas Athena 3:28 AM, Moon square Neptune 4:09 PM.

Wednesday, January 20: Relationships we’ve committed to, whether business or family, it need extra attention this morning; don’t take them for granted, do nurture the relationship, especially under duress. Anxiety can make people say strange things or make abrupt and potentially inappropriate decisions as Mercury squares Uranus and conjuncts Pluto. Deal gently with strange and difficult news. An old sadness or loss or concern sits with us heavily, take advantage of opportunities to break from communication forms that hurt and step forward.

Venus semi-square Juno 12:29 AM, Moon opposed Saturn 12:54 AM, Moon sextile Uranus 7:23 AM, Sun enters Aquarius 8:27 AM, Mercury square Uranus 11:25 AM.

Thursday, January 21: We may be awash in the feelings as the Moon enters Cancer and forms a grand trine with Neptune and Mars. Feel those feelings and let them flow like floodwaters down a hillside rather than attach to the story and get caught in the flood. We’re feeling tender our defenses can trigger quickly and irrationally, so hold each other’s heart gently, support a sense of safety, and soothe the prickling spines. Good food helps.

Moon opposed Venus 1 AM, Moon enters cancer 6:27 AM, Moon trine Neptune 8:52 PM.

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