Starcodes horoscopes for February 23 – March 1, 2018

Starcodes horoscopes for February 23 – March 1, 2018

by Heather Roan Robbins

We are in the swampy emotionally swirling tail end of the astrological year with the Sun, Mercury, Neptune, Venus, and the asteroid Chiron all now in sensitive, perceptive Pisces. We may be feeling unusually vulnerable, but this lineup in Pisces can inspire us by the very vulnerability it induces. We recently became painfully aware of the unsafety of our children and teachers, once again. But this time the country is feeling this vulnerability so viscerally the situation is potentially catalyzing change. The surviving students did not stay in the victim mindset; they have a vision, a gift from Pisces, and are now out to change the world.

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It’s good for all of us to examine where we might have a disempowered internal victim voice, a tendency to feel sorry for ourselves. This Piscean time can be a chance to process all the emotions we hadn’t had time for all year long, so we may notice mood swings and need extra gentleness as we feel the slings and arrows of an outrageous world more than usual.

But we can follow the surviving students lead and become strategic, not passive, even as we process. Momentum can really build this spring, starting March 6 as Venus and Mercury both enter proactive Aries, so let’s make plans now.

To help us balance this occasionally overwhelming sensitivity, Mars in Sagittarius loans us and outspoken, frank attitude that says “let’s just deal with it”. This Mars squares the Pisces line up, and so in both politics and personal relationships, sensitive emotions can either clash with Mars’ call for action, or be the fuel behind it. The vulnerable students (Pisces) are choosing to speak out and walk (both Sagittarian). Internally and in our personal relationships we can feel our vulnerability, need to process, and a tendency to hold other people responsible for our problems (Pisces) square off with the Sagittarius direct simplicity. One half of us may want to stay in cozily by the fire, and the other wants to get out there and get things done. As Venus and Mars square off exactly this weekend, let’s make room for everybody, and let another person’s extremes be medicine for us, rather than polarize us.

As the weekend begins the conversation gets real, but may be a little tweaked. We need to talk through our concerns or discomforts while as Mercury semi-squares Uranus and the Sun semi-squares Pluto under a verbal Gemini Moon, but can get a bit morbid or cynical. Throughout the week and we need to pace ourselves, balancing the need to juggle too much with our need for a quiet moment, or we’ll feel spread too thin. And we go to express ourselves, may find we need poetry and hyperbole to get our point across, so listen for the truth underneath any wild story.

The Moon enters cozy Cancer on Saturday night, and comfort foods help. On Sunday, Mercury conjuncts Neptune and pulls us into our dream world. All this week we may need extra sleep or puttering time, where it looks like we’re doing nothing, but really, we’re processing intensely on the subconscious realm.

Midweek could bring both incisive perception, and put chips on our shoulder, as Mercury squares Mars. The critique sharpens under a full Virgo Moon on Thursday. We could indulge in the blame game, but the most radical thing we can do is find commonality, find ways of working together, and use a positive goal to overcome to take the power out of negative people and situations and turn the situation around.

Friday, February 23: Affectionate and neurotic, the mood can bring out our inner Chihuahua as Mercury challenges nervous Uranus. But we may have good reason to be concerned; real issues face us as Sun semi-squares Pluto and we’ll feel better we’ve done something about it. Conversation cooks tonight as the Moon opposes Mars, just avoid an adversarial attitude as the Moon squares Venus and opposes Mars. Enjoy the debate, look for the flirtation in it, don’t feed divisiveness.

Moon square the Sun at 1:09 AM, Moon square Mercury 10:50 AM, Mercury semi-square Uranus 3:49 PM, Moon square Neptune 4:27 PM, Sun semi-square Pluto 9:16 PM, Moon square Venus 9:25 PM, Moon opposed Mars 10:56 PM.

Saturday, February 24: Morning may feel slow and disjointed because we need to putter slowly, unwind and process. Good changes kick in midday, but conversation can spin in circles. Putter along in a good way, be kind and know that defenses trigger easily. Stay alert if encountering strange weather conditions or other confusing situations all through the weekend. Tonight, prioritize comfort, safety, and mutual appreciation as the Moon enters domestic Cancer.

Moon sextile Uranus 12:55 PM, Moon enters Cancer 8:05 PM.

Sunday, February 25: Perceive. A dreamy imaginative and inspiring Mercury Neptune conjunction can feed our imagination but also make it so it’s hard to figure out what’s really going on. It thickens the fog of our perception, just as Venus squares Mars, and edgy aspect which can make us is set off sparks of the best and worst types. Be careful with edgy comments. Go to a wonderful movie or meditate together and have a shared transcendental experience.

Venus square Mars 5:01 AM, Mercury conjunct Neptune 5:25 AM, Moon square Sun 7:39 AM, Moon opposed Saturn 7:51 AM, Sun sextile Saturn 10:45 AM, Moon trine Neptune 6:50 PM, Moon trine Mercury 8:48 PM.

Monday, February 26: Good things can come out of difficult situations. Heaviness sits with us for the next two days, simmering underneath and other wise ordinary week, but also driving good causes. We may be painfully aware of some loss or imbalance as the Moon opposes Pluto, but it can find community support to respond in a good way as the Moon forms a grand trine with Jupiter and Mercury. Honor feelings first and then correct misperceptions.

Moon trine Venus 4:14 AM, Moon opposed Pluto 6:10 AM, Moon trine Jupiter 10:16 AM, Moon square Uranus 2:50 PM, Moon enters Leo 9:41 PM.

Tuesday, February 27: People need attention and will soak it up like rain on thirsty soil.

Small ego clashes can interrupt the day. Or we could choose to drop deeper into our heart and remember what matters, let that quiet compassion inform our actions, clear up misunderstandings, and share the love as Venus sextiles Pluto under an expressive Leo Moon.

Venus sextiles Pluto 3:20 AM.

Wednesday, February 28: Enthusiasm clashes with prickliness, and objectivity is a scarce commodity. We can really build momentum as the Moon forms a grand trine with Mars and Uranus, let’s make sure we’re heading in a good direction.  Our critical thinking kicks in tonight and as Mercury sextiles Pluto and the Moon enters Virgo. We may need to reassess the situation. Be supportive rather than critical find the worthy in one another.

Moon trines Mars 6:28 AM, Moon square Jupiter 11:36 AM, Moon trine Uranus 4:13 PM, Mercury square Mars 4:56 PM, Mercury sextiles Pluto 9:42 PM, Moon enters Virgo 10:57 PM.

Thursday, March 1: We may feel sensitive, empathic, or just neurotic as the Moon waxes full in Virgo. Our empathy can be so heightened that we overload, shut down and stop feeling one another. It may help to focus something less personal and rest in the details. Otherwise forgive one another the crinkled edges and the strange habit, or stress coping skills. Sentiment furthers. Use the critical mind, but watch the critical comments as we just don’t want to hear it today.

Venus trine Pluto 4:22 AM, Sun semi-square Uranus 7:22 AM, Mars semi-sextile Pluto 8:31 AM, Moon trine Mars 11:10 AM, Moon opposed Sun 5:51 PM, and Moon opposed Neptune at 9:58 PM.

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