Starcodes horoscopes for February 2 – 8, 2018

Starcodes horoscopes for February 2 – 8, 2018

by Heather Roan Robbins

Happy Groundhog Day, otherwise known as Candlemas, Imbolc, feast of the Rowan tree; it is the turning point of winter. We are halfway through. Persephone now mythically starts her walk towards the upper worlds. The onions begin to sprout in our kitchen drawers. It’s a traditional day to take animal auguries, so let’s notice what birds and bees we observe and wonder what their symbolic significance might be to our lives. Let life be a dialogue with our natural world. That in itself can be rich, but if nothing else, it may help us take a different perspective or let our subconscious give us fresh suggestions.

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Though the days grow longer, we’re still smack dab in the middle of winter. What in this contemplative quiet time do we want to begin to sprout? We can begin to grow new connections as Mercury, Venus, and Mars are all now in more extroverted signs. Our social life can bustle, and people may be unusually receptive to our overtures. It can be hard to sit still as Mars in Sagittarius calls us outside or on road. We can be tactlessly honest but in an uncharged and straightforward manner that can help us tackle awkward conversations. Though tempers rise quickly if we think we’re being lied to or the truth is intentionally obfuscated.

It’s not that we won’t love time by ourselves right now, introverts will be introverts, but we may be called to interact more and may just find we’re able to do so.

The weekend starts out on a more sedate and serious note as under a Virgo Moon and as Venus forms minor but uncomfortable aspects to Pluto and Saturn. We may feel a weight on our heart, or just feel like our workload or unhappiness with world events cramps our style. Some creative or aesthetic decision needs extra finagling, but rewards us for putting in the work and taking the time to make good decisions.

Because this slight psychic discomfort can niggle at us all weekend and throw gravel on the path of true love, it’s important to practice good relationship skills to ease our interactions and keep the home front on an even keel. Be patient with one another and don’t let the little things get in the way of real feeling.

Saturday starts off industrious if a bit a little cranky, but ends on a more sociable and romantic note as the Moon enters Libra and Venus squares Jupiter. Pay attention to the hearth fires of all friendships tonight and don’t take them for granted. A little simple appreciation and care that our beloveds are happy and comfortable will be enough to keep the fires warm. Monday evening the Moon enters Scorpio, this echoes the stubbornness of all the planets in Aquarius, all fixed signs, so we may gird our loins and start gritting our teeth.

The rest of the week precedes with stubbornness and ingenuity. Opinions can remain fixed, it’s not a week to try to persuade anybody of a far-flung idea, and we may need to take a stand ourselves. But we can easily engage our team to follow through on what we’ve already agreed upon, and access ingenuity to get to the bottom of problems.

(All times are MST)

Friday, February 2: The mood is specific and a bit cranky this morning, we have the may have high expectations for ourselves but low energy to achieve it, or a need to feed our spirit some other way as the Moon opposes Neptune midday. Lunchtime may bring a wave of sleepiness. Vague emotional discontent stirs in response to headlines, or in awareness of a loss or some other thing that triggers our need for self-sufficiency as Venus forms minor but irritating aspects to both Pluto and Saturn. Familiar comforts help, and help us remember what does feed our soul as the Moon trines Pluto late tonight.

Moon opposes Neptune 9:28 AM, Venus semi-sextile Pluto 2:36 PM, Venus semi-square Saturn 5:36 PM, Moon trine Pluto 9:23 PM.

Saturday, February 3: This is the astrological cross-quarter day, when the Sun is halfway through Aquarius sign. Sleep in this morning, because overnight irritability can leave odd traces in our dreams or leave us out of sorts, or feeling we just have to get to some project that may not be our beloved’s priority as Mars semi-squares Pluto and Mercury approaches a sextile with Mars.

Be gentle health issues around inflammation or infections as Mars semi-squares Pluto, take good care of one another. If familiar problems return this afternoon, let’s not try we’ve always tried; instead, get creative ior use the irascible energy just to get chores accomplished. The energy sweetens after tea time as the Moon enters Libra. We want connection tonight but romantic expectations can be problematic as Venus squares Jupiter; drop what is unimportant and tend to beloveds of all sorts.

Moon sextile Jupiter 12:06 AM, Mars semi-square Pluto 5:45 AM, Mercury semi-sextile Mars 8:57 AM, Mercury semi-sextile Saturn 10:50 AM, Mars semi-sextile Saturn 2:35 PM, Moon enters Libra 2:47 PM Venus square Jupiter 10:06 PM, Moon square Saturn 11:49 PM.

Sunday, February 4: We may long for beauty in the world and feel like we can love our fellow humans, but could get a tad more cynical as we compare our ideals to what we actually have. Be honest, but work towards the ideal. It’s not a good day to push ourselves beyond our physical comfort, but a great day to push ourselves creatively and invoke beauty and balance in our lives. Nurture the connections that feed us as the Moon trines the Sun in sociable air signs.

Moon sextile Mars 12:11 AM, Moon trine Mercury 1:29 AM, Moon trine Sun 7:35 PM.

Monday, February 5: An early morning wave of inadequacy can leave us out of sorts or ready to tackle a specific problem this morning as the Moon squares Pluto. Good connections midmorning as the Moon trines Venus can shift quickly and either change in nature, or together helped create change, as the Moon opposes Uranus afternoon. Don’t buy into a low-level worry, pull back to personal business tonight as the Moon enters Scorpio and calls us to do our own homework.

Moon square Pluto 2:22 AM, Moon trine Venus 8:32 AM, Moon opposes Uranus 11:45 AM, Moon enters Scorpio 8:56 PM.

Tuesday, February 6: We may have honestly mixed feelings, a real approach-avoidance conflict around being seen and interacting. Peoples actions and statements may be at odds with one another and they won’t see the paradox as we spout our philosophies, but act on more primitive responses. Out of this can come great art, and if we are more honest with ourselves some great self-understanding and fresh emotional intimacy if we can accept each other as we truly are while Venus sextiles Uranus. Women can catalyze interesting cultural changes.

Moon sextile Saturn 7:05 AM, Moon square Mercury 4:45 PM, Venus sextile Uranus 6:37 PM, Moon trine Neptune 9:36 PM.

Wednesday, February 7:: An old worry can bother us this morning as Mercury semi-squares Chiron, and Venus semi-sextiles Chiron. Don’t let the mind perseverate on well-worn tracts, search for options instead. Late afternoon the mood are people are cautiously optimistic and generous where it feels safe to be so as the Moon conjuncts Jupiter in Scorpio. Important research or investigation can expand our thoughts and give us some emotional satisfaction. Some people may feel better if they offload their concerns by blaming others, but this would be only temporary stress relief and will actually make the situation worse.

Mercury semi-square Chiron 1:26 AM, Moon square Sun 8:53 AM, Moon sextile Pluto 11:15 AM, Venus semi-sextile Chiron 1:26 PM, Moon conjunct Jupiter 2:56 PM.

Thursday, February 8: Pay attention through a fuzzyheaded patch as Mercury semi-sextiles Neptune this morning. People’s favorite delusions can distort clarity. Optimism, and the need for it under duress, both increase as the Moon enters upbeat Sagittarius this morning while the Sun semi-sextiles Pluto. Some discomfort of power or brush with mortality needs honest positivity to overcome. A mischievous dark twist to our humor can help tight corners; if we can see the humor in it, the monsters stay away.

Moon square Venus 12:16 AM, Mercury semi sextile Neptune 5:36 AM, Moon enters Sagittarius 6:53 AM, Sun semi-sextile Pluto 2:28 PM, Moon conjunct Mars 11:39 PM.

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