Starcodes horoscopes for February 9 – 15, 2018

Starcodes horoscopes for February 9 – 15, 2018

by Heather Roan Robbins

What would you do for love? Fourteen years ago, my father tried very hard not to die on Valentine’s Day, made it an extra day, romantic that he was, as his last bittersweet gift to the family. Valentine’s Day falls in the middle of flu season, in the ragtag end of winter when we know that not much but our heart chakras keep our world alight. This year a haunting Venus-Pluto aspect makes it even more poignant, so let’s explore what radical and simple acts of love and compassion we can share.

Valentine’s Day falls under Aquarius, not consider the most emotionally intimate signs. This Aquarian holiday speaks more of the theory of love then it does of romance. At its worst, Valentine’s Day leaves an image of what we “should” (a word that haunts Aquarius) feel, and can make us cynical about our love life. At its best, this holiday encourages us to appreciate our international, global community and love all humankind.

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This year, Valentine’s Day falls between the lunar eclipse on January 31 and a partial solar eclipse on February 15 (only visible in the southern hemisphere). Eclipses tend to clean house. Under that bittersweet Venus-Pluto transits, our hearts may be reviewing recent personal and political history, and we may not necessarily feel loved by the cosmos. The time between the lunar eclipse on January 31 and this new Moon has pared away dead wood. Many people have reported illusions bursting with some nasty wake-up calls, or an end to a dream that sounded good but was not really in line with our soul’s purpose. So, these eclipses clear the ground and after this new Moon encourage us to build, not on what we thought we wanted, but where we really feel energized.

But first, now through early next week we need to speak consciously and write thoughtfully as the Sun semi-squares Saturn on Friday and Mercury semi-squares Saturn and squares Jupiter. The planets loan us a certain tough-mindedness, we could feel highly opinionated, tactless or gruff, which could complicate Valentines plans, but give us the mental toughness to finish what we start.

Our minds might be tough, and our communication style of bid edgy, but our feelings can get all squishy as Venus enters sensitive Pisces, which can bring a flood of feelings, and makes us more sentimental. Be kind to all hearts. Expect a lot of political commentary and enjoy debate, but assess carefully where an argument can be productive and where it’s just a waste of time. And if depression whispers, watch the nature of thought and direct the mind away from cataloguing problems and towards problem-solving.

We can get a lot done this weekend, if we put our tough minds to it- but let’s watch control issues, stay away from people who tend to be abusive and check in on people who have to deal with that heaviness. Somewhere in our lives we may face the illusion that we are stuck, but it is more likely that our head is under a cliff and we needed take a step sideways to have room to move.

Towards Valentine’s Day it will be important to review the warm spots in our life. If we’re celebrating Valentine’s Day with someone we love, review first meetings and romantic moments. If we’re celebrating by ourselves or with platonic, it furthers to review the moments we felt loved by the universe, when we felt healthy and joyful, however hard or easy those may be to remember at the moment. Remember what we’d do for love, when we made someone’s day and helped them feel loved by their world. Bring these moments alive and close and sing our love song to the world.

Friday, February 9: We could feel a little old and achy this morning or want to grumble about our responsibilities as the Sun semi-squares Saturn. Meetings and bureaucratic wrangling can feel like more work than usual, but can also be really productive. Look for a particularly important communiqué around noon time. Our attention drifts early this afternoon, we’re ready to take off for the weekend and our work focus can dissipate quickly. Playfulness furthers tonight, find something to laugh about in this weary world.

Sun semi-squares Saturn, Moon square Neptune, Moon sextile Mercury.

Saturday, February 10: If the weather lets us, it will be good to get out and meander. It furthers us to be spontaneous, to step out without knowing where we will end up, and discover new possibilities. As Venus enters Pisces this afternoon and the Sun squares Jupiter, we move more into our heart. But watch unexpected expenses; make sure an item is needed more than the resources. It may be hard to let go of ongoing work concerns as the Moon enters Capricorn tonight. Watch a tendency to manipulate one another, even unintentionally, in response to some existential angst.

Moon sextile Sun 2:14 AM, Moon trine Uranus 9:37 AM, Moon square Chiron 11:42 AM, Venus enters Pisces 4:19 PM, Sun square Jupiter 4:20 PM Moon enters Capricorn 7:20 PM. Moon sextiles Venus 7:42 PM.

Sunday, February 11: Why so serious? The industrious Capricorn Moon conjuncts serious Saturn this morning and conjuncts Pluto tomorrow, making it easier to look at all the problems than find solutions. We may be painfully aware of an imbalance of power in our lives or constructs that are not working for us, and will feel better if we take a step to address this. Capricorn says “don’t get mad (or sad), get efficient”.

Moon conjunct Saturn 7:16 AM, Moon sextile Neptune 10:08 PM.

Monday, February 12: A problem is very apparent this morning. A deadline looms or a situation wants to come to a crunch as Mercury semi-squares Saturn and the Moon conjuncts Pluto. Do not perseverate on the worry; instead, organize, construct, and do the work. People get flustered easily but will respond well to a realistic and hopeful plan.

Mercury semi-sextile Pluto 9:24 AM, Moon conjunct Pluto 12:21 PM, Moon sextile Jupiter 4:41 PM, Mercury semi-square Saturn 8:46 PM, Moon square Uranus 10:43 PM.

Tuesday, February 13: The conversation opens up; we feel our idealism growing and can tune into the sense of community enthusiasm, if we let ourselves, as the Moon enters Aquarius and Mercury squares Jupiter. Have a great conversation, but don’t say too much and give away important information for bargaining, nor take on an obligation unprepared. Brainstorm great ideas to make the world feel more spacious and ruminate on what has worked before.

Moon enters Aquarius 8:11 AM, Mercury square Jupiter 3:38 PM, Sun sextile Uranus 7:22 PM.

Wednesday, February 14: What are we willing to do for love? Radical acts of compassion further with the Sun and Moon in Aquarius. It will be hard to live up to any ideal of Valentine’s Day as Venus semi-squares Pluto and stirs poignant undertones, but we can enjoy any abundance of the heart, the more idiosyncratic and thoughtful, the better. Give out Valentines to the whole community, just like we did in second grade. Go to a fundraiser. Feed the homeless. Attend a speed dating event. Relive delicious moments of the past. Perform a Metta meditation and love all sentient beings.

Moon sextile Mars 7:29 AM, Venus semi-square Pluto 8:58 PM, Sun semi sextile Chiron 10:28 PM.

Thursday, February 15: What chapter do we need to end, what are we ready to begin? We may need to let go of a theory, a fantasy, and unproductive path and make room for fresh dreams and new possibilities on this new Moon eclipse, as Mercury sextiles Uranus. We grow more sensitive, personal, and sentimental tonight as the Moon joins Venus in Pisces.

Moon semi-square Saturn 2:27 AM, Moon square Jupiter for 50 9 AM, Mercury sextile Uranus 8:07 AM, Moon sextile Uranus 10:40 AM, Moon conjunct Mercury 11:06 AM, new Moon, solar eclipse 2:05 PM. Venus sextiles Saturn 4:19 PM, Moon enters Pisces at 7:41 PM

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