Starcodes horoscopes for February 27 – March 5, 2009

Starcodes horoscopes for February 27 – March 5, 2009

By Heather Roan Robbins

“Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and right doing, there is a field. I’ll meet you there. When the soul lies down in that grass, the world is too full to talk about. Ideas, language, even the phrase ‘each other’ doesn’t make any sense”
-14th century Persian poet Jelaluddin Rumi.

This week is alive, intelligent and full of debate. If we can walk with Rumi beyond the land of quick and easy judgment it can also be rich with new understanding as thoughtful Mercury in collective Aquarius conjuncts both feisty Mars and inspired Neptune, and quincunx disciplined Saturn.

But if not, we can find ourselves in heated arguments over our ideas, over which part of the economy to stimulate or where to put the salt and pepper.  Our whole conversational landscape opens up and we can engage with one another and with abstract concepts; debate is healthy, but let’s keeps it debate and not war. It tempting to disagree with one another just on principle, because we like to be right, or because we usually disagree with this other side, and it’s tempting to get on our high horse of righteous indignation in the process. Just watch the fireworks in the Capitol. Take pity on any public figure that slips up this week, the media will be all over them just for something to bluster about. But take seriously any truly blustery weather systems; they’ll just need to blow themselves out.

This aspect can be magic if we engage one another, really look at their ideas, try on a new perspective and reexamine ours. Let’s debate with falsehood, illusion, and prejudice, not with a person or a political group. To keep these lines of communication open, it helps we make is safer for other to explore our ideas, let them feel they won, not lost, by dropping their knee-jerk opposition and exploring a new idea.

In a pragmatic form of this air-sign conjunction, we may hear new information about old airline accidents and hear new debate on how to improve transportation of all kinds. With Mars so close to atmospheric Neptune and mobile Mercury, pay extra care to avoid weather or alcohol related accidents or weather or alcohol related arguments. When in doubt, play it safe.

As the weekend begins impatience and bluster pick up like brewing winter storm. Sharp-edged feelings can bite off heads under an Aries Moon and as Mars and Mercury semi-square Pluto. Obsessive intensity, passions flare where the spark lights. If we desire to transform somebody or something, best it is ourselves. Surgical thinking can cut budgets, cut the body, cut out junk in the closet.

If we can meet each other beyond the garden of right and wrong, we can use this energy creatively. The political debate could be off the charts unless, by some miracle we can all pray for, our politicians walk out beyond their entrenched differences and get the job done. We need to prune our country back to healthy rootstock as Mercury conjuncts Mars. Let’s look at our own life to see what’s superfluous and can be pared down to give our healthy roots room to grow.

Mid-week is nervy, funny if easily-worried as the Moon enters Gemini; we’re more prepared to negotiate. The mutable Gemini vibe helps us adjust our plans and ourselves, rapid staccato communication can disseminate information or do stand-up comedy. Stay close to the wires and amidst the conversation as salient ideas get bandied about.

Towards the end of the week Mercury perfects a conjunction to dreamy Neptune; this conjunction has been inspiring our vision and engaging our dream-world for weeks, but as it peaks we really need to listen to our dreams, both the ones we have at night and the ones we share in our consensual realities.

We also need to notice what is a dream and what is this moment’s reality, essential thing to know to walk down the street unscathed. Because we can see it taste it feel it, (whether a dream or a nightmare) doesn’t mean we’re there yet, but the dream may be an important clue to guide us to where we want to go. So go ahead, buy the lottery ticket, but also prepare the new CV.

It is a great time for magic, so use intuition as to where to send the CV, and send it with prayers and blessings along the way that what come of it helps all sentient beings. Then follow up with a phone call.

Friday, Feb 27 the vibe is sensitive but with gusto under and Aries Moon and a Pisces Sun, it’s tempting to dish it out even if we can’t take it back, whether love, critique, or advice. Lots of great ideas and little agreement, tempers flare quickly and pass quickly if we can express cleanly. We want intense and direct interaction, honest expressions of affection, and no platitudes.   Watch for explosive bursts mid morning as Mars semis-squares Pluto; handle combustible materiel or people with care. Later afternoon, and beautifully visible in the evening sky, a heart-warming Venus -Moon conjunction in Aries sparks active expression of honest feelings.

Saturday, Feb 28 brings an intense, if erratic energy flow; put it to good use and keep it out of trouble. Curiosity needs to be tempered with acceptance and compassion or we poke about in others’ business and stand on our high horses. We may be filled with great ideas but need to act them out ourselves and not tell others what to do. Our curiosity and intensity can cause us to loose perspective this afternoon as Mercury semi-squares Pluto. Expect potentially tough news; strategy works better than confrontations. Don’t try and talk others out of tough feelings, hold the space open to explore the dark corners and share your faith that we are more than our challenges. Evening softens, sensualizes, we ground in the body and in earthy comforts as the Moon enters Taurus.

Sunday, March 1, is a good time to sprout seeds or plant ideas, projects, or new love under a fertile waxing Taurus Moon. The mood is more stable, friendly, though people may not feel like leaving the house, they want to take root and renew. We can take root in an opinion and not want to budge while Mercury conjuncts Mars in fixed-sign Aquarius. Curb an urge to growl this evening. Let’s hold our place like a mountain, solid and strong yet with fertile interactions with the surroundings.

Monday, March 2 is a productive day if we can tackle the work and not one another. Political wrangling abounds, debate fills the air, though the debate may be between us and the brakes, or the snow bank. Let’s be careful what we kick. If someone disagrees, listen and get back to them later. Consider their point away from the heat; we win when we learn and evolve, not when we’re right.

Tuesday, March 3 multi-task; nerves excite, internet buzzes, interaction changes as the Moon enters verbal Gemini. This nervous buzz can be fun, but can make us fret this morning as Mercury inconjuncts Uranus. Let it dance round new ideas if there is a problem to solve or heal as Mercury conjuncts Chiron, tell the nerves to take a break if they get caught in a worry loop. Our concentration stinks but our conversation bubbles late into the night as the Moon trines Jupiter.

Wednesday, March 4, early morning is friendly, use gentle words to set firm and healthy boundaries. Tackle chores and be willing to learn as the day begins and the Moon squares Saturn. New information may trigger a change of mind and precipitate a fresh decision midday as the Moon trines Mars and squares Uranus, just make sure all facts are on the table first. Productive and funny dinner conversations, but nerve fray soon after, sharpening edges as Mars inconjuncts Uranus; watch for inadvertent arguments and accidental conditions.

Thursday, March 5 vision and intuition flows but are hard to tell apart from wishful thinking as Mercury conjuncts Neptune. If it’s something we neither want nor are afraid of, it is probably true. But where we’re in our static zone, in our hopes and fears, we run into a fog bank and need to walk with care as Mercury conjuncts Neptune. Particularly this morning as the Moon enters Moody Cancer and opposes Pluto and the potential for loss can obfuscate our thinking, we need to just feel instead and release our assumptions about the future. And be kind.  Surgical decisions later can be productive, good pruning, just make sure it’s really necessary.

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