Starcodes horoscopes for February 26 – March 3, 2016

Starcodes horoscopes for February 26 – March 3, 2016

Free weekly horoscopesby Heather Roan Robbins

Our minds can feel as foggy as a cloud settling over melting snow, our boundaries as squishy as newly- thawed mud while the sensitive Sun in Pisces conjuncts intuitive Neptune this weekend.

That doesn’t need to stop an exciting exchange of ideas, or slow down our efforts to get on with new work that may be fermenting around the edges. We just have to give ourselves leeway to be fuzzy thinkers; check our facts and check our emotional assumptions to make sure we are not projecting our stories onto the people around us.

Our thoughts may turn to our spiritual resources; the political conversation may turn towards religion. Odd people will play the victim when we know that is not the case. We play with our day dreams, cry easily, and feel unusually permeable to other people’s moods and germs. Some of us may get lost in our personal delusions. If we need to drift and dream let’s just do so safely, curled up with a good book, and not behind the wheel of a car.

It is a great time to practice our divinatory tools, or vision our hopes for the new year ahead—to tap into Neptune’s gifts consciously and prepare for the fresh new astrological year that begins as the Sun enters Aries on the vernal equinox. We have a solar and lunar eclipse coming over the next few weeks to help us clear room for fresh action, and it would be good to hold a vision for where we want to go, and what we are clearing room to hold.

Friday the mood is fairly up-beat, inventive, if drifting, though we may have to cope with occasional jagged edges. Those people that wander farther from consensual reality and lose their moorings, flash through the headlines all this week.

New ideas percolate in over the weekend as Mercury sextiles Uranus, fresh possibilities are in the air. But our mood may burrow deep, and we need time in the inner worlds as the introspective, edgy Scorpio Moon amplifies the Pisces sensitivity and takes us deep within.

After a slow Monday morning the energy picks up as the Moon enters Sagittarius and we rely on people who have been there for us in the past, or seek elements from our history as Venus sextile Saturn. We need to pick up the ball again quickly even if we dropped it while we processed over the weekend, reassure one another of our dependability and follow through on the work at hand.

Friday, February 26: Positive news, unusual changes of mind, nervousness or anxiety but that can be a productive and exciting rather than just stomach churning as Mercury sextiles electrical Uranus under a friendly Libra Moon. Make last-minute arrangements for the next few weeks, people’s plans are in flux so catch them now. Conditions change quickly, and people say the strangest things. Look for truth embedded in the odd comments. Tonight we need to unwind nervous energy, laugh, and bounce ideas off one another.

Moon square Pluto 1:39 AM, Moon trine Mercury 2:37 AM, Moon opposed Uranus 4:18 AM, Mercury sextiles Uranus 4:01 PM.

Saturday, February 27: Brody, moody morning; don’t take it personally if nothing feels quite right as the Moon goes into Scorpio and forms challenging aspects to Saturn and Jupiter. Our feelings or sensitivities can come out in a morose or resentful quality, or a tendency to look at worst case scenarios. Do deep work, find something to concentrate upon or putter around. Leave people alone to follow their inner calling, but work with them if they begin to open up- as we are all processing deeply underneath the surface. The mood doesn’t lighten, but it does even out as the Moon trine’s the Sun tonight.

Moon enters Scorpio 4:23 AM, Mercury quincunx Jupiter 1:55 PM Moon trine Sun 10:51 PM, Moon trine Neptune 11:39 PM.

Sunday, February 28: We can feel totally awash as the Sun conjuncts Neptune under an introverted Scorpio Moon. This can be a delightful day if we’re safe to drift, dream, and meditate, putter with our art supplies. But a bit hellish if we have to cope with strangers or efficiently keep to task. Time can feel distorted, important items become flotsam in the waves, lost with odd socks. Truth can be a variable item. Our inner illusions come out to play, watch the nature of thought rather than believe the story. Watch what politicians say, it may be very revealing.

Sun conjuncts Neptune 8:46 AM, Moon square Venus 9:16 AM, Moon sextile Pluto 2:39 pm, Moon sextile Jupiter 7:41 PM.

Monday, February 29: The mood can be at a sorts and cranky this morning, no one really wants to kick back into gear. Make no demands until after lunch as the Moon enters Sagittarius and the caffeine kicks in. It feels good to know that our contacts are reliable, our friends are there for us, and that we are there for them as Venus sextile Saturn.

Moon square Mercury 12:29 AM, Moon conjunct Mars 12:54 PM, Moon enters Sagittarius 4:55 PM, Venus sextile Saturn 6:07 PM.

Tuesday, March 1: Good news and bad news. Sad and glad. We are reactive, responsive, if a little out of it in the morning, and have some emotions to work through as Venus semi-sextiles Pluto in the afternoon. A temporary feeling of inadequacy can pass. Do not give in to a flash of hopelessness (even as political results pour in). Real events can bring up sadness or fear of loss, or memory drift through like a heavy cloud, but won’t stay long if we stay on track. Let the poignancy help us appreciate one another in the moment.

Moon square Neptune 11:48 am, Venus semi-sextile Pluto 1:50 PM.

Wednesday, March 2: Serious decision needs to be made on the sly this morning as the Moon conjuncts Saturn, but can probably be adjusted midday. Possibilities erupt and are sorted, sparks pop like popcorn, a chance meetings or unintended overtures open doorways as Venus sextiles Uranus. Make new connections, and travel down the road. A creative risk pans out.

Moon conjunct Saturn 12:15 AM, Moon sextile Venus 3:28 AM, Moon trine Uranus 4:53 AM, Moon square Jupiter 6:15 AM, Venus sextile Uranus 6:13 AM, Moon sextile Mercury 7:54 PM.

Thursday, March 3: We have work to do, can do it well, but may feel spread too thin and scattered unless we pace ourselves and rest where possible. Beauty and form go together. Unusual heart connections can be made over work. Work and responsibilities clutter or cramp our social style is Venus quincunx Jupiter and the Moon enters industrious Capricorn. Give people support for their work, we all need a cheering section and feel loved when our work is appreciated.

Moon enters Capricorn 3:01 AM, Venus quincunx Jupiter 5:03 AM, Moon sextile Neptune 8:56 PM

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