Starcodes horoscopes for February 3 – 9, 2017

Starcodes horoscopes for February 3 – 9, 2017

by Heather Roan Robbins

We get a taste of spring regeneration a few months early; the heat cranks up and the pot begins to boil this week as Venus joins Mars together in Aries, the sign of willfulness, springtime awakening and revolution. With both emotional planets now in this self-starting and passionate fire sign, it’s all too easy to go off half-cocked; yes we need to dive in and engage, but need always to think about where we’re going, and how best to get there. We need less explosions and more determination.

Aries is a willful and freedom-loving sign; the upside is that we can get off the couch and deal with whatever seemed overwhelming last month. We can look at our problems straight in the eyes with more bravery and stamina. But in all this lovely independence we may forget to check in with our beloveds tell them where we’re going. Under stress we can feel a toddler’s urgency; we want what we want, now. We want to know that we are heard, that our yes is yes, and our no is no.

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Aries energy is fiercely independent. For authority figures from parents to presidents who expect to be in control, all this sparking, alive energy can set off control issues and make them want to crack down. Just when no one wants to be told what to do. We can waste our energy by shooting off like firecrackers, or we can focus our drive in a more coordinated way, more like a combustion engine.

We also lose our credibility if we are against everything, or for everything, in a knee-jerk reaction, it will be important for us to choose our battles carefully, and follow through with determination. We can use these short-term bursts to support long-term goals. Let’s keep our wisest self in the driver seat.

Friday dawns under more sedate but stubborn Taurus moon, we want to hold our ground. Through the weekend a nervy Gemini Moon encourages conversation but can scatter our energies. If we feel the argumentative heat coming up, let’s take a break and come back to that topic shortly. It’s important not to leave any beloveds feeling cornered unless we want to burn the house down.

On Sunday the expansive, freedom-loving Jupiter turns retrograde. Jupiter and Saturn are the social-political planets, the order our consensual reality, our societal structures. We can expect a debate brewing about the true nature of freedom. Many of us may feel the country is retrograding in this capacity. What is sold as a bid to deregulate for new freedoms may backfire, and create freedom for some, and a more restricted world for others. Temporarily.

Midweek a potentially kind but self-protective cancer Moon brings us back into our hearts, but leave us potentially sulky if we feel tension between our need for independence versus our need for connection, or our bravery versus our personal protection. Problems that might attack our family, however we define family, can really light our fire.

As the week-ends, the Moon heads into a melodramatic full Moon-partial eclipse. We may see more melodrama the trauma, staging whatever we need to express how we truly feel, but it also brings a note of hope as the Sun trine’s Neptune, the hope of shared visions and shared imagination. It furthers to find common denominators and work from there.

Friday, February 3: Passions heat up as Venus enters Aries, but a stabilizing, stubborn Taurus Moon can steady us. Take advantage of a sweet moment midafternoon to reflect, and remember the vision, or find a more creative and less willful solution, as the Moon sextiles Neptune. As the Sun and Moon square off tonight, so do our opinions and actions.

Venus enters Aries 8:51 AM, Moon sextile Neptune 1:09 PM, Moon square Sun 9:18 PM

Saturday, February 4: Consider taking a break from political concerns and initiates changes in the personal life for self-care and stability as the Moon trines Pluto and Mercury this morning. Tonight, the Gemini Moon sextiles Venus brings more sociability and opens the floodgates of conversation. Get out and engage.

Moon trine Pluto 1:38 AM, Moon trine Mercury 3:41 PM, Moon enters Gemini 9:44 PM, Moon sextile Venus 11:51 PM.

Sunday February 5: It’s all too easy to live in our head and words, or in an illusion, as the Moon squares Neptune midday, and we may need to really rest or return to source so we have a better perspective. But we also need to manifest in our actions. Let’s ponder the true nature of freedom, what brings us both personal and societal freedom, and what only creates that illusion, as Jupiter turns retrograde.

Moon sextile Mars 8:15 AM, Moon square Neptune 3:53 PM, Jupiter retrograde 11:52 PM.

Monday February 6: Step forward; though unexpected shifts can rattle us this morning, some can be an improvement. The conversation deepens midday; if minor decisions press us at a crossroad we need to deal with them in light of the bigger picture.Tonight, appreciate competence, but take grimness or depression with a grain of salt as the Moon opposes serious Saturn.

Moon trine Sun 3:39 AM, Moon sextile Uranus 9:19 AM, Moon trine Pluto 12:32 PM, Moon opposed Saturn 3:53 PM.

Tuesday, February 7: The Moon in Cancer can both nurture our intimate relations and ask us to take care of the home front, but also brings out a self-protective streak. Mercury enters Aquarius and helps us set up networks which aid cooperation as long as we feel we can talk out our differences. Our defenses skyrocket when we feel discouraged or under attack.

Moon enters Cancer 12:02 AM, Mercury enters Aquarius 2:35 AM, Moon square Venus 4:54 AM, Moon square Mars 1:17 PM, Moon trine Neptune 6:19 PM.

Wednesday, February 8: Keep eyes open for an apparent setback as the waxing Cancer Moon opposes Pluto and squares Uranus this morning. We may need to deal with a serious confrontation, but don’t need to pour oil on the fire. We can feel touchy and defensive, insecure and cranky. This afternoon brings a wider aperture, more options and can take the edge off that mood as the Moon squares Jupiter.

Moon opposed Pluto 6:41 AM, Moon square Uranus 11:51 AM, Moon square Jupiter 2:59 PM.

Thursday, February 9: The waxing Moon enters Leo and highlights the difference between the needs of the collective (Aquarius Sun) and individual self-expression (Leo Full Moon). It asks us where are we, and our policies, centered on the self, or on a few individuals, and where are they good for both us and our community at large. Emotions can challenge communications this morning as the Moon opposes Mercury, we get more leverage with appreciation and reward than with conflict. We need to remember why we’re making efforts, and find a creative way of conveying this urgency as the Sun sextiles Neptune this afternoon.

Moon enters Leo 2:40 AM, Moon opposed Mercury 8:25 AM, Moon trine Venus 10:19 AM. Sun sextile Neptune 2:16 PM, Moon trine Mars 7:04 PM.

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