Starcodes horoscopes for January 12 – 18, 2018

Starcodes horoscopes for January 12 – 18, 2018

by Heather Roan Robbins

Don’t say it, do it. Show love through practical action. With Mercury, the sun, Venus, Saturn, and Pluto all in durable Capricorn this weekend, we’ll want to see progress on our work and feel our work is appreciated. We will really appreciate it when people help us in a concrete, tangible way. Call up a politician you think is doing something right and let them know. Encourage a co-worker. And tonight, let’s down load about the week and process together, mark our little victories and think about the road ahead.

The weekend begins under a relatively upbeat and wildlife-oriented Sagittarius moon, a Moon which can help us lighten the conversation and explore possibilities in an otherwise serious time.

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Over the weekend we can lust after well-organize plans and long for clear, delineated steps forward as Mercury conjuncts Saturn. With this conjunction, what we say will be taken seriously, and will have consequence. So, it’s a good time to finalize plans or have important conversations, just avoid saying anything unforgivable. The Moon joins the party in Capricorn on Sunday and as extra focus, there’s not much we can’t do once we get started. The trick will be to not feel overwhelmed by the amount of work to do, or give into midwinter blues, but instead break through the inertia and take steps toward something we want to accomplish.

And if we don’t have something solid to do, this conjunction demands a plan. It encourages our mind to have an outline, two put our goals in a linear beginning, middle, and format or make a nonlinear mind map. Make lists and check them off. In our work it furthers to have a plan, but stay flexible because so does everybody else. Be the one that has a solution to the conundrum rather than a complaint.

The weekend begins under a relatively upbeat and outdoors-ish Sagittarius moon, which can help us run errands transport tease one another about serious events and important problems, so we can lighten up the conversation and find solutions. It also can make us too restless to stay where we are. Venus and the Sun both square Uranus now through Monday and can bring up our anxiety wherever we feel stuck and infuses us with ingenuity where we feel inspired.

The shadow side of Capricorn can instigate a desire to be in control and have power over others.

But Martin Luther King’s birthday on Monday reminds us of his Capricorn ideal; his “I have a dream” speech exemplifies the best of Capricorn, the ability to dive down deep within for a vision, and walk that dream to mountaintops with competence and endurance. He also models the Capricorn gifts of honor and responsibility.

The waning Moon enters Capricorn on Sunday, becomes a New Moon on Tuesday and encourages us to starts a new cycle in our work or personal direction. The dark side of this line-up with five planets in Capricorn can be major control issues or power struggles, or aches in our bones and teeth. But if we choose instead to use it with personal responsibility and look for the answers in our own life and our own path, this new Moon can initiate the next step of our road of our journey.

It’s good for us to contemplate what mountains we want to climb in the year ahead, what are our long-term dreams, and the short-term efforts we can make to get there. It can be helpful to review what we’ve accomplished in the last year. Think back on our successes small and large. Then share these with another person and ask them about their personal accomplishments, just witness for each other. An encouraging sextile between Jupiter and Pluto supports this work and can boost our confidence, and encourages us to promote one another, and forge ahead on our work.

Wednesday and Thursday bring a more political, sociable mood as the Moon enters theoretical, collective Aquarius, but also irritable undercurrents as Mars forms an itchy quincunx with Uranus while Mercury forms an equally irritating semi-square with Mar. Let’s manage our moods so we don’t set off others around us and get our prickliness back in spades. Turn that existential itchiness into propulsion for the work.

Friday, January 12: We may feel a lightning after a heavy couple of days, but that doesn’t mean it’s a lazy day. There’s a lot of work to be done, and midday minor frustrations to work around, but we also need to take a walk, stretch our legs and chuckle with one another, and grow resilience in an otherwise busy time. It furthers to talk to a stranger or in some way reach out of our familiar comfort zone under the Sagittarius Moon.

Moon enter Sagittarius at 12:04 AM.

Saturday, January 13: It’s a great day to climb a mountain or learn how to snowshoe; achieve some short-term specific personal goal, preferably one that uses the muscles, as Mercury conjuncts Saturn. Review revised plans and organize, artistically experiment and make design decisions as Venus squares Uranus and Mercury conjuncts Saturn. Without a list to check off, we can get grim. Tonight, we need to talk and may say too much as Mercury semi-squares Jupiter. Watch those tweets.

Mercury conjuncts Saturn 12:03 AM, Moon squares Neptune 12:37 AM, Venus squares Uranus 12:08 PM, Mercury semi-squares Jupiter 8:55 PM.

Sunday, January 14: If something bothers us, let’s fix it as the Moon enters industrious Capricorn, conjuncts Saturn, and sends us to work, while the Sun squares irritating Uranus and nags us to make changes. It will be hard to control the circumstances (though we may be tempted to try); rather than get irritated, let an unexpected situation inspire action.

Moon trine Uranus 1:47 AM, Moon enters Capricorn 12:42 PM, Sun squares Uranus 1:44 PM, Moon conjuncts Saturn 6:49 PM, Sun sextiles Chiron 11:59 PM.

Monday, January 15: On this last day before the New Moon, prepare. Use a dreamy, imaginative, idealistic or easily-worried (depending which way our imagination goes) semi-square between Venus and Neptune to conjure up possibilities. Let’s not let anxieties run the show, nor think that we have a clear picture of how others feel; prepare for the worst and aim for the best. Plan the first steps towards the next level of the dream.

Moon conjunct’s Mercury 12:02 AM, Moon sex tiles Neptune 1:38 PM, Venus semi-squares Neptune 2:46 PM, Jupiter semi-sextiles Pluto 9:13 PM.

Tuesday, January 16: This morning can feel heavy, we can see a fatal flaw or fly in the ointment as the Moon conjuncts Pluto. There may be a lot of behind-the-scenes strategizing and organizing before the New Moon in Capricorn, close to Venus, tonight at 7:17 PM MST. Make a decision and take a step forward at that point. Look for important announcements in the next few days. Organize, decide, or put a team together.

Moon conjuncts Pluto 3:53 AM, Moon sextile Jupiter 3:57 AM, Moon sextiles Mars 1:27 PM, Moon square Uranus 2:44 PM, Moon conjunct the Sun 7:17 PM.

Wednesday, January 17: If we want to run for office, now is the time to declare on the waxing Aquarius Moon and as Venus enters Aquarius, sign of our collective community. Put a pawn forward in any ongoing strategy. Make those cold calls or reach out. People may be a little oblivious in our one-to-one relationships, because we are looking towards a farther horizon.

Moon enters Aquarius 1:31 AM, the Sun semi-squares Neptune 5:04 AM, Mars quincunx Uranus 2:37 PM, Venus enters Aquarius 6:43 PM.

Thursday, January 18: An irritable, accident-prone, yet still ambitious morning as Mercury semi-squares Mars can provoke an opportunity to heal a misconception as Mars trines Chiron. Don’t count on bureaucratic support, do offer and ask for simple mutual support.

Mercury semi-square Mars 1:54 AM, Mars trine Chiron 11:02 AM, Moon square Jupiter 5 PM.

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