Starcodes horoscopes for February 26 – March 4, 2010

Starcodes horoscopes for February 26 – March 4, 2010

by Heather Roan Robbins

“People are never more insecure than when they become obsessed with their fears at the expense of their dreams.”
Norman Cousins

This is a week to dream actively rather than obsess on our fears. We need to take responsibility for where our thoughts wander and direct an over-active imagination and unusually sensitive intuition with care.

Otherwise we may feel awash or overwhelmed as snow begins to melt, feelings puddle and papers pile up.  It’s up to us how we use an ambient, dreamy emotional fog this week as Mercury conjuncts intuitive, spiritual Neptune and then joins the Sun, Jupiter, Venus, and Uranus all in absorptive Pisces.

Note the different kinds of dreams. Our dreams may sing in symphony and so we may need extra sleep or to sleep at strange times.  Our psyches are leaky with all this Pisces, so if we dream of a flood, let’s check the news before worrying about our basement, inbox, or soul, though the dream may speak of all of the above. Because we are unusually permeable, it’s a good time to meditate with a group, soak up the bodhicitta and deepen our awareness.

Daydreams can bring a restful escape if we know where they begin and end, so let’s drift away but not while driving through an intersection. If our daydreams drag us into a litany of worries, we need to catch ourselves and shake awake. Also watch the magical thinking; the worse our stress the more likely we are to imagine the lottery or new love will solve it. It won’t.

Some dreams are an interactive mental map of possibilities that inspire action, not passivity; these are the dreams we want to explore this week, these are the dreams we want to electrify. We may need to empower an ideal, and believe in something that seems true to us though crazy or impractical to others. As the Sun conjunct Jupiter midweek, the horizon expands and we may see possibilities where before we’d seen a wall.

With our imagination cooking, it’s a great time to tell ghost stories or share tales of inspiration, but objective thought will be scarce. Our hearts can attach to a particular outcome and sift our perceptions so we notice the facts that agree with our scenario and ignore those that don’t. If we have a major decision to make, we need to check our facts carefully and admit where we’re attached.

We have to also watch our codependent tendencies with all our boundaries so permeable; it’s easy to hide from our own work in the troubles of others and then get mad because they aren’t taking care of themselves. If we feel swamped by other people’s business, it can help to remember basic swimming skills; if we exhale out underwater we don’t inhale the water. Don’t inhale their nerves, pain or worry; it doesn’t help to double the suffering in the world. Look for a middle way; get centered, listen to all creation, and open to compassionate action but trust each being to be the author of their own life.

We may need to re-empower a dream or ideal that’s been recently neglected. Believe in something that seems true to us, though possibly crazy or impractical to others. Be willing to a crazy fool for what we believe this week; as the Sun conjunct Jupiter the horizon seems to expand and there may be possibilities where before we’d seen a dead end.

Jupiter loves freedoms, space, room to move about, sometimes we ask for our freedom in backwards, passive-aggressive ways, complain about the job or lover until we loose them, and then feel frantic when they’re gone without taking responsibility for what we did to create this dubious freedom. We may free ourselves this week from something or someone that we need less than the space it takes.  If we’re honest about the freedom we need, we can create the next step with more grace and control.

Give people their privacy midweek as the Moon heads into Scorpio, when we’ll open up to those who respect out boundaries, and run screaming from those that don’t. We get emotionally or creatively restless towards the end of the week as Venus conjuncts Uranus. Keep eyes open for lovely chance encounters, but don’t get sidetracked by an illusion. The aspects are divine for creative risk.

Friday, Feb 26: An emotional, illogical day where we tend to dramatize rather than do. Hyperbole may be the ways our subtle feelings demand to be heard; listen, but take with a grain of salt. Great stories told plant seeds for next week. Generous hearts bump with well-padded egos. Tonight is socially restless, if aimless.

Saturday, Feb 27: Floods in our basements, our souls, our imagination; pour the waters of this river carefully and watch the stories we tell ourselves. Foggy or confusing conditions abound, so proceed with grace.  Spiritual and creative work sings, just stay humble and avoid directing others. Morning is sociable if unfocused, midday is sleepy with productive dreams; evening gets edgier and more introspective as the Moon enters Virgo.

Sunday, Feb 28: Interesting tension between our dreams and our fears which can tweak our digestion under a Full Moon in Virgo as the Sun conjuncts expansive Jupiter. Detailed work is possible if we pace ourselves and prioritize. Critique is essential, but avoid recreation worry and complaints; find another art-form. Stress-related health issues remind us to relax and find allies.

Monday, March 1: If unsettled feelings leave us self-conscious and obsessed this morning, drop it all and be of service as the Moon opposes Venus, Uranus then enters Libra. Look again later with a better perspective. Mercury enters Pisces and magnifies our intuition but lowers our critical thinking. Systematic chores help relax the soul and organize our inner puddles. Overnight aspects need extra comfort and care.

Tuesday, March 2:  The overnight Moon conjunct Saturn, square Pluto can leave us restless from bad dreams, spilled coffee, or some more substantial challenge. Don’t take moods personally. Investigate what emergencies need attention, and be kind after that. Few things go smoothly or as planned, but people can be remarkably helpful to one another in the process.

Wednesday, March 3: Cooperative if disjointed morning, sympathetic and compassionate, cuddly, flirtatious but not the least bit efficient.  Mull rather than decide. Network rather than pursue.  Moods deepens and clouds gather this afternoon as Moon enters Scorpio and squares Mars while Venus conjuncts restless Uranus. Romantic sparks of the best and worst kinds, be careful what fires are lit. Our hearts can be electrified. But is it real?

Thursday, March 4: Much becomes clear today as Mercury sextiles Pluto, an answer is found if we choose to look in the dark corners and ask the tough questions. If we ask with persuasive compassion, we get an answer; if we confront or try to guilt trip, we get shut out. Look for important dialogue about needed changes later.

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