Starcodes horoscopes for January 13 – 19, 2017

Starcodes horoscopes for January 13 – 19, 2017

by Heather Roan Robbins

This can be a subtly tricky week; the astrological influences can leave us feeling both more competent, and like an emotional mush pile underneath. We grow more organized and can get some work done as Mercury joins the Sun and Pluto in competent Capricorn. But it’s hard to get our heart into the work unless it truly inspires our imagination, and we may feel mopey, touchy, or easily discouraged as the emotional planets, Venus and Mars slosh their way through sensitive, fantastically imaginative if easily-victimized Pisces, now through the end of January.

Capricorn energy encourages us to deal with everything on our plate in a clean and competent manner. People who feel clear about their goals and supported by their people and their surroundings can gallop ahead. Those with a more amorphous feeling, fuzzier goals, who are resisting rather than directing, or who are processing grief, loss, confusion, may feel at a loss for the next step. If so, It furthers to “put one foot in front of the other and lead with love,” as per a line from a recent song by Melanie DeMore, and trust that much will clarify and focus over the next few months.

We may feel particularly awash on Friday, reverberating from the recent Full Moon in Cancer, and as Venus conjuncts Neptune in Pisces. We can make good use this Piscean sensitivity if we can find a safe place to be sensitive, a place where it furthers to be imaginative, find beauty and let it fill our hearts so we can step forward. One step at a time.

Delays may turn out to be fortuitous, it’s a week to accomplish, but not push impatiently. We can expect considerable frustrations towards the end of the week as activating Mars squares serious Saturn. We may feel the tension between generations, between young and old, liberal and conservative. But in the process, we have an opportunity to hammer out some deeper understanding as well as build craft into our inspiration.

Friday begins in an emotional haze. Watch people spin fantasies personal or political. On Saturday the Moon forms a grand trine with Saturn and Uranus and brings bombast to the headlines, so we need to be able to laugh at our own pronouncements. Sundayand early into next week grows more industrious as the Virgo Moon amps up Capricorn. Don’t waste energy in worry, though it may be tempting; instead, do.

Midweek brings a series of changes and adjustments that will need honesty not reaction as the Libra Moon T -squares with Mercury, Pluto, and Uranus. A moment of despair can push us out of our comfort zone and make a positive step forward. Thursdaybrings a major energy shifts as the Sun enters Aquarius while the Moon enters Scorpio and they square off. Watch the stubbornness thicken, backbones strengthen, and people entrench in their positions temporarily. Let’s walk around obstacles rather than run our heads into them.

Friday, January 13: The mood is blustery and inconsistent. We may work through potentially considerable frustrations which give Friday the 13th a bad name. People need to express themselves, they need to feel heard and their emotions honored under a Leo Moon, their excesses forgiven, but we don’t need to agree with them. It refreshes to find a point of gratitude, a place of ease, and let our minds dwell there.

The Moon is in Leo, and makes no major aspects today.

Saturday, January 14: It’s a day to catch up with ourselves and with our friends, to nourish connection as the Leo Moon trines Uranus. We may make big plans for the evening, but as the Moon enters Virgo just after dinner time, a private, cozy, personal time may seem like a better idea. Health issues can get in the way, we need nurturance at a deep level, and deep, thoughtful conversation, rather than activity.

Moon trine Uranus 4:25 AM, Moon sextile Jupiter 7:20 AM, Moon trine Saturn 8:06 AM, Moon enters Virgo 8:52 PM, Moon trine Mercury 11:58 PM.

Sunday, January 15: On the suppose a day of rest we have so much work to do as the Virgo Moon opposes Neptune and Venus. Though we may not feel like. Our minds suddenly catalog all the personal and social work we need have been postponing for the last couple of months. Make lists now then let the mind rest. Moments of social awkwardness are not personal, don’t take them so.

Moon opposed Neptune 3:07 PM, Moon opposed Venus 8:57 PM.

Monday, January 16: Some illusions are beginning to fall from our eyes, some tough realities can cause us to worry. If so, let’s stay in the present, assess honestly the new situation, and make a plan. Forgive people their anxiety, it can come out as sharp edges midday as the Moon opposes Mars and square Saturn. We grow more open to solutions tonight as the Moon trines the Sun.

Moon trine Pluto 4:39 AM, Moon opposed Mars 12:02 PM, Moon square Saturn 3:12 PM, Moon trine Sun 11:09 PM.

Tuesday, January 17: Today we take a more tactful, human-centered approach to yesterday’s feelings. It’s a day to rally the troops, and strengthen the connections needed for our future plans, and listen to theirs to see places of mutual support as the Moon enters friendly Libra and squares thoughtful Mercury. Kindness and good conversation further.

Moon enters Libra 4:15 a.m., Moon squares Mercury 11:37 AM.

Wednesday, January 18: Questions of social justice, what’s fair and what’s not, echo from the breakfast table to the boardroom as the Libra Moon squares Pluto and opposes Uranus. It’s urgent that we concern ourselves with what is fair for our spouse, our mate, for all sentient beings, and not just work on what is fair for ourselves.

Moon square Pluto 2:23 PM. Moon opposed Uranus 8:41 PM.

Thursday, January 19: A day of emotional paradox, listen to all the conservative voices. We long for freedom and feel the frustration, we have work to do and feel passive, we will feel for the group and want to be alone, we have hope and we frustration as the Sun enters Aquarius Moon into Scorpio and Mars and Saturn and square. A day of emotional paradox; we long for freedom and feel frustration, we have work to do and feel passive, we have hope and despair, may feel for the group and want to be alone as the Sun enters Aquarius Moon into Scorpio. Timeshare between opposing needs rather than find something that fits both.

Moon conjunct Jupiter 12:26 AM, Moon sextile Saturn 1:54 AM, Mars squares Saturn 2:15 AM, Sun enters Aquarius to 20 3 PM, Moon enters Scorpio 3:09 PM, Moon square Sun 3:13 PM.

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