Starcodes horoscopes for February 4 – 10, 2011

Starcodes horoscopes for February 4 – 10, 2011

by Heather Roan Robbins

We’ll see big strokes of the cultural brush change our landscape on this decisive and sometimes difficult week. Sparks catch fire quickly in the public imagination as the Sun flares, conjuncts Mars in Aquarius and both trine Saturn. Revolutions in the mid-east, political decisions in the west, and clean-up from storm damage of all types will take our focus. No one is really interested in compromise.

It’s not a very personal week; our personal relationships may feel upstaged by major events or reprioritized when seen against their backdrop. Aquarius is far-sighted, concerned with the collective or group experience, it asks us to look at our relationship to our team, clan and culture. Right now we can see what needs doing more clearly in the big picture than we can close to home.  This is a fresh, unsettled, evolutionary time, and all decisions are a work in progress, not the final answer, though they can be important steps towards the future.

It’s an emotional week, but this won’t cause us a problem if we have a healthy place to put our energy. It may be time to prune back, cut off a dangling relationship or leader whose time is passed. In the process we feel the pressure to birth new forms of power, we just need to stop arguing and get to work.

Our decisions around our person life and intimate relationships are less clear cut, though our feelings can flare easily and erratically as Venus semi-squares Mars over the weekend. Let’s just deal with what’s on the table and not look too far ahead right now. Relationships needed a new level of honesty while Venus walked through Sagittarius these last couple of weeks and now needs a new level of security as Venus walks into Capricorn, or we’re tempted to bolt, to revolt like the populace of a near-east country. We probably have more room to negotiate for our needs; we just have to believe it’s possible.

This weekend we need time out, off, or doing exactly what we want. Curfews will be ignored. We may love our friends and family but are really not interested in making them happy at our expense. Even a little expense. And will really hate it if anyone tries to guilt trip. It’s all about self- motivation and hearing our inner voices at home, just as it is not about rules but hearing the voice of the people in the streets. We do have access to the ingenuity solve problems or work together in any win-win-situation, but will do more if asked less.

The week starts on a particularly belligerent, oppositional but idealistic note; we will not back down if we are fighting for a cause. But by the middle of the week the pure stubbornness subsides and emotional volume is cranked up as Venus conjuncts Pluto and Chiron enters Pisces. Notice, but don’t buy into a whisper of victimhood, it won’t help us, though we may see an archetype play the story out in the news. Somewhere we will feel a symbolic loss, share together in a sorrow for person, place, that slow us down, or feel we have to make a tough emotional decision, and either helps us reevaluate our priorities.

It’s a moody time and can break open the emotional floodgates. Stay self-responsible. A competitive angst can make it feel like our problems are caused by someone else, another woman, and another country, someone somewhere must be responsible for the changes we feel. But they are symptoms, not the cause. Life is just changing. It can change for the better when we align with the universe and work the waves.

Friday, Feb 4: Stay in the moment rather than look too far ahead or too far behind on this emotionally volatile day. So much is in motion right now it is best not too lean heavily on one another with expectations; look to oneself and to practical things for comfort and grounding. Early morning is hopeful, but events can set off a dynamic reaction later on. Reassess the situation late afternoon, but know most answers are only temporary. Tonight we need to process and adapt, so keep it low key and give people room to be distracted.

Saturday, Feb 5: Enjoy a relatively positive and open morning on a high-motivated week, just don’t ask anyone to think fast or think instead of feel as Mercury sextiles Jupiter. It’s a good time to sort objects, find hidden value, and sort the memories those object bring up. Circumstances shimmer and change easily. Talk over touchy subjects in bits and pieces, let people retreated or act out, don’t hold their feet to the fire and expect to get anywhere. Later, pull out finger-paints and color swatches; our muse has more to say than our heads. An old answer returns and brings new wisdom later as the Sun trines Saturn.

Sunday, Feb 6: Our interior landscape shifts, we can let go of some past element and greet the new circumstances more bravely as the Moon conjuncts Uranus and enters Aries. New competence this afternoon, power and experience work together as Mars trines Saturn. Unlikely collaborations deepen rather than speed up the process. We’ll tend to over shoot the mark, but if we feel inspired to make an extravagant gesture, let’s make a wise one instead. Later, relationships can feel consuming but indecisive. Art expand our framework and forgiveness frees up room to grow as Venus squares Jupiter tonight.

Monday, Feb 7: Freedom can feel like just another word for nothing left to loose, but it will still feel worth it. We’re ready to tell people off, but firmness rather than drama is more effective. We’re willing to fight for a cause, tend to disagree on principle or philosophy, and may not know when to pull back. Risk-taking brings mixed success; assess cost-benefit ratio before building momentum. If emotions roil, throw oneself into work that matters.

Tuesday, Feb, 8: It’s easy to feel complete arrogance about our own opinion; just because we’re the only one to think this way does not mean we’re wrong. But we might want to examine our preconceptions in the process. We learn the hard way this morning. Afternoon is productive if attitude- filled. Our sensitivities or sorrows get activated as Chiron enters Pisces.

Wednesday, Feb 9: The Taurus Moon helps us slow down and deepen, we need a moment of stability and an island of comfort in a hectic week but whether we entrench or center down as the Moon enters Taurus is up to us. Notice more affection and cooperation midday, find something to agree upon and build from there. Intense emotional sparks are possible later, but are nothing we can’t handle if we work together. We may bond over a loss or for a cause as Venus conjuncts Pluto, but do not have to become a martyr ourselves. Look for some incident that offers a clearer understanding of our emotional reality.

Thursday, Feb 10: Energy, durability, and bone-deep feelings; stubborn fights escalate easily and go nowhere; use an ambient endurance and durability in a better way. Uncomfortable power dynamics ask up to stay strong but not pushy as the Sun challenges Pluto. Watch what they do, not what they say, and follow through on this new understanding. Although we’re tempted to blame the wrong person for our troubles, this disempowers us; look inside for the answers.

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