Starcodes horoscopes for February 25 – March 3, 2011

Starcodes horoscopes for February 25 – March 3, 2011

by Heather Roan Robbins

Our patience went out the window a month ago as Jupiter enters Aries, and this only intensifies as Jupiter squares Pluto this week. We just don’t want to wait any longer, whether for our dreams or our politics. Most of us go along cheerfully, but if something gets in our way or breaks the flow, we can twitch, cry, or riot with impatience.

Rivers feel this rush of impatience as overflow their banks in a rush towards spring. Dogs feel it while they pace about waiting for walk. Couples feel impatient to make changes in their relationship and improve their situation. Birds feel it and may head back here earlier than usual this year. This impatience pulses through the global movement for the right to democracy and the right to be heard. All our efforts may experience a few setbacks this week as the momentum turns inwards or hits resistance and creates a wave of uncertainty, but it will not stop.

We are more sensitized this week, touchy, easily miffed. We may feel more vulnerable or in need of sensitive care from our beloveds with the Sun, Mars, Mercury Uranus and Chiron all in permeable, sensitive Pisces, and may have a lot of personal feelings to process. As the weekend begins, we need to chew over information and the week’s events, think things through on a deeper or more complex level as Mercury sextiles Pluto. We may need to re-evaluate or reposition our efforts but it is not time to give up.

Early next week we may begin to feel that the changes coming towards us could actually be good ones as Venus sextiles Uranus and enters Aquarius. This curious, creative aspect brings whiff of spring fever, a spark of interest in strangers and adventure, and a newfound pride in our chosen tribes as we reevaluate ourselves in relationship to our social context.

We can feel more bonded with our group as Venus enters Aquarius, if a bit less cozy and personal at home. Whether we perceive that as our union fighting for collective bargaining rights, an Egyptian proud of their country, a group of rebels or tycoons working together for a goal, or family on a picnic, we may notice a newfound connection or pride in our chosen tribes, or feel the need to go out and seek connections that will work for us.

We just need to watch an underlying tendency to feel sorry for ourselves, although it is a week to take our subtle feelings seriously and take care of ourselves. We may need more water, more nutrients and certainly will need more sleep, time to dream, and time to share our tender sides. We need to listen to our own needs first, and then begin to negotiate to balance our needs with those around us.

But the archetype of the martyr is activated this week and next. Some offering made of time, energy or life can unite people as Mars moves into a sextile with Pluto. We need to honor those real sacrifices and use their inspiration wisely, but we don’t have to play a martyr at home. We need to avoid feeling like a victim when that is just not the truth, or take action if it is. This aspect also brings the urge to eliminate or purify and the urge to accomplish, and starts a pre-spring cleaning of the soul first, and closets of all types later.

Friday, Feb 25: Our situation leans in with demands, we are called on to communicate and need to tell our story, but that story tends to be circular and complex; we may want others to get to the point but might have trouble doing so ourselves. Our psychological issues are all over the place and it becomes clear how those affect our sense of the truth as Mercury conjuncts the Sun in dreamy Pisces and both sextile profound Pluto. But we can find things; missing items, people and information work their way to the surface, so look again. Major power plays activate the big screen today, but at home the effects are more subtle and liberating. Tonight is both tired and hyper; we unwind better after a little excitement.

Saturday, Feb 26: The need for freedom asserts itself and can present problems as the Moon squares Uranus early on. Friction builds where others impose an agenda, whereas freedom to move without restraint renews the soul, as does a moment of outspoken honesty, but let’s keep things kind and in perspective as we speak. Morning wanders, afternoon brings more ambition; we’re more willing to take on a task as long as it makes sense to us as the Moon enters industrious Capricorn. Depression whispers if we feel aimless or overburdened, excitement builds if we feel we’re getting somewhere. Seriousness or formality tonight, social climbing or personal ambitions motivate, we can be intense even about our fun. Set a good precedent but try not to be controlling.

Sunday, Feb 27: A whiff of sadness and nostalgia for some missing moment, some opportunity lost this morning as the Moon conjuncts thoughtful Pluto. But this ache can help us move past the materiel and reach with our soul for something less transient. Trust is high on the priority list, but not easy to come by, we need to kick the tires. We want support without feeling trapped or controlled, and feel restrictions keenly. Later on, talk out new guidelines and organize plans.

Monday, Feb 28: Although we may feel an irritable competitive edge, people want to look on the positive side, but will want us to try and do our best. Make improving adjustments this morning as the Capricorn Moon, it may be tempting to vent, but no one really wants to hear complaint or nagging; positive feedback for competence is much more effective. Evening socializes as the Moon conjuncts Venus, although we can worry. It helps to get out of ourselves and pay attention to somebody else.

Tuesday, March 1: We want to do it differently, whatever we do, but may particularly want to change how we relate to our social context as the Moon and Venus sextile Uranus and enter Aquarius. Look for some excitement in our interactions, express affection to all dear ones; we need a sense of adventure. Don’t take it personally if beloveds are more focused on their social circle than they are at home, we look around us for context. Share creative enthusiasm and build energy towards good things.

Wednesday, March 2: Difficulties can inspire a stroke of genius if we don’t try to manipulate the circumstances or disempower others. Complete some needed chunk of work, wade through logistics and see them as a vehicle for the work, not an impediment, as Mercury quincunx Saturn. Don’t procrastinate, as work is easier to accomplish and disseminate earlier, the mood gets more cranky and disconnected later.

Thursday, March 3: It all gets squishy today as the Moon conjuncts Neptune and enters Pisces. Feelings seep; rivers, tears or laughter flow, sometime without provocation. Some emotional responsibility weighs and can trigger compassion, action or resentment, depending on our position. The archetype of the martyr may be activated, but it is not productive to play one at home. Make friends with the dream-world tonight, but not while driving.

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