Starcodes horoscopes for February 5 – 11, 2016

Starcodes horoscopes for February 5 – 11, 2016

by Heather Roan Robbins

We’ve got some emotional processing to do this week, it’s a highly competent week to heal, catch up with ourselves, and get on with our work. After the weekend the astrological ground is fertile to meet new people and make professional overtures.

But we may be tested first. The weekend begins under a friendly and hard-working overlay, but has an easily-angered and accident-prone Mars-Uranus irritating us underneath. This aspect can make even tectonic plates restless. At the same time our hearts are brought back to recent losses, obsessions or disappointed dreams as Venus conjuncts Pluto, but we can let this poignant reminder give us a new appreciation for what we have left.

With Venus conjunct Pluto, notice an increase in conscious and unconscious sexism or genderism. We may be asked to bear witness or stand for a healthy approach even in socially awkward circumstance, or be asked to empower ourselves or encourage others who are speaking up about gender inequity. This conjunction can also just make people feel lonely; it’s a good time to reach out and check in on those which might otherwise be disconnected. A pragmatic Capricorn Moon asks us to not just whine or mourn, but do something practical in response.

After a potentially eventful or emotional Friday, the energy shifts quickly with an optimistic trine between thoughtful Mercury and expansive Jupiter. A socially and aesthetically restless Venus-Uranus square whisper that a change of people or location could solve all our problems while a passionate sextile between Venus and Mars adds extra juice. But let’s be careful, or the loneliness of the Venus-Pluto conjunction can make us doubt or test our relationships when really it describes a more existential loneliness. And the restless Venus-Uranus can. It is a great week to meet new people, but if were just feeling restless, let’s be careful to solve the real problem, rather than look for an answer in a quick change of the personnel.

On Monday the new Moon in collaborative Aquarius helps us launch into a cooperative and creative time. Use that social restlessness to make new contacts, particularly in the line of work, politics, or some shared passion. Feel a new chapter beginning, reassess allies and friendships to see who to bring in closer to support a new chapter.

Midweek a Pisces Moon can leave us emotionally squishy, sensitive but newly able to make some creative or aesthetic decisions. Our hearts stay a bit softer, possibly more willing to see the good in others as Venus trine’s Jupiter, but as easily hurt if our openness is taken advantage of. Mars is spending a very long time in Scorpio this year, and gives us an extra stinger if we feel disrespected.

The Moon in Aries on Thursday brings back our active, can-do, radical edge. Our eventful life will pick up speed.

Friday, February 5: Hang in there on this politically difficult, potentially eventful day. The mood can leave us determined, but easily frustrated and emotionally intense as Venus conjuncts Pluto we need to stop and take a deep breath, and make decisions for the long haul, not in reaction wile Mars quincunx Uranus and leaves us, and our electronic equipment, irritable. The mood can shift swiftly for the better over the weekend, we’re not stuck here. Don’t drown sorrows tonight, but do support one another through a restless night.

Sun semi-sextile Pluto 10:12 AM, Moon sextile Neptune 11:24 AM, Mars quincunx Uranus 12:31 PM, Venus conjunct Pluto 8:14 PM.

Saturday, February 6: Overnight events or dreams create a very different landscape this morning, really take the temperature of everyone’s mood, find out what’s going on, and reassess plans. We want freedom from a weight we’ve been carrying and need to try new options. We may crave new aesthetics and want to reorganize the house or change up our social life, but let’s not throw the baby out with the bathwater. A sociable Aquarius Moon encourages us to gather tonight; new connections are in the air.

Moon conjunct Pluto 1 AM, Moon conjunct Venus 1:28 AM, Moon square Uranus 2:51 AM, Moon conjunct Mercury 10:39 AM, Moon trine Jupiter10:53 AM, Sun sextile Uranus 11:39 AM, Mercury trine Jupiter 1:45 PM, Venus square Uranus 5:03 PM.

Sunday, February 7: early morning can be a bit grumpy, but a pleasant sense of connection and understanding encourages interactions midday as Venus sextiles Mars. Notice pressure to join or facilitate other people’s plans later in the day, let’s avoid manipulation or being manipulated, and contribute what our conscience thinks will help. A good architectural and structural sense encourages us to organize and build.

Moon enters Aquarius 12:58 AM, Sun square Mars 7:07 AM, Venus sextile Mars 10 AM, Sun Semi-sextile Venus 4:59 PM.

Monday, February 8: What begins today will have wind under its wings. Early-morning confusion or whether issues need attention, but then The New Moon in Aquarius at 9:38 AM encourages us to start a new chapter in our interpersonal activities. Look for auspicious political announcements. Instigate meetings and opportunities. New contacts may be important. Let’s act with one another in a way we’d like to continue and set new habit patterns.

Moon sextile Saturn 1:57 AM, Venus sextile Chiron 4:38 AM, Moon sextile Uranus 6:29 AM, son semi sextile Chiron 7:19 AM, Moon square and Mars8:37 AM, Mercury semi-square Neptune 8:56 AM, Moon conjunct the Sun 9:38 AM.

Tuesday, February 9: Although we stay highly competent, we get softer and squishy or as the Moon enters Pisces and conjuncts intuitive Neptune. Watch codependent behavior, it’s okay to know what they need, let’s just know what we need as clearly, and find a healthy balance between. Water may be problematic.

Moon enters Pisces 3:31 AM, Moon Semi-square Pluto and Uranus 5:46 AM, Mars trine Chiron 2:14 PM,

Wednesday, February 10: A tender and optimistic, if touchy, mood can help us forgive others as long as they don’t re-trigger us in the process. We want to free ourselves of grudges, stuff, and unnecessary work to make more room for what matters. Treat one another’s sensitivity as if it’s a precious flower, and still get work done.

Moon conjunct Neptune 6:01 PM. Venus trine Jupiter 2:54 AM, Moon square Saturn 3:58 AM, Moon conjunct Chiron 11:18 AM, Moon trine Mars11:55 AM, son quincunx Jupiter 2:28 PM, Moon opposed Jupiter 2:55 PM, Moon sextile Venus 4:07 PM, Moon sextile Mercury 11:24 PM.

Thursday, February 11: The mood is restless, upbeat, and pragmatically sociable if a bit pushy. Strong opinions sling. Political rhetoric bounces off the walls. And we can all get a little edgy or irritated we are interrupted, or someone tries to tell us what to do. Be honest about strangely competitive undertones and keep them lighthearted. Bravery helps us make overtures, spark with new people.

Moon enters Aries 4:54 AM, Moon semi-square Sun 5:28 PM.

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