Starcodes horoscopes for February 6 – 12, 2009

Starcodes horoscopes for February 6 – 12, 2009

by Heather Roan Robbins

It’s a tough week for bi-partisan support as the planets demand we walk our talk.  As the Sun conjuncts intuitive Neptune our ideals, our dreams and our delusions are not ephemeral, they are vitally real to us and call for attention. Where our actions back our dreams and are in line with our philosophy we can get organized and get on with our work as Mercury makes progress in industrious Capricorn.  But we’ll get frustrated where our actions and ideals don’t match, or where our delusions take us farther off course.  And we’ll resist one another where our philosophies clash. Let’s look for that common ground and work from there.

Venus in Aries keeps a light under our tail this week and keeps us moving. We can waste her divine restlessness by being contrary or reactionary, or by trying to prove how independent we are.  Or we can let this fire simmer, heat our work and our capacity to love bravely. A line paraphrased from Obama’s inaugural speech is a good motto this week; we will be remembered for what we create, not what we destroy.

Impatience with the way things are can be constructive; it is the main motivator of political change. But Venus in Aries can also give us a case of cabin fever; the dogs need walks, the kids need a place to run and adults need unstructured down time. If the weather doesn’t let us out, or our schedule doesn’t give us time to return to our source, the charge builds for sharp and spiky temper tantrums. They won’t last long but can really be a dozy.

On Monday, a full Moon lunar eclipse in Leo wants us to shine, it turns the volume up on our needs and can make hard to really hear what the other needs, even if we think we’re being generous. It shines light on any tension between our personal needs, and our responsibilities to our group, whether it’s family, work, or country. We may want to be selfish and tell off the group, or feel like a righteous martyr and feel righteous for what we give up for the sake of the collective.

This eclipse highlights political tension between efforts to solve the same economic problem from two opposite perspectives, one that benefits the country through putting bounty into the individual’s pocket, and one that seeks to benefit the individual through investing in the bounty of the whole country.

But it’s not an either/or situation.  So how can we break this illusion? We know, deep underneath our individual struggles, we are all one, whether we feel this spiritually or know so from germ-sharing illnesses and economic observations. A relationship succeeds when the needs of the individuals are considered and healthy relationship habits are honored. This week we get a clear reminder that healthy parts create a healthier whole; inside us, in our loves and in our community.

Friday, Feb 6 the early energy is fierce and protective as the Cancer Moon opposes Pluto, a bravery of intent argues with distrust of the world; this can keep us home or make us self protective. The needier we feel the more independent we’ll act, and the deeper we can entrench in our position. Tough news helps us engage; let’s skip the whine and just dig in, look for little points of agreement to create momentum towards larger goals. Fuzzy thinking tonight, just let us unwind.

Saturday, Feb 7 we may feel like a dog that just can’t get comfortable as our introverted and extroverted sides conflict. Home is too quiet, the public too abrasive; it’s hard to get comfortable as the Moon opposes Mercury. Let’s just make the most of each situation and let life be a gentle adventure. We may work at cross purposes or feel out of synch as the Moon opposes Mercury midday, but break into an extroverted evening as the Moon enters Leo; early evening bubbles but watch a contentious streak towards midnight.

Sunday, Feb 8 stubborn opposition overnight can tweak our dreams, wake us up with a chip on our shoulder or tempt us to test others this morning.  Though a generous heart melts this ice quickly as the Moon opposes expansive Jupiter midday, watch for inflated opinions or problems of excess. Tough stuff can provoke a more pompous streak around dinner, feelings dramatize.   Evening vibrates with a haunted quality.

Monday, Feb 9 a Full Moon lunar eclipse this morning at 7:37 am MST spotlights stubborn conflicts both inside and out. It feels urgent to be seen and heard this morning, and our personal lives seem more important than our business function. If ego issues pepper negotiations, be generous with approval and attention; a good team is made of fulfilled people. Dinnertime relaxes, we get the joke, though may grow more worried and thoughtful as the Moon enters Virgo late.

Tuesday, Feb 10 we will not tolerate fools, though can be compassionate and helpful if we decide to be patient. A series of minor mishaps tests us early but can lets us correct missteps, be self-forgiving.  Old emotional scars may be sensitize the afternoon, be gentle and focus on healing rather than safety.

Wednesday, Feb11 just hang in there and do the work. If resistance picks up, listen, check to make sure the work is on track and keep up steady pressure as the Moon conjuncts Saturn in Virgo while both challenge the Sun. Debate professionally and keep criticism constructive; restrain the desire to tell people off. Appreciate improved communication tonight.

Thursday, Feb 12 people skills improve, we’re more sensitive under a Libra Moon as the Sun conjuncts Neptune, but our will powers square off as Mars challenges Uranus. Weather or recalcitrant water could cause technical hassles; drive safe. Sabers rattle, and an unfair situation needs to be rebalanced. Tense but romantic vibes, play off one another but bring kindness back: remind us about how beautiful our world can be.

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