Starcodes horoscopes for January 14 – 20, 2011

Starcodes horoscopes for January 14 – 20, 2011

by Heather Roan Robbins

Wake up, the sweeping changes of history will paint with broad brush strokes this year.. We felt it begin last week as Mercury squared electrical Uranus, and will feel it expand this week as Mercury conjuncts Pluto while Mars and the Sun sextile Uranus and enter communal Aquarius.

Starting last week, people will want to change things because they have been bothering them for a long time. Or because they feel stuck. Or just because. Larger political and social movements stir across the country and around the globe, most of them will not kick into high gear yet, but we can see the swirls in consciousness. Maybe we won’t want to change, but it’s creeping towards us anyway; just hang on; it’s going to be an exciting year in this era-changing 2008-2015.

Over the next few years Uranus moves into a tighter square with Pluto, both in proactive cardinal signs and so we expect the world to move and shake, but even now they are close enough so that when other transiting planets form hard aspects to one, they hit the other soon after and build up a rhythm. Last week Mercury squared Uranus, an aspect that can be exciting and mind changing on a good day, but unsettling and unnerving on a bad day, troubling the frayed edges of the psyche and bringing unsettling or shocking information. This aspect was exact the day Congresswoman Gifford was shot in Tucson.

This week Mercury conjuncts Pluto and takes us deeper. Pluto is a heavy hitter and wants us to transform. As with any aspect we have a range of ways to feel and act this out. Mercury conjunct Pluto can just deepen our thinking, help us look at what matters in the face of life’s’ real issues. Being faced with a Plutonic life and death issues can change our minds and change how we communicate.

This aspect helps us investigate under the rocks and look for root causes; we want to know what really happened and why. It’s great for research and solid journalism. We may have to edit, or end one thing to start another. This aspect can also stress the mind or bring up tough memories, which can be a gift if we use it to heal the past. What we have to watch out for is projection and paranoia in the process. Pluto asks us to mine the souls, mine our information streams, but wants us to look for the gold hidden in the dirt and not focus on the dirt itself.

Looking back over the pattern of Mercury and Pluto we may find that a story that began for us in December of 2009, and made progress over the summer, now turns a corner, completes or begins a new chapter.

Venus is now in adventurous Sagittarius and Mars in philosophical Aquarius, both extroverted, outgoing signs. It’s a good time to break into new territory or start a new job. Our focus is turned away from our intimate relationships and encouraged to tend the larger community, expand our worlds. Self-promotion is now well received. People think about their civic duties but may miss the needs of those at home. Many people just won’t have much attention span to process personal issues, so keep those conversations short and to the point.

Venus and Mars in Aquarius also lower our impulse control, we spend more easily, easy impulsively and not because we’re necessarily hungry, and act on impulse for better or worse. Spontaneity can be wonderful, but we may also see a rash of incidents based on people’s crazy ideas, and because their restraints have recently lowered.

The Full Moon in Cancer early next week can highlight our need for security in order to thrive. Noticing our points of insecurity on a national level, what is security of our person and of our country, security forte be free as important as safety. Take anything said or thought with a grain of salt, sit with it and sees how it percolates out in a few days. Reach out to depressed people, as our minds can really dig in deep, but can get obsessive or depressed in the process. We need to choose careful where we focus, give ourselves a worthy conundrum and unhook from excessive thoughts.

A few people will get impossible as they mishandle anxiety, they will need their feelings respected but their actions encapsulated, let them calm down before trying to talk it out. This Full Moon brings our attention to the places we feel pulled between personal and professional needs, between home and work, our security and our ambitious freedoms. We do not need to choose, but find a way to take care of all.

Friday, Jan 14: Don’t rush, but do put one foot in front of the other; take advantage of a slow beginning and a relative lull in new action to further work under a steady and stubborn Taurus Moon. It is a fertile gardening Moon, nurture plants and possibilities. Don’t pick careless fights, it will be like kicking a rock, we’re not very mobile. Tonight there‘s something on our minds, but we’ll understand more if we can relax and feed the soul as we feed the senses while the Moon and Sun trine in earth signs.

Saturday, Jan 15: Ask about people’s dreams, overnight aspects can stir the depths and give us clues. Make sure everyone is on the same page before proceeding this awake but unfocused morning; expect helpful motives with erratic motions and last minute changes in strategy, we just need to mix it up but that can lead to misunderstandings. Sift and sort the week’s news as the Moon enters Gemini this afternoon; some recent turning point needs to be discussed, but direct the talk towards healing and growth. Meet, greet, and strengthen the web of community.

Sunday, Jan 16: Unsettled morning can pry us out of a rut and ask us to extend a hand as the Moon opposes Venus. It’s easy to just feel scattered and gossipy, but gathering towards a focused purpose furthers. Stability supports creativity the way good meditation posture can support awareness; our work on streamlining our home environment now gives us more energy in the week ahead as the Moon trines Saturn.

Monday, Jan 17: Make that call, meet this morning; keep a finger on the collective pulse because the conversation is engaged and change happens quickly when the Gemini Moon squares Uranus and Jupiter while the Sun sextiles Uranus. Around noon the mood shifts and people become more self-protective and resistant to influence as the Moon enters Cancer. Make an effort to understand a mystery this afternoon; don’t stop at the surface because the real reason lies beneath. Tonight be kind and real or be quiet as Mercury opposes Pluto. Some issue may look darker than it really is.

Tuesday, Jan 18: There’s potential for a breakthrough today, whether we break through a barrier or breakdown depends on our circumstances as Mercury conjuncts Pluto. Think steady, deep and practical to stabilize the vibes and use this transit to make good changes in how we move and communicate. Pay attention to incoming information; we start the next chapter in some ongoing problem. Attend to security needs, give dear ones a hug and check in on sad friends. Persuasive speech runs into a suspicious audience; we want to get deep but we’re wary of opposition and do not want to be manipulated. Our attention is brought to foundations and fundamentals.

Wednesday, Jan 19: Emotions are at high tide. It won’t always be this tough, if it feels like things are just hard, or people are at odds, hold on and take care of hearts and feelings first, and then deal with the smaller challenges later. Make changes early to improve the situation, even though the results may not show until feelings calm down later. Later, confidence returns and either opens our heart or deepens the melodrama, depending on how we respond, as the Moon enters Leo and opposes Mars. Avoid grandstanding arguments; express, but skip the hyperbole.

Thursday, Jan 20: We may see the light at the end of the tunnel and it doesn’t have to be an oncoming car as the Sun sextiles Jupiter. We’re ready to grow, expanse or take a risk as Moon trines Venus and the Sun enters Aquarius. People are in a relatively good mood but more focused on their community than they are those close at home. Work the networking web. Reach out to new ideas. Learn and teach.

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