Starcodes horoscopes for February 24 – March 2, 2017

Starcodes horoscopes for February 24 – March 2, 2017

by Heather Roan Robbins

Hang on, we’re in for a bumpy ride. We have two apparently conflicting energy streams tugging us in different directions, and it’s up to us to ride these currents with grace; as the Sun conjuncts intuitive Neptune blurs the edge of reality and takes us into a soft imaginary world just as activating Mars conjuncts electrifying Uranus and turns up the engine of discontent.

As the Sun conjuncts Neptune in sensitive Pisces it calls us into our spirit and our imaginary worlds. We can be sensitive, intuitive, and hungry for spiritual practice, but can also get easily lost in our imagination and alternative facts. Our hopes and our fears, our dreams and our discouragements can warp our perception of what’s really going on. We can drift into a dream then be jolted back to reality.

In a quiet, creative or romantic moment, that Sun-Neptune conjunction can be magical. But the world sizzles and pops this week as activating Mars conjuncts electrical Uranus in feisty Aries and both opposed expansive Jupiter. Our engines are reved-up and we can careen off down the road without a clear picture of what’s actually going on. That Mars-Uranus conjunction wants to get the party started, the mood it imparts is proactive and highly competitive. Tempers erupt as if we’re sitting on a geyser. All while we can’t quite see what’s going on.

Mars conjunct Uranus can bring both flashes of genius or accidental conditions. That Neptune-Sun conjunction can bring soggy conditions. Watch out around electrical equipment, floods, fogs, and look twice before merging at an intersection. Give people room to vent if they need it, and we all will once in a while, but let’s confirm our data before really going off on a rant.

Because Mars and Venus in Aries do turn up the volume on our desires, they can help us understand what we truly want. But it may not be our most mature self speaking, and we may not be thinking particularly realistically. So even though we need to think twice before leaving a steady job to pursue a dream as trapeze artist, let’s listen to any clamoring inner calls and see if there is a way to honor the need for something more intense, free, and passionate within the healthy confines of a stable life.

On Friday it furthers to think about the big picture; schedule meetings and sketch out the plans for the next few weeks while Mercury and the Moon are in collaborative Aquarius. Tears flow easily as the Moon and Mercury enter more personal, emotional Pisces on Saturday. We can feel flooded and sensitive even as we feel pushed to get out and get things done. Emotional material can pour through us this weekend, water can flow out of bounds as the Moon and Mercury enter more personal, sensitive Pisces. Let those feelings flow and realize they speak of an emotional truth, but maybe not cold hard fact. Everybody could use a little sympathy.

On Tuesday, a feisty Aries Moon amps up the action. The change producing Jupiter-Uranus opposition peaks on Thursday and can catalyze sudden liberating events and technological innovation. We can be more prone to breaking than building, but what we begin now will have power.

if we need to make a change to our website or change in our lives, this momentum will support us. Let’s support one another’s soul expansion in the process. It’s probably better not to buy technological equipment this week, because electrics may be temperamental, but if we need to make a change to our website or change in our lives, this momentum will support us. Instigate. We can seed changes now that will bring more stability in the future.

Friday, February 24: We may feel an urgent need to do something, anything, but could get lost, talk with strangers, find ourselves wandering or distracted and beat ourselves up for not getting enough done. But those social interactions may be just the medicine needed, and the contacts we nurture now may be important later. Connections networked, decisions made, and meetings held now will be important in the weeks ahead. Physical action furthers, so let off steam in positive ways.

Moon sextile Venus 8:40 AM.

Saturday, February 25: We can spin around in our personal life and feel an emotional neediness or urgency, but may have trouble pinpointing the source or cure. Feelings well up and water damage is possible this evening, so stay alert for flooding conditions, inebriated drivers or other compromised people in decision-making positions. Enjoy an otherworldly quality, but keep track of logistics and traffic carefully.

Moon sextile Mars 12:46 AM, Moon sextile Uranus 2:52 AM, Moon trine Jupiter 4:01 AM, Moon sextile Saturn 11:11 AM, Mercury enters Pisces 4:07 PM, Moon enters Pisces 5:24 PM, Moon conjunct’s Mercury 5:35 PM.

Sunday, February 26: We can be an emotional bowl of mush today as a new Moon/Solar eclipse in Pisces at 7:58 AM seen in the extreme southern hemisphere, marks an emotional turning point. Let those feelings well up and spill out but don’t attach to the stories. Listen for some deep internal decision to end a phase that felt victimized or underutilized and feel propelled towards a more effective stance in the future as Mars conjunct Uranus tonight. But be wise about those decisions, and questions any sudden, last minute effort to lash out that might, in the end, shoot the perpetrator in the foot. Keep eyes open for shocking news or actions, and move wisely and smoothly towards a healthier more compassionate future.

Solar eclipse/new Moon 7:58 AM. Moon conjunct Neptune 1:55 PM, Mars conjunct Uranus 5:19 PM.

Monday, February 27: Last night’s explosive, motivating Mars-Uranus conjunction opposes Jupiter this morning and turns up the heat. Strong conflicting feelings can leave us stirred up, we want to be braver than we feel. We need to tell others how we feel with an honest, open heart. The mood grows more competitive, if passive-aggressive, but also compassionate, brave, sensitive and impatiently irritable. Put in a competitive bid, run for office, start a novel, declare love, or compete against one’s personal best. The heat escalates tonight as the Moon enters Aries.

Moon sextile Pluto 2:25 AM, Mars opposed Jupiter 7:24 AM, Moon square Saturn 4:07 PM, Moon enters Aries 9:51 PM.

Tuesday, February 28: The river of feelings continue to pour through as the Moon conjunct Venus in Aries. We may be highly reactive, but can combust in the best of ways, for love, for compassionate action, or for creative process. But it may feel absolutely impossible to do boring or repetitive work. Trying to stick to routine chores may feel like to be trying to give a cat a bath. The world temperament runs hot and reactive, with wild acts of bravery and strong loves and hates.

Moon conjunct Venus 7:54 PM.

Wednesday, March 1: The world feels illusory, mythic as the Sun conjuncts Neptune. It furthers to immerse ourselves in a long hot bath, dream world, imagination, spiritual practice. Let’s just know that objective that will be hard to find, alternative backs will be thick on the ground but our intuitive perceptions can pick up a truth, though it may be hard for us to interpret clearly. It furthers one to merge with spirit, to hug beloveds, to choose a puppy.

Moon square Pluto 5:49 AM, Moon conjunct Uranus 11:27 AM, Moon opposed Jupiter 11:42 AM, Moon conjunct Mars 2:48 PM, Moon trine Saturn 7:18 PM, Sun conjunct Neptune 7:43 PM.

Thursday, March 2: The Moon enters earthy Taurus and begins to settle us down, we can get back to the concrete work at hand, but still want to feel we are part of the big picture, connected to the great movements of our time. We feel a call to pragmatic liberation. Jupiter opposes Uranus and stimulates a freedom-loving ingenuity that inspires political action and technological innovation, but it may take us months for us to see the results.

Moon enters Taurus 12:42 AM, Moon sextile Mercury 3:47 PM, Jupiter opposed Uranus 6:15 PM, Moon sextile Neptune 8:26 PM, Moon sextile Sun 10:13 PM.

All times listed are MST.

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