Starcodes horoscopes for February 20 – 26, 2009

Starcodes horoscopes for February 20 – 26, 2009

by Heather Roan Robbins

Our nerves can test us just as a whiff of hope and enthusiasm about the future reminds us that it’s worth working for a better world. This wisp of hope is wonderful but our desire to do something, anything, to solve a problem can lead us into unwise decisions and less we move with grace as the weekend begins. Sometimes we need to just sit still until the way is clear, but that needs attention, neither ignoring nor rushing. Let’s tame the nervous buzz and irritable twitch; fix what can be fixed and take steps wherever the path is already clear.

Electrical apparatus can malfunction, so it pays not to leave work until the last minute, just incase the printer needs to be changed out or the car repaired. Communications can be tested by either technical difficulties or erratic thinking, and this can trigger conflict between those that are ready to move on and those who hold on to the past as Mercury semi-squares electrical Uranus and the Sun sextiles Pluto.

The weekend softens as it progresses and segues into a squishy, heartfelt week. It’s a hard week to sweat the tough stuff, we may just want to escape, to forget we need a job, or duck out of tough aspects.

Sunday and Monday our people skills are put to good use and interpersonal and international politics call our attention under a collective Aquarius Moon. It’s a great time for team meetings or collaborative efforts, its time to build alliances as Mercury conjuncts Jupiter.  Let’s work together, but be careful not to jump to conclusions and assume we know what others will do or should do, no matter how tempting, as it will only cloud our vision.

Midweek gets personal, soft with unshed tears or unexpressed laughter under New Moon in Pisces. Weather or spilled wine can soak us. It’s easy to get discouraged, we may feel swamped by even small problems, everything can seem, and probably is, so complicated. But that’s not the point of this subtle New Moon. Small things now seem magnified. It’s time to cut ourselves a break, to dream, to be tender, dream big, and find a good use for our sensitivity.

This Pisces energy reminds us that we are not alone; we are instead profoundly connected in the bottom of our soul, in the back of our psyche, in the true center of our heart. We feel the woes of the world, but also the joy in the turning f the wheel, what we do for one of us, we can do for all. We can take information out of this collective ocean, and we can put our love, our hope, back into it.

This Piscean sensitivity can give us the finesse to create or make subtle decisions, but we need to let fluctuating emotions flow and not attach to, or act upon, these feelings until they stabilize. Luckily Venus in Aries continuous to energize us though this soggy spell, its energy is passionate and direct, brave enough to say we love, brave enough to do what needs to be done.

Unfortunately it also fees a feisty streak and competitive undertones that we may just not feel like dealing with right now. It helps to reach down deep and find our soul’s terra firma, feed the quiet strength within.

Friday, Feb 20 we have work to do under a Capricorn Moon and feel best when we can get it done. Tension around work-related problem, employment, difficult conditions or unfinished work can make us edgy or controlling rather than collaborative mid-morning as the Moon squares Venus.  If we feel blocked in one direction, let’s work where we can. Midday is efficient, later afternoon crosscurrents can slow us down. Tonight may be reserved and low energy; it’s been a long week, but we can make great connections through mutual support.

Saturday, Feb 21 morning is pretty industrious under a Capricorn Moon. We want our work and words to matter under an empowering Sun-Pluto sextile, and communicate most through action. Household chores, or lack thereof, are seen as a sign of affection. But let’s not make it a test, as we also need time to pursue our own endeavor and not try to make anyone happy. Seriousness wears off and camaraderie returns tonight as the Moon enters Aquarius, hang out with others in the same boat.

Sunday, Feb 22 utilize this honest, connected and optimistic vibe; gather together as the Moon conjuncts both Mercury and Jupiter in Aquarius. Breakthroughs are possible around the brunch table or in political collaborations. But we can overlook our nearest and dearest if we’re not careful, and that can lead to sharp edges camouflaged as philosophical disagreement when the Moon conjuncts Mars tonight.

Monday, Feb 23 spacey morning, trade news around the water cooler; we need to get on the same page first so magic can happen this afternoon. A flood of words bring a fresh perspective, exude opinion, or just blow a secret as Mercury conjuncts Jupiter. We’d love to see the big picture but don’t want to argue the hard stuff.

Tuesday, Feb 24 can leave us feeling awash, unsettle, confused. We may feel super sensitive and a little obsessive about relationships, it may be time to take a few days to regroup and care for self and beloveds. Some inner processes birth deep in our psyche around the New Moon at 6:35 pm MST and interweave our dreams tonight.

Wednesday, Feb 25 communicate feelings with extra kindness and poetry as Mercury sextiles Venus early on. The rest of the day vibrates; our dreams run smack into the tough edges of reality.  If news about this year’s long term changes throws us for loop, let’s rest and find center before responding as the Moon squares Saturn and Uranus later on.

Thursday, Feb 26 gumption returns and brings a more proactive response, but also a quick-fire snap as our patience or trust is tried by both people and circumstances. Recent vulnerability or receptivity has left us edgy, wanting to simplify and to do it our way. Keep it clean but don’t dumb it down. Watch power tweaks later in the day as the Moon squares Pluto, deal with the problem underneath.

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